Stunning Interior Brick Wall Ideas

19 Stunning Interior Brick Wall Ideas | Decorate With Exposed Brick Walls

Leaving a wall bare with the bricks visible can give your room an industrial touch and add character to the interior.

There are many options to use exposed brick walls in the interior design to give a different style and look. Check these 19 stunning brick wall designs in home decor.​

1. Rustic Bedroom with Brick Wall

Vintage-inspired ghost signs look really striking when painted onto an exposed brick wall.

Rustic Bedroom with Brick Wall

via www.beeswonderland.com

2. Cozy Warehouse

This space was once a factory and is now a beautiful home!

Cozy Warehouse

via www.dwell.com

3. Exposed Brick Walls In The Industrial Kitchen

This loft mix a chic industrial style with exposed brick walls, metallic pipes and copper lighting​.

Exposed Brick Walls In The Industrial Kitchen

via www.decoist.com

4. Brick Wall & Greenery

Brick wall exposed in living room with rich color palette and tall indoor plants.

Brick Wall & Greenery

via simply-scandinavian

5. Brick Wall in Living Room

​Vintage brick clad was reserved to give the room a cool textural look

Brick Wall in Living Room

via www.brickandchrome.com

6. Romantic & Industrial Living Room

Solid materials such as rustic brick paired with soft whites and pink tones for a lighter, more feminine and relaxed look. 

Romantic & Industrial Living Room

via www.dailydreamdecor.com

7. Scandinavian Living Room with Brick Wall

A modern Scandinavian inspired living room will become so cosy and elegant with a delicate red brick wall accent.​

Scandinavian Living Room with Brick Wall

via www.bintihomeblog.com

8. Brick Wall Library

Modern looking living room with small home library and exposed brick accent wall.

Brick Wall & Bookshelves

via interiorsbystudiom.com

9. Red Brick Kitchen Accent Wall

​A warm red brick wall perfectly foils the  white color scheme of this kitchen. 

Red Brick Kitchen Accent Wall

via www.insideout.com.au

10. Living Room with Brick Wall and Small Rug

Break the monotony with warm colours like orange and brick red by using grey big couch.

Living Room with Brick Wall and Small Rug

via www.apartmenttherapy.com

11. Serene Bedroom with White Brick Walls

The beautiful white brick walls add a subtle accent in this amazing monochromatic bedroom.

White Brick Wall

via twelvechairsboston.com

12. Ethnical Minimalism

This living room is small but balanced, minimal, and comfortable. The kind of place that's realistic and obtainable but still worth drawing some serious inspiration from.

Ethnical Minimalism

via myhouseidea

13. Exposed Brick Wall

Pair traditional and french accents with an exposed brick wall.​

Exposed Brick Wall

via interiorsyum

14. Unexpected Colors

You can combined brick walls with colorful furniture and many other hacks. The wood beams on the ceiling look really cute and home-like.

Unexpected Colors

via houseofturquoise.com

15. Minimalists Bedroom with Exposed Brick Wall

Make a statement in any room by adding real or perceived texture to one or more walls.​

Minimalists Bedroom with Exposed Brick Wall

via style-files.com

16. Industrial Style Living Room with Brick Wall

Warm and cozy living room surrounded by amazing exposed brick. The exposed brick is a classic and timeless look that brings an industrial appeal.​

Industrial Style Living Room with Brick Wall

via browndresswithwhitedots

17. Bedroom Brick Wall Gallery

Brick creates an irresistible background for a bedroom eclectic style. A gallery wall is a brilliant idea in this tall space.​

Bedroom Brick Wall Gallery

via stylelovely.com

18. Exposed Brick Walls and Large Windows

Decorate a living space in an industrial style to and get a cozy and home-feeling look. The interior is gorgeous: brick wall and wooden floors.

Exposed Brick Walls and Large Windows

via theeverygirl.com

19. Brick Wall Library

Dream living room and the brick wall with the amazing bookshelves.

Brick Wall Library

via www.loftenberg.com

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