How to Make Humidifier Smell Good?

Humidifiers contain a pleasant smell, just like heaven-sent. It is best to use, especially when you are living in a high-altitude area. There is dry air in some of the places that can be comfortable for you. Moreover, you can’t breathe properly in such dry air. Commonly in the winters, it is very difficult to breathe in the dry air. If you are having an allergic issue, asthma, or some annoying smell (pets, garbage), the use of a humidifier is best for you. But, if not maintained well, can be the worst experience for you, and your Humidifier Smells Musty.

So, you have to be very careful while using a humidifier. Here is an ultimate guide for you, to use a humidifier perfectly and to feel the relishing experience. In this article, we will also explain the reasons for the humidifier’s mildew smell. Furthermore, we will also discuss the solutions to overcome all of the reasons that make a Humidifier Smells Musty. It will make you feel so calming, to use a humidifier if you will follow our instructions.

Safety Precautions While Cleaning Humidifier 

One of the important things you have to be very careful of is that, unplugged the humidifier while cleaning it. You have to remove the filter to clean it thoroughly or change it. Sometimes, it can be the solution to your problem and, you will not have to look at it more. 

Why Does Your Humidifier Smell Bad?

There is not a single reason for smelling your humidifier bad or musty. We will discuss the most common causes of its moldy smell. You might have to call an agent or send it to the buyer to check it, and many other reasons. Let’s have a look at those most common reasons, one by one!

1. Distilled Water

The water you use in the humidifier should be treated well. As we know hard water contains some minerals that might remain in the humidifier. It is one of the reasons for turning your humidifier’s good smell into a fusty one. The minerals that caused to smell bad are Sulphur, led, and chlorine. 

2. Bacterial Growth

The water tank of a humidifier is mostly neglected during or after cleaning. Most people think that just the cleaning of water is enough for the good smell of a humidifier. But this is not the right perspective, of keeping your humidifier clean and good smelling. Dust and water accumulation leads to foul-smelling that will make your home unpleasant. Health experts stated that this bad smell may cause bacterial infections in the human body. You should not take this musty smell lightly; let it resolve as soon as possible.

3. Mold And Fungus Issue 

The water should not be stagnant for a long period, in the humidifier. Because it may cause the breeding ground for fungus and mods. The fungi and mold infiltrate water vapor which can cause lungs infection or other diseases. You cannot breathe properly as it may cause asthmatic attacks. It is harmful especially, for infants and old age people. 

How To Overcome These Musty Smells Of Humidifiers?

Whenever, you feel your Humidifier Smells Musty no need to worry more about it. You can overcome it by applying the solutions that we are going to discuss below. You have to get rid of it as soon as possible, whatever the reason will be. You should know all the possible solutions of letting it be eliminated, and hope that it will not cause again. Must consider that all the solutions that we are going to discuss below are natural. Moreover, these solutions will not harm your health or body. As some solutions contain chemicals and harmful to you. So, must choose and use the appropriate and healthy solution

  • Make Use Of Demineralized Water  

The bad smell of the humidifier that causes the remaining minerals can be eliminated easily. All you have to do is to empty your humidifier with water. Let it dry, and make sure that every part is clean inside the humidifier. Furthermore, you have to buy the new water to use in the humidifier. Make sure that water is demineralized and distilled. The reason for using this demineralized water is, you can save your humidifier’s surface from the accumulated minerals. As a result, you will not have that musty smell again in your room, or other areas. 

Alternative: We have another option for you if you don’t want to waste your money on buying distilled water again and again. You may choose a water distiller, by which you may have distilled water anytime, whenever you need it. 

  • Use Of Ultrasonic Demineralization Cartridge 

Another effective solution for you is to use an ultrasonic demineralization cartridge. It is very useful to prevent the development and accumulation of the minerals in your humidifier. It is one of the cost-effective methods and starts showing the results in a very short period. Well, it’s not effective more than getting a distiller. 

  • Change The Water Habitually  

First and foremost, you have to be very careful t not to leave stagnant water for a long or short period in your humidifier. The use of the following materials will keep your humidifier safe from the musty smell. 

  • Baking Soda 
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon Juice 

As we know that stagnant water enhances the development of mold and fungus in the humidifier. This issue can be resolved easily; all you have to do is change the water after every three days habitually. While changing the water, you should wash the humidifier as well for the instant result of getting rid of Humidifier Musty Smell. Washing the humidifier can prevent the growth of fungi that takes place without knowing you. 

  • Refresh The Humidifier 

Discard the water of the humidifier, after some time, like two or three days after. Then refill it up to the top that you usually use to fill. After refilling water, pour a full cup of white vinegar or lemon juice. Keep this solution for a maximum of two hours, and then pour it out from the humidifier. Then wipe the surface of the humidifier with a clean cloth or mat to eliminate the remaining material in it. 

  • Make Use Of Bacteriostatic Treatment

This treatment is done to prevent the musty smell that causes bacteria and algae growth in your humidifier. It contains a powerful formula mixing with water, and pour into the humidifier water tank at a specified ratio. This mixture is used to keep the water fresh and clean, does not matter if you will leave this mixture in the take overnight. This treatment is safe, cost-effective, and easy to use by anyone. The benefits of using this treatment, it increases longevity and enhances its maintenance. Furthermore, there will no more a need to wash the humidifier as much time as in normal cases. 

Packing it up!

Humidifier needs maintenance and cleanliness over time to prevent Humidifier Smells Musty. They will stay smelling fresh as long as you will keep them clean and in the proper manner. If you will not keep them well maintained, it might be harmful and causes health complications. We hope you have found the solution to your problem facing your humidifier’s smell. Apply the solutions to the problems stated above and get back your humidifier’s pleasant smell. 

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