9 Best Ways to Cool Your Home in Summer

Home in Summer

As much as you wait for the summer season, there are certain challenges this weather brings with it. The most prominent one is coping with the heat wave. Keeping your house cool when the high summer hits with its full is quite a task. Fortunately, there are several methods to keep your home comfortable on … Read more

Future of Waste Management: Innovations and Trends to Watch

Waste Management

Waste management has become a significant challenge in recent times, with the global population growing at an unprecedented rate. The conventional waste management methods, which primarily involved landfilling and incineration, are no longer sustainable, and new innovations and trends are emerging to address this issue. This article explores the future of waste management and the … Read more

How Professional Cleaning Services Can Reduce Workplace Accidents

Cleaning Services

Accidents in the workplace put your employees’ health at risk, disrupt operations, and harm employee morale, to name just a few consequences. Keeping your work environment clean and clutter-free can minimise the likelihood of these accidents. ICE Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that offers flexible, reliable contract cleaning services. Its technicians can make your … Read more

Window Cleaning During Rainy Season: Is It Advisable?

Cleaning During Rainy Season

Window cleaning is a routine chore for several households. However, most people misunderstand that they should not be getting their windows cleaned during the monsoon season. Cleaning of the windows is irrelevant to the rainy season. This is because rain itself is only water, but when it combines with the rest of the accumulated dust, … Read more

Preparing For The Big Day: How To Get Your Home And Belongings Ready For Your Move

Ready For Your Move

Moving day is just around the corner, and it could quickly go from being an exciting adventure to becoming one of life’s biggest headaches! No matter how far you’re going, moving requires preparation. Things can get overwhelming in a hurry, from sorting through all your belongings to packing up boxes and uninstalling furniture for transport. … Read more