How to Reset Filter on Samsung Fridge?

When it’s time to change the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator, the filter indicator light will illuminate. If your filter light is illuminated, it might signal a problem with your filter or that your refrigerator is faulty. 

Reset Filter on Samsung Fridge

You can quickly reset the filter by pushing the Alarm/Hold or Ice-Maker buttons for three seconds.

However, not all Samsung models function in the same way.

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We will be answering some important questions like- How can you ensure that the filter on your Samsung fridge is correctly reset? Will the filter need to be replaced? How can you change the filter in your refrigerator safely?

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How To Reset The Filter On Your Samsung Refrigerator

Fortunately, regardless of model variation, resetting the filter on your Samsung refrigerator is straightforward.

When your filter has to be reset, the light will turn orange with excessive usage and finally red when it has reached its certified limit.

Method 1: Reset The Samsung Filter 

Every Samsung refrigerator with a water filter features a water filter indication that shows when the water cartridge needs to be replaced. 

Even if the light does not change colour, it is always a good idea to replace the filter once every six months to continue drinking the high-quality water you’ve come to expect.

It will not function if you do not change your water filter regularly. Instead of delicious-tasting, clean water, you’ll be stuck with water that tastes strange and may include harmful impurities.

Here are the various colours on your water filter indicator and what they imply.

  • Blue: Your water filter is working correctly.
  • Pink/orange: Your water filter is five months old and should be replaced shortly.
  • Red: Your water filter is no longer working and has to be replaced.

Follow The Instructions: What is the procedure for resetting the indicator?

  • Install the replacement water filter according to the instructions above. 
  • Press the “Alarm / Hold for 3 seconds to Reset Filter” button to reset the indicator light. 
  • Hold the “Power Cool” and “Fridge” buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds if your model has an internal control panel. 
  • This will return the indicator light to its original blue state.

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Method 2: Search For The Right Button 

The reset filter method in all Samsung refrigerator models consists of holding down a certain button for three seconds.

This button, however, can differ across models. On the user interface of some models, there will be a dedicated filter reset button.

On others, the same button controls the alarm, energy saving, or water dispensing modes.

Fortunately, you don’t need a user manual to determine which button on your fridge functions as the filter reset.

The relevant button on all Samsung devices will have smaller text beneath it indicating its state.

“Hold 3 seconds for Filter Reset,” this text will state.

What Happens If The Light Is Still On? 

  • After you’ve conducted a filter change and reset, your reset filter light may remain illuminated.

Note:- We know that this can be hard, and it has puzzled us in the past, but this is the nature of technology. Your refrigerator can not comprehend your human purpose!

  • If your light is still on, there might be several underlying mechanical concerns that you can simply detect and repair.
Samsung Fridge Light Is Still On

Step 1: Check Installation

Because of an incorrect installation, the reset filter may still be active.

  • First, ensure that your filter is correctly placed. Check that it is securely positioned in the filter housing.
  • Next, make certain that you have a genuine Samsung water filter.

Step 2: Check For Buttons

The buttons on a Samsung refrigerator can “lock,” and none will function.

See your user manual if you want precise instructions on unlocking the buttons on your specific Samsung refrigerator model.

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Why Changing Your Samsung Filter Is Important? 

You may believe you only need to change your refrigerator filter when the indicator light indicates it, but this is false. Waiting until the light turns red is risky for your health.

  1. A water filter prevents pollutants from entering your drinking water from the pipes. When the water filter no longer works, all of the impurities caught might leak into your drinking water, making it worse than if you hadn’t used a water filter.
  2. Each Samsung water filter has activated carbon filter material approved for use with a certain amount of water before the cartridge must be replaced. This is the quantity of water that the average household will use.
  3. By absorbing pollutants, activated carbon filters them out of water. Impurities are captured and adhere to the surface of the carbon when the water flows through the filter.

The filter’s capacity is achieved when no surface area can absorb additional pollutants. Many pollutants in the water will simply pass through the filter and into your drinking water at this stage.

How To Replace Samsung’s  Refrigerator Water Filter? 

Replace Samsung's  Refrigerator Water Filter

If you are still experiencing issues after resetting the filter, try replacing it totally.

Choose the best filter for your model

Samsung’s refrigerators use three distinct types of water filters: the HAF-CIN, the HAF-QIN, and the HAFCU1.

If you buy the wrong kind, it will not function with your refrigerator model.

Your user handbook should include the information needed to identify your water filter.

If it lacks the model number, it will guide you on locating your refrigerator’s water filter casing so you can identify it yourself.

Switch off your water supply.

To keep yourself safe and clean throughout the process, cut off the water supply in your refrigerator.

Replace and Remove

To change your water filter, you must first remove the cover.

  • Remove the old filter by spinning it anticlockwise after opening the lid.
  • This rotation will free the old water filter from its place and allow you to remove it from the filter housing easily.
  • Remove the protective cap from the new filter and insert it into the same filter housing.
  • Twist it clockwise to make sure the locking symbols align.

Reset filter button 

The next step is to press the filter button once again.

This procedure is straightforward but may differ depending on the brand of your refrigerator.

Fortunately, the general procedure is identical across all models, and Samsung has given unique indications to help you identify where their models differ – please refer to the instructions at the start of the page for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Change My Samsung Refrigerator’s Filter?

Samsung suggests changing your fridge filter every six months.

If you don’t want to complete regular maintenance, you can wait until the refrigerator’s filter indicator light illuminates, indicating your filter is dirty and no longer effective.

Can my Samsung refrigerator function without a filter?

In most cases, yes!! Your Samsung refrigerator will function normally without a filter. Depending on the model of your refrigerator, you may need to leave the filter cap on.

In other models, the filter can be left completely removed.

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Finally, you shouldn’t be concerned about the filter light on your Samsung refrigerator.

We’ve had ours for a while now, and we immediately realised that it’s there to aid us, not to warn us of some impending disaster.

You have nothing to worry about if you maintain your filter clean and change it regularly!

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