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Best Fire Pit Ideas Trends in 2022

A fire pit can be defined as a pit that is dug into the ground or can also be made from stones, in which a fire is made for cooking purposes. It is included in outdoor traditions such as a campfire. The fire pit is majorly used for making barbeque or toasting the marshmallows. It can also be used just to get a source of heat or light.

Here are some of the best fire pit ideas that can be used in 2022:

Propane Fire Pit

A propane fire pit is one that is connected to the propane tank or your house, and no smoke is produced from it. It is considered the best, but the weather is not too hot. It is useful at any time, even if you are not in need of having a fire.

A propane fire pit is considered the best for outdoor space. It offers you multiple benefits, such as it can be used as a source of light when the sunsets. It provides a hot soak for you on a cool evening. There are no ashes after cooking, so there is less cleaning involved.

Patio Fire Pit

A patio fire pit is one that is installed in the patio of your house, i.e., in the outdoor area of your house. A patio can also be defined as an inner courtyard that is roofless and is open to the sky. If you do not have it in your house, you can get it when you get home remodeling service.

The patio fire pit is the one where the fire pit is in the center, and the sitting arrangement is around it. Its installation does not depend upon the patio space because it can be smaller or balcony-sized. You can also install firestones, fire pots, chimineas, etc., instead of a large fire pit in the patio.

Gas Fire Pit

It has a decorative structure that is mainly used for outdoor purposes. It not only provides you with cooking benefits but also enhances the look of your house and makes it look more attractive. This fire pit is made from stone, brick, or concrete. Plus, it also consists of logs or coals that burn brightly.

Gas fire pits are available in different styles and designs, but the principle of all is the same. It is connected with the gas line available in your house. You can also connect a portable gas tank or cylinder with it.

Wood Burning Fire Pit

The wood-burning fire pits come with a poker and a mesh screen. It is less expensive than other fire pits such as gas fire pits and propane fire pits. You can put wood into its grill for better burning. The mesh lid can be used with a ring that plays a vital role in preventing debris from entering it.

It is available in different sizes and styles. You can select the one that is suitable for the available space in your house. You can also get the customized one with a double grill that provides you better cooking experience.

BBQ Fire Pit

It is specially designed for cooking barbeque and creates an amazing vibe in the house that lets you enjoy your BBQ party. It is very easy to assemble and allows you to remove the cooking grate. The BBQ fire pits come in different and unique designs that include a mesh screen for safety and the cooking grate for efficient grilling.

It consists of long-lasting, heavy-duty gauge steel. It is considered best for outdoor grilling and heating as it consists of diamond-shaped mesh holes that provide you with a better circulation of air for a long-lasting burning. Its fire bowl has the capacity to hold enough firewood. Moreover, it is anti-rust, easy to clean, healthy, stick-resistant, and harmless.

Concrete Fire Pit

You can select a concrete fire pit for the outdoor fireplace in your house as it makes your house look amazing. As we know, concrete is made of non-combustible materials that lack flammability; that’s why it is good for lightening the fire.

You should know that a high temperature of heat can result in cracking the concrete. But you can prevent this cracking by undergoing some simple actions. For example, if you have a ground concrete fire pit, you can place a heat retardant mat under the fire pit so that the high temperature of heat could be prevented from reaching the concrete.

Stone Fire Pit

The stone fire pit is one of the best fire pit ideas that can be adopted in 2022 because it changes the look of your house and contributes a lot to make it look modern. You can not only use it for cooking your meal, but you can also install it to upgrade your backyard for creating a source of entertainment.

You can use fire-resistant stone for the installation of this fire pit. You should be careful while building the stone fire pit because a little mistake can lead to cracking or an explosion. Make sure you do not use porous river rocks because they get exploded easily due to high temperatures.

Tabletop Fire Pit

A tabletop fire pit can be defined as a piece of furniture that is usually installed in the backyard to add style and luxurious vibe to the backyard. It is considered the best for hosting your guests. Plus, it is also perfect for keeping the guests warm during cold nights. It is helpful in saving your energy bill as it reduces the use of heating systems in winter.

You can use it for dinners, playing cards, sharing stories, playing board games, or many more. But you must be aware of the risks associated with it as it can be hazardous if you keep liquid flammables and household items near it. But on the other hand, it allows you to cook food such as roasting marshmallows. It can also be used for holding drinks.

Cast Iron Fire Pit

Cast iron fire pit is better than that of the steel one as iron retains more heat than steel.  No doubt, it is easy to use, easy to maintain, reliable, and durable. It is available in different styles, designs, and colors, so you can select any that blends in with your house.

As we know, cast iron is considered the best for fire and cooking purposes because it is a heavy-duty material. It can easily deal with higher temperatures than other materials. As it is heavier, thus it is more expensive than other fire pits. Plus, it is coated with black rust-proof paint that is helpful in protecting it against rust.

Brick Fire Pit

If you are interested in building above a ground fire pit, using brick is considered better than other options. You should know that the bricks can function more like a fire ring where it contains burning logs. It is also considered safe to use.

You can also build a temporary brick fire pit and turn it permanent later. Before building it, you should choose your size carefully. Make sure the flames are kept at a distance of at least 20 ft from the surrounding structures.


There are several fire pit ideas that can be followed in 2022. These ideas let you provide a modern look to your house and make it more attractive. You should not only focus on the pros but also cons before building any kind of fire pit in your house. 


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