How to Decorate Your Living Room If You Enjoy Smoking Cigars?

With winter slowly coming to an end, you may be looking for ways to spruce up your living room. One thing a lot of people consider adding is a cigar lounge area.

Every room in your house should have some type of theme or idea that ties it together and makes it feel welcoming. An indoor smoking lounge is a perfect way to combine two things you enjoy – cigars and hanging out with friends! Here are some ideas on how you can create an inviting space for smokers of all types.

Get cigar cabinets

A cigar humidor is a specially designed box used to store cigars and keep them in good condition. The main purpose of a humidor is to maintain a specific level of humidity inside the box, in order to keep the cigars from becoming dry and brittle. If you’re serious about smoking cigars, then you’ll need to have a cigar humidor cabinet in your living room. Most quality cigar humidors have a side compartment that can hold around 50 to 100 cigars. If you’re going to store your cigars in the living room, then make sure they are within arm’s reach!

There are a few different types of humidor cabinets available on the market, so you’ll need to do some research before making a purchase. The most important thing is to find a cabinet that can provide an adequate level of humidity for your cigars. We would recommend asking your tobacconist for advice on which humidor cabinet would be best suited for your specific needs.

Cigar furniture

It’s also a good idea to buy some cigar furniture, such as a table or stand. Make sure that your living room has enough storage space for all of your cigar paraphernalia, including ashtrays, lighters, and matches. There are many different types of cigar stands available on the market so you’ll need to do some research before making a purchase. A classic cigar stand tends to look best in any living room, although you should decide what is most important for your individual needs.

How about an ashtray?

There are many different types of ashtrays available for smokers, but not all of them are suited to cigar use. In order to make sure that your cigars don’t get snuffed out prematurely, you’ll need a large ashtray with wide enough compartments to accommodate the bigger ring gauges. We would recommend getting an adjustable cigarette/cigar ashtray or a large, flat ashtray with deep enough compartments to ensure that your cigar doesn’t get snuffed out.

Besides being functional, ashtrays can add to your overall room design. You can find them made out of crystal glass, silver, and even marble. However, the best choice is to go for one made out of highly polished brass. 

Finding other ways to eliminate odors

You can place some stylish air purifiers around the room to disperse the smoke and eliminate its odor. Just keep in mind that some purifiers can be quite noisy while working, so they may not be good for your living room. It’s only an option you can consider if you enjoy cigars very much and don’t want to give them up just yet.

Another subtler way is to install air fresheners which will remove the smell of your cigar slowly. They’re fairly efficient, they’re inexpensive and they can fit better in the overall room design. 

Avoid buying light-colored furniture pieces

The cigar smoke is somewhat similar to the cigarette one. This means that its odor may remain on your light-colored or white furniture for a long time, which isn’t really good news. To prevent this from happening it’s best you avoid buying light-colored furniture altogether. If you decide to buy some, make sure you clean them with special products every month. They might help you get rid of the smell faster, but there are no guarantees.

Using other types of furniture pieces

Wooden furniture looks exquisite and matches perfectly with cigars, so if you’re searching for something that will both match your living room design and get the job done, you should definitely consider it. The dark-colored wooden furniture may cost a bit more, but it’s worth its price in the long run.

A lighter option is to buy leather pieces, even though they’re usually associated with smoking cigarettes. However, if you keep your cigars in the humidor and avoid disturbing their environment too much, the cigar smoke shouldn’t affect their odor.

The best way to decorate your living room for cigar smokers is with dark-colored wood furniture. It will match the elegant and classy design of cigars while providing protection from smoke odor. If you want more affordable options, leather pieces are also available that don’t show signs of cigar smoke at all after they’ve been in contact with it for some time. The key to getting rid of odors quickly is using air purifiers or special products created for temporarily eliminating them, so make sure these items are part of your plan when designing how to decorate your living room if you enjoy smoking cigars!

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