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How to Maintain Your Refrigerator in the Summer

While refrigerators are considered essential household appliances, they’re seen as especially valuable in the summer, when they can be used to chill foods and beverages that help keep people cool. When the temperature rises, however, it’s not only humans that bear the brunt of hot weather—refrigerators also need to work double time to keep their contents cold on weltering days. Prolonged periods of heat can even stress and damage the compressor, the mechanical device in charge of keeping your food and beverages cool.

Just like any other household appliance, refrigerators need proper and regular maintenance to ensure that they function efficiently and last for a long time. So when you buy two door refrigerator to get ready for the Philippines’ sweltering summers, make sure to brush up on your knowledge of refrigerator maintenance tips. Follow these tips to keep your fridge in the best condition through the hot summer season and through the rest of the year as well.


Clean Your Ref

Cleaning your refrigerator can be tedious—just think about how hard it is to get into all those nooks and crannies! However, making sure your refrigerator is dirt and grime-free is an especially important thing to do in the summer months. Experts agree that cleaning your refrigerator’s coils can reduce the energy it uses. In addition, cleaning the interiors of your ref also reduces the risk of food poisoning and keeps you on top of your grocery inventory.

Most refrigerators have their coils located at the back of the appliance, so pull the fridge away from the wall to make them easier to reach. Loosen the dust with a coil brush, then carefully vacuum the area to remove all traces of dirt. When you’ve replaced the ref back into its usual spot, take some warm water mixed with mild detergent. Use this solution to clean your refrigerator’s drawers, shelves, and door seals, and wipe down the exterior with a soft cloth. It’s best to remove all food particles and spills as soon as they happen to prevent them from getting moldy.

Check Door Seals

Door seals help keep cold air inside your ref and warm air out. Loose door seals can make your refrigerator work harder to maintain the cold temperature inside, which can be especially stressful for the compressor during the summer. Check your ref’s door seals for leaks or cracks by closing the door on a piece of paper. If you can pull the paper out easily while the door is shut, then your door seals may not be tight enough and need replacement.

Check the Temperature

Checking the temperature of your freezer and refrigerator with a thermometer allows you to determine if they’re set at the right temperatures. Setting it too cold might waste energy, while setting it too warm may cause food spoilage. Ensure that your refrigerator temperature remains between 1 and 3 degrees Celsius and your freezer between -17 and -15 degrees Celsius.

Avoid Frequently Opening the Fridge Door

Frequent trips to the fridge can spell bad news for your electricity bill. Whenever you open your fridge door, you allow cold air to escape and let warm air in, which puts stress on the compressor and forces your appliance to consume more energy. Additionally, frequent temperature fluctuations can also reduce the lifespan of stored goods. So, keep your ref trips to a minimum, or make sure you’ve obtained everything you need in as few trips as possible.

Regulate Room Temperature

Your refrigerator’s energy consumption increases when it’s propped in a warmer location, so it makes sense to also be strategic about its placement. While there’s usually no escape from the summer heat in most areas of your home, avoid putting unnecessary stress on your ref by positioning it away from hot areas, like near an oven, a dishwasher, or direct sunlight.

Additionally, inspect your refrigerator’s placement to ensure that there are a few inches of space between it and the wall. This distance is necessary to maintain good air circulation and help your refrigerator run more efficiently.

Defrost Your Freezer

Refrigerators with a freezer compartment but no frost-free feature must be defrosted manually to prevent ice accumulation. Ice buildup can significantly reduce the efficiency of your freezer and force it to work harder, which may lead to higher electricity bills, especially in the summer when your fridge is already working harder to keep up with warmer temperatures. Remove all food items from the freezer and follow your refrigerator’s defrosting guidelines.

Organize Your Food Properly

The amount of food or beverage you place inside your refrigerator and how you arrange it also affect the efficiency of your appliance. When adding new items, ensure that you do not overstuff your fridge, as it can cause the temperature inside to rise and prevent cold air from flowing efficiently. Additionally, you should allow hot items to cool down before placing them inside your fridge or freezer to prevent them from affecting the interior temperature.

Put similar items together and make sure there’s enough space for air to flow freely between the various items. This maintains the temperature inside your ref and also makes getting what you need faster and easier, thereby reducing the time the refrigerator door is opened. You may also consider using labels and clear containers to keep track of your groceries and expiration dates.

Maintaining your refrigerator in the summer is essential to ensure its efficiency and prolong its lifespan. By following the tips above, you can ensure that your refrigerator doesn’t break down easily, consume more electricity, or have a hard time keeping your food and drinks cool during the summer. Regular maintenance is absolutely essential, regardless of the season, as it helps you save money on energy bills and prevent costly repairs.

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