50 Beautiful and Functional Laundry Room Ideas

Whether you have a small laundry closet or a tiny laundry room, your laundry area can be both functional and beautiful!

Make the most of your big or small laundry room with these ideas for creating a practical space.

Get inspired by these 50 laundry room ideas!​

1. Farmhouse Laundry Room Idea

This farmhouse laundry room is amazing! 

Space is filled with light and exuded farmhouse charm thanks to white shiplap walls, subway tile, reclaimed wood countertops and turned table legs.

2. Rustic Laundry Room Idea

Rustic laundry room featuring a sliding barn door, gray tile floors, stainless steel appliances, white subway tiles, and a classic farmhouse sink.

3. Small Laundry Room Idea

Laundry room design with well-organized space. Wooden shelf over the washer&dryer and lots of cabinets on sidewall make this a great small laundry room layout.

4. Modern Navy Laundry Room

There is always the option of having just lower cabinets, with shelving as an alternative to cabinets.

The navy cabinetry, the mixed metals, the classic metro tiles make this laundry room look gorgeous.

5. Laundry Room with Sink

Laundry room idea with a small bar sink in a base cabinet. The built-in cabinetry makes the whole space clean and pretty.

6. Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room

Lovely classic farmhouse laundry room with dark herringbone floor tile, large-gap shiplap and galvanized light fixture.

7. White Laundry Room

Bright white laundry room with shiplap walls and cement flooring.

Get inspired by the patterned floor, the black farmhouse style sink and the laundry basket on casters.

8. Laundry and Mudroom Combo

​This enclosed porch makes the perfect spot for a sunny room. Combine the mudroom with the laundry, make use of lots of built-in cabinets to store supplies.

9. Laundry Room with Blue Glam

The sleek, minimalistic decor is the ideal complement for bold, blue appliances in this glamorous laundry room.

Painted navy blue and wonderfully weathered vintage door fits perfectly this laundry room character.

10. All White Laundry Room Idea

How elegant is this monochromatic laundry room? The subway tiles add a unique accent.

Nothing says neat and clean better than an all-white room.

11. Laundry Closet

No space for a laundry room? No problem.

Place a front-loading washer and dryer in a former coat closet. Painted louvered doors can close at any time to conceal the dirty work.​

Even in a small laundry closet like this, you could add a deep-set hanging rack and cube shelves offering plenty of storage and clothes-drying space.

12. White Shiplap Small Laundry Room

​Beautiful and practical white laundry room.

This small laundry room amplifies natural light with whitewashed shiplap on the walls and ceiling, plus white drawers, appliances, large pendant lights and accessories.

The house plants bring some life to the space.

13. All-In-One Laundry Room

A stacked washer and dryer fit into a closet in the bathroom .

Laundry room combined in a bathroom behind a closet is a brilliant idea when you don’t an extra room to do your laundry. Great look and great use of space!​

14. White Entryway with Laundry Room

Beautiful black and white entryway with laundry room, built-in bench and black window trim.​

Black and white contrast is a large element of this farmhouse style laundry room. I love the long window seat and the white shiplap on the walls and the ceiling!

15. Mid Century Laundry Room

Update your laundry room by using plywood to build a waterfall countertop that goes over your washer and dryer and wraps around the side.

It does not only add lots of character to your laundry room, but it also offers plenty of additional counter space for ​folding laundry or storing laundry baskets.

16. Small Laundry Room with Gray Cabinets

A simple rearrangement of task areas takes advantage of vertical space.

17. Small Laundry Room with a Glass Mosaic Backsplash

Dream laundry room space! This is a small laundry room with a glass mosaic backsplash, white cabinets, and gray floor tiles.

I love the utility sink and cabinets next to the appliances, and the clothes rod above is a must.

18. Modern Laundry Room

White laundry room with marble countertops and floor, shaker style cabinets, and a butcher block bench.​

19. Bright Laundry Room

Bright colors, traditional prints and tiles, and southern-inspired decor are also laundry room ideas you can use at home.

20. Tiffany’s Blue Laundry Room

Matte brass and Tiffany’s blue … I can’t think of a better color scheme for a laundry room.

21. Laundry Closet

Concertina doors in the hallway conceal a small but perfectly formed laundry​ space.

22. Laundry Nook

A tiny bit of vertical subway tile in an unexpected pattern livens up a little laundry nook. The minimalist drying line is also a super functional feature.​

23. LUXE LAUNDRY ROOM with Marble Inclusions

All white laundry room with marble herringbone floor and marble counter.​

24. Small Smart Laundry Space

This simple but stylish laundry a great idea if you don’t have the room to spare. The washing machine is tucked away in an otherwise dead space.

25. Green Farmhouse Laundry Room

This stunning laundry room is built in the mudroom and hidden behind a farmhouse style barn door. The beautiful design features green cabinetry with black and white accents. 

26. Luxe Laundry Room

Gorgeous laundry room! Black cabinetry is combined with elegant brass hardware, natural timber shelves and beautiful handmade cement floor tiles.

27. L-Shaped Mud and Laundry Room Combo

Huge laundry room and mudroom with herringbone tile floor and aqua ceiling.

28. Modern Laundry Room with White Subway Tiles

Modern white and black laundry room design with black hex tile floor and shortened white subway tile. Clean and timeless!​

29. Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room

Modern white laundry room features white cabinets paired with wood countertops and white wall panels.

30. Bright Laundry Room with Hampers

Hardwood floor & white painted cupboards​ laundry room. Sort your laundry in style with attractive laundry hampers.

31. White Laundry Room with Gold Accents

Amazing laundry room, a great mixture of the materials: the marble counter, the white cupboards with the golden handles, the small porcelain floor tiles, the woven baskets.

32. Laundry Room with Ostrich Wallpaper Accent

Graphic ostrich wallpaper adds a playful personality in this laundry room.​

33. White Chic Laundry Room

A neutral color palette of gray and white gives a touch of sophistication. Stacking the washer and dryer leaves room for a sink in a small laundry room.

34. Neat Laundry Room

Great laundry room with plenty of storage.

35. Laundry Room Nook

This charming and warm laundry room is adorned by sconce and tile work that makes fluffing and folding a less boring work than usual.

36. Laundry Area Behind Dark Rustic Doors

Laundry room solution…. hide your laundry behind closed doors.

37. Neutral Laundry Room

A clean, neutral laundry room featuring the natural beauty of plants and flowers will also add a bit of life to your laundry space.

38. Closet Laundry

A functional laundry room doesn’t have to be a huge space.

By utilizing built-in and vertical space, even a closet laundry can be gorgeous​ and practical.

39. Grey and White Laundry Room

This laundry room with gray cabinets, white subway tiles, and brass hangers looks fresh and modern.​

40. Modern Laundry Room with Wood Accents

Great modern laundry room idea for small spaces.

41. Bright Laundry Room with Marble Floor

Bright laundry room, marble flooring, black countertops, pendants lighting, white cabinets.

42. Space Saving Laundry Room

Stacked washer and dryer conserves space and a hideaway ironing board makes it easy to iron the wrinkles​.

43. Laundry Room with Green Cabinets

A pretty tile floor gives this laundry room a unique vibe.​

44. Rustic Laundry Room

Beautiful rustic Italian laundry room idea.

45. Minimalist Laundry Room Idea

This laundry room is Scandi minimalism in black and white.

46. Farmhouse-Style Laundry Room

If you’re looking for laundry room inspiration, check this functional laundry room.

This is a stunning farmhouse-style laundry space that features a custom butcher block folding table, a farmhouse sink, and a rustic sliding barn door, among other country decor elements.

47. Scandinavian Laundry Room

Simple Scandinavian aesthetics make for an elegant and functional room.​

48. Contemporary Laundry Room with Storage

This contemporary laundry room idea offers plenty of storage.

Select an area for hanging washed clothes and use baskets on wheels to move laundry.

If you need extra drying space, a pull-out drying rack fitted on to the wall is a great idea.

49. Small Functional Laundry Room

Laundry room with built-in sink, shaker cabinets, grey cabinets, laminate countertops, white walls, ceramic flooring, and a stacked washer and dryer.

The good thing about a laundry room designed for side-by-side appliances is that it immediately gains space if you switch over to stackables

50. Laundry Room with Dark Cabinets

Laundry room filled with rich, dark-colored cabinets.​ This space offers both function and style.

Which of these laundry room ideas is your favorite?

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