Brilliant DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Summer

15 Brilliant DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Summer

These DIY outdoor lighting ideas is an amazing way to transform your yard or patio into a magical space where you can relax.

1. Cedar Block Lights

For this DIY project, you will need just a few supplies,  4×4 cedar lumber, a saw, drill press, drill bit and tape measure and landscape solar lights. 

Cedar Cube Landscape Lights DIY

via www.hometalk.com

2. DIY Wire Basket Lighting

Make this light fixture out of a cheap dollar store basket. It works great in the backyard or the porch.

DIY Wire Basket Lighting

via www.thekimsixfix.com

3. Easy Mason Jar Lanterns

Grab a few inexpensive mason jars to make these beautiful lanterns to add lovely lighting in your backyard.

Mason Jar Lanterns with Dollar Store Materials

via orchardgirls

4. PVC Pipe Lights

DIY PVC pipe lighting tutorial - gorgeous! This project would be pretty spray painted or covered in vinyl.

DIY PVC Pipe Lights

via www.hometalk.com

5. Recycled Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

​Reuse old wine bottles as incredibly cute tiki torches.

Recycled Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

via www.designsponge.com

6. Hula Hoop Chandelier

Great for an outdoor patio, front porch or even for wedding reception decor! Hula hoop and string lights = chandelier WOW!

Hula Hoop Chandelier

via sarahontheblog

7. Glow Jars

Glow sticks, tulle and glass jars.

DIY Glow Jars

via thegoldjellybean.com

8. DIY Shuttlecock Light

Make a DIY lights garland with the aid of badminton shuttlecocks. Easy and super cute!

DIY Shuttlecock Lights Garland

via kittenhood.ro

9. DIY Outdoor Pallet Light Boxes

Repurpose a pallet to make a unique light box and add ambiance to your backyard oasis.

DIY Outdoor Pallet Light Boxes

via www2.fiskars.com

10. Cupcake Lights

DIY cupcake liner flower lights. Super easy, inexpensive and customizable project.

Cupcake Lights

via cfabbridesigns.com

11. DIY Jar Lights

DIY Mason jar lamp.

DIY Outdoor Jar Lights

via woonblog

12. DIY Fairy Light Ball

DIY Fairy Light Ball: Made from a couple of plant baskets & Christmas lights!​

DIY Fairy Light Ball

via fromtheblueshed

13. DIY Twine Garden Lanterns

Twine is the perfect material to add the rustic warm and charm to your decor. This twine garden lantern is super easy and quick to make.

DIY Twine Garden Lanterns

via splashofsomething.com

14. Colorful Canning Jar Lights

create a cluster of colorful lights. Cover canning jars in translucent glass paint and hang them from chord fixtures to make this easy DIY project.

Colorful Canning Jar Lights

via michelesapples

15. Pot Lantern

Turn a dollar store pot in beautiful lighting with a simple chain and light.​

Pot Lantern

via www.theartofdoingstuff.com

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