Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt? Here’s How To Fix It

Your vape should offer pleasant, calming nicotine hits with each puff, but what if it doesn’t? When your vape tastes burned, lacks flavor, or gives you a sore throat, the internal processes that make up the vape can be out of balance. These difficulties result in an unpleasant vaping experience.

Vape Taste Burnt

You’ll get the dreaded scorched hit sooner or later, especially if you’re a newbie vaper. There are several reasons why your vape tastes burnt, or you feel burnt flavor from your vape. 

Fortunately, you can solve it, but first, you must understand why it happened!! 

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt? 

Here are a few reasons why your vape tastes different:- 

You’re Vaping At A Higher Watt 

Each coil has a recommended maximum wattage to vape to get the best flavor and vapor production. As a result, going above these restrictions and pushing your coil too far might result in a burned flavor. This is because the coil becomes too hot and vaporizes or evaporates the liquid too quickly. 

If you’ve been vaping at a high wattage and have noticed a burnt flavor, it might be because you’re pushing your coil too far and burning out. 

You Are Vaping Too Much 

It might be tempting to sit and vape incessantly, getting hit after hit from your vape without giving it a chance to rest. However, vaping in this manner might drastically reduce the lifespan of your coils. 

When you vape, the voltage from the battery warms the vape coil, which heats the e-liquid absorbed into the wick and evaporates it to form the vapor you inhale. 

When you chain vape, you don’t provide enough time for new e-liquid to sink back into the wick and replace what you’ve already vaped. As a result, the wick dries up due to frequent chain vaping, resulting in a dry hit, a burned flavor, and occasionally diminished vapor output. 

You Are Not Priming Your Coils 

Vape coils naturally wear out over time and must be updated to guarantee that you always have the greatest vape experience possible. However, if you do not correctly prime your coil before replacing it, you can get a burned flavor when you vape. 

To guarantee that the coil does not burn when heated by the power source from your vape, it must be properly primed with e-liquid and thoroughly saturated before vaping. 

When you take a hit from your vaporizer, an unprimed or poorly primed coil might cause a burned flavor and minimal vapor output. 

Your Wick Isn’t Soaked Through

Another reason you could get a burned flavor when you vape is if your wick has yet to be fully saturated. If you haste through replacing your coil or need to perform the correct procedures to prime it, you might have lost out on soaking your wick with e-liquid. 

And, if you don’t allow time for the e-liquid to soak through into the wick while refilling your vape tank, you can find yourself taking a hit from a dry wick, which will cause the wicking material to burn and you to feel a burnt flavor from your vape.

You Are Vaping On An Empty Tank 

Vaping On An Empty Tank 

If your vape tank isn’t full with e-liquid when you take a puff from your vape mod, the heated coil has nothing to evaporate. 

When vaping, the wicking holes surrounding the top of your vape coil should never be visible and always be covered with e-liquid. If they aren’t, the coil will heat up without anything to evaporate, resulting in a dry, burned flavor that no one wants!

You Are Vaping With High-VG E-Liquids 

Depending on the proportion of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol in your vape juice, these two chemicals can substantially alter the texture and viscosity of the vape juice. 

Denser vape liquids include more vegetable glycerin. This means that the coils will have a more difficult time evaporating the juice and can fail, resulting in a scorched hit and burnt flavor. 

It is ideal to use vape juices with high VG percentages (80% or greater) with sub-ohm vaping devices that can reach higher wattages since they can burn and evaporate the viscous liquid more effectively. If you use a box mod, we recommend that you only use vape liquids with 70VG/30PG ratios, which is the industry norm.

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How To Get Rid Of Burnt Taste In Vape? 

Now that you understand why your vape tastes burnt, it’s time to cure it. Nobody wants a terrible burnt sensation that persists in their mouth between hits, overpowering their favorite e-liquid flavor. 

Rid Of Burnt Taste In Vape

So, use these simple treatments to get rid of the burned taste in your vape and get back to enjoying the best flavor hit possible. 

Reduce The Power

If you’ve been playing with greater vape wattages but have noticed a burned taste while taking a puff from your vape, it’s possible that your coil can’t withstand the wattage at which you’re vaping. 

Turning down the wattage you vape at and sticking to the suggested wattage limitations of your coil is a simple repair that should eliminate the burnt flavor in your vape. 

Don’t Chain Vape 

Allow your vaporizer to rest between hits.

If you chain vape without letting your vape rest between hits, you’re likely going to have a burned flavor in your vape. 

Allowing your vape to rest between hits allows the wick to re-soak with e-liquid, preventing it from burning when you take a puff and giving you that unpleasant burnt flavor. 

Vaping for a few minutes at a period should not affect your wick, but allowing small gaps between hits is recommended to extend the life of your vape and avoid a burned flavor. 

Time To Prime Your Coil Correctly 

If you have been hurrying to replace your coils and not priming them properly, the coils might have burned out faster than expected, leaving you with a burnt flavor in your e-liquid. 

It is critical to properly prime your coil with a few drops of e-liquid to avoid the coil burning when heated. 

Check The Wick Again 

Not only does the coil need to be primed before vaping, but so does the wick. If you’ve been skipping this step or not allowing enough time for the wick to soak before taking a hit, you may get a burned flavor. 

When priming your coil and refilling your vape doesn’t work, it’s essential to let your vape rest for 5-10 minutes to ensure the wick is thoroughly saturated and to avoid burning wicking material when you take a puff. 

Regularly Refill The Tank 

If you frequently let your vape tank run out of e-liquid while vaping, you might have noticed a burned flavor in your vape. The coil is more prone to burn when the tank isn’t filled, and the wicking holes are visible. 

To avoid this issue, always vape with a full tank of e-liquid. If you’re going to be vaping all day, bring an extra bottle of e-liquid with you so you can replenish your vape tank while you’re out and about, and avoid smoking on an empty tank.

Use The Right E-Liquid

Knowing which e-liquid formula is ideal for your vape tank and only using e-liquids with the proper PG and VG ratios can assist in extending the life of your tank and avoid the burned taste that can spoil your vaping experience. 

Checking the packaging of your vape tanks and coils will help you determine what kind of e-liquid you should be vaping, and our guide can help you learn more about what’s in e-liquid. 

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Everything seems fine with my vape, but it still tastes bad!! 

vaper's weariness

Vaper’s tongue, sometimes known as vaper’s weariness, is common. If you use the same flavor for a lengthy period, you become accustomed to it and begin to perceive less or no flavor. 

Additional factors, including sickness and dehydration, might also contribute to a loss of flavor. If you’ve been eating the same flavor for a while, try something new before returning to your old favorite.

Is There Any Permanent Solution To Vape Tasting Bad? 

Many firms are releasing disposable vape pens as an alternative to more complicated and expensive mods and refillable choices. Disposables are meant to provide precisely the proper amount of hits, and when the depletion indicator lights up, you just toss it away and start over. 

You don’t have to worry about replacing coils or adding additional e-juice to the device to avoid that unpleasant burned flavor with disposables.

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Final Thoughts

A burned or flavorless coil typically indicates that it has reached the end of its useful life and it is time to replace it. You now know all the reasons why your coil might be burnt!! 

So go ahead and try fixing your vape with our detailed guide!! 

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