Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas for Your Home

27 Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas for Your Home

Farmhouse style is so cozy! It's perfect for families as it creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Here are 27 beautiful farmhouse living room ideas to decorate your home.

1. Modern Farmhouse TV Decor

Decorate the space above TV with an old window and boxwood wreath. 

Modern Farmhouse TV Decor

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2. Rustic Wooden Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be the center of attraction in your living room. With this DIY coffee table, you will create beautiful rustic decor.

Rustic Wooden Coffee Table

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3. Rustic Mantel Decor

Farmhouse fresh spring mantel decor.

Rustic Mantel Decor

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4. Cozy Pillow Corner

Cozy Pillow Corner

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5. Milk Can Coffee Table

Wooden table with painted milk jug base created the perfect centerpiece in you living room.

Wooden Table with Painted Milk Jug Base

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6. Rustic Chalkboard Wall

The wall above a sofa is one gorgeous place in your home for a rustic chalkboard.

Rustic Chalkboard Wall

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7. Rustic Living Room

Rustic Living Room

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8. White and Cream Farmhouse Oasis

Different textures and nature-inspired accessories bring the rustic style to this bright living room.

White and Cream Room

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9. Rustic TV Console Cabinet

Rustic TV Console Cabinet

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10. Cozy Farmhouse Living Room

Cozy Farmhouse Living Room

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11. Simple Fall Living Room with Pallet Accent Wall

Simple fall living room with pallet accent wall

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12. Farmhouse Style Living Room with Fall Decorating Touches

Farmhouse style living room with fall decorating touches

via www.littleglassjar.com

13. Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

Looks so comfy, and gorgeous. The warmth of rustic wood against white in this living room. Chicken coop coffee table featured.​

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

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14. Farmhouse Style Living Room with Cozy Pillows

Farmhouse Style Living Room with Cozy Pillows

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15. Cable Spool Repurposed as Clock Face

Cable spool repurposed as clock face

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16. Chic Farmhouse Living Room

Chic Farmhouse Living Room

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17. Barnwood Chevron Accent Wall Decor

Ads an extra element of interest to your room with DIY Wooden Arrows!​

Barnwood Chevron Accent Wall Decor

via little-brick-house.blogspot.com

18. Vintage Farmhouse Decor Old Trunk and Vintage Crib

Vintage Farmhouse Decor Old Trunk and Vintage Crib

via littlevintagenest.com

19. Tufted White Couch and French Linen Pillow

Gorgeous farmhouse living room with antique windmill, cotton wreath and chicken feeder. 

Tufted White Couch and French Linen Pillow

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20. Chippy White Lime

Chippy white lime finished coffee table with plenty of modern farmhouse charm.​

chippy white lime finished coffee table with plenty of modern farmhouse charm

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21. Light Blue Coffee Table with Internal Storage

Coffee Table with Internal Storage

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22. Cozy Farmhouse Style Big White Chair

Cozy Farmhouse Style Big White Chair

via www.theglamfarmhouse.com

23. Brown Couch Farmhouse Living Room Decor

Brown Couch Farmhouse Living Room Decor

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24. Deer Antler Centerpiece Basket

Deer Antler Centerpiece Basket

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25. Spring Farmhouse Living Room Seating Area

Spring Farmhouse Living Room Seating Area

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26. Rustic Gallery Wall

Rustic Gallery Wall

via thecrazycraftlady.com

27. Country Living Room Wall Decor

Country Living Room Wall Decor

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Pauline Bryant says June 7, 2017

Hi friend, I love farmhouse style decor as well and I really enjoy your ideas and your post, so please keep them coming.

Jane D says August 17, 2017

LOVE LOVE LOVE your taste and style. Thanks for sharing. I have saved this to my FB page so I can look at them when I need some peace from the crazy stuff going on in the world. Each of these spaces look like little pieces of zen heaven.

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