19 Fabulous Ideas How To Add Color To Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is the perfect spot to play with color.

In this often-overlooked area of the house, you can introduce vibrant and bold colors without overwhelming the space. Coordinating the chosen colors with laundry appliances can create a cohesive and visually pleasing look. If you want to transform this often-overlooked space into a vibrant and inviting area, hire a professional painter.

Get stylish and creative ideas for your laundry room with these 19 inspirational tips and pictures.

1. Blue & Yellow Laundry Room

A vibrant yellow door plus matching light fixture bring a bright pop of color to complement the equally eye-catching wallpaper.​

Blue & Yellow Laundry Room

via pencilshavingsstudio.com

2. Dark Green Laundry Room

Stylish laundry room with broken tiles serving as a fascinating counter to the pristine new surfaces.

 Dark Green Laundry Room

via www.behance.net

3. Laundry Room with Pink Door

Pink door and patterned floor – love this laundry room!​

Laundry Room with Pink Door

via www.classyclutter.net

4. Boho Modern Laundry Room

The accent wall is amazing!

Boho Modern Laundry Room

via www.hawthorneandmain.com

5. Yellow Laundry Room Cabinets with White Hex Tile Backsplash

Yellow and gray laundry room features yellow shaker cabinets paired with charcoal gray quartz countertops and a white hex tiled backsplash accented with gray grout.​

Yellow Shaker Laundry Room Cabinets with White Hex Tile Backsplash

via www.millhavenhomes.com

6. Floral Wallpaper

A gorgeous oversize floral wallpaper makes this laundry room. The white accents, and plentiful light, keep the space from feeling dull.

Floral Wallpaper

via sarahshermansamuel.com

7. Laundry Room with Black Cabinet

Black and white laundry room features industrial bulb pendants hung from a tension rod over black and white cement floor tiles and in front of black cabinets flanking open shelves.​

Laundry Room with Black Cabinet

via www.decorpad.com

8. Laundry Room with Bold Blue Cabinetry

Laundry room with bold blue cabinetry and wood tile in a herringbone pattern. Bright white counters contrast and really pop with gooseneck sink for a perfect laundry room.​

Laundry Room with Bold Blue Cabinetry

via huntedinterior.com

9. Rustic Green Laundry Room

The rustic, cottage green-painted cabinets are perfectly balanced with rustic textures and bronze accent pieces.​

Rustic Green Laundry Room

via www.redclaysoul.com

10. Black and White Laundry Room

Black & White done right: Little laundry room with big style​.

Black and White Laundry Room

via decoholic.org

11. Classic Georgian Style Laundry Room

Walls papered with Quadrille’s Climbing Hydrangea and the space filled with plants.

Classic Georgian Style Laundry Room

via www.foodogblog.com

12. Apple Green Laundry Room

Use bold color to make a statement and a spectacular impression. The lime-green paint ties all of the cabinetry together while making the space look fun and inviting.​

Apple Green Laundry Room

via artisticdesignsforliving.com

13. Colorful Laundry Room with Beautiful Wallpaper Accent

Choose a saturated color palette that injects energy into the small space!

Laundry Room with Beautiful Wallpaper Accent


14. Lime Colorful Laundry Room

Transform your laundry room from wishy-washy to wow with thrifty ideas crafted from fun colors, custom fabrics, eye-catching wall art, and vintage-inspired artwork.

Lime Laundry Room

via www.bhg.com

15. Laundry Room Idea

Great laundry room idea for every style! Great way to hide the gap between the washer/dryer and cabinets!

Laundry Room Idea

via www.womansday.com

16. Reclaimed Wood Laundry Room

Distressed cabinets, reclaimed wood walls, stone flooring and natural basketry turn a small laundry room into an efficient work area.

Reclaimed Wood Laundry Room

via www.designswan.com

17. Cottage Laundry Room

Cottage laundry room with built-in bookshelf & chandelier​.

Cottage Laundry Room

via www.zillow.com

18. Rustic Log Laundry Room

Provide a stunning feature in the laundry area by adding beautiful red appliances. Reclaimed wood cabinetry and marble countertops add beautiful accents to the natural wood walls and stone flooring.

Rustic Log Laundry Room

via lakeandhomemagonline.com

19. Laundry Room with Green Accent Wall

Beautiful laundry room with open shelving.​

Laundry Room with Green Accent Wall

via www.homedit.com

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