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8 Factors to Consider When Renovating a House

Getting swept up in the excitement of home renovations is easy. However, amidst planning layouts, selecting decor, setting timelines, and managing budgets, many homeowners often forget about their Home Insurance coverage.

Home modifications can significantly impact your property’s value regardless of the project’s size, requiring appropriate insurance coverage. While updating your insurance might not be a priority during renovations, it could be crucial during a claim. To keep you protected throughout the process, here are eight important things to know before beginning your home renovation:

Evaluating Needs and Added Value

Homeowners should start by carefully considering the main reason for their renovation. It’s crucial to separate ‘needs’ from ‘wants.’ Some updates are necessary, while others are more about personal taste or following trends.

Consider installing a walk-in tub. For those with mobility issues or elderly family members, this is a necessity. It makes bathing safer and more comfortable for those who struggle with a regular tub. Conversely, for many people, a walk-in tub may simply be an attractive feature they’ve seen in modern homes or upscale hotels.

Hiring experts is essential for specialized installations like walk-in tubs. An amateur job can lead to leaks, structural problems, or even safety risks. Professional contractors ensure that the work is done properly.

Consider the Functionality of the Layout

Consider the functionality of the room as well. Many people overlook how crucial the layout is compared to the aesthetic appeal. You’ve likely seen online photos of kitchens with barely any space to move comfortably. Bulky appliances and poor spacing can make the room feel cluttered and claustrophobic.

Before finalizing the floor plan, consider the room’s square footage and the remodeling layout. The garage door layout should also be considered to ensure easy access and functionality. If you are interested in residential garage doors from Overhead Doors, visit their website to find the perfect garage door for your home.

Be Realistic

Most people begin their renovation plans by dreaming big and imagining all the fantastic improvements they want to make to their homes. Getting carried away with these ideas is easy, but stay realistic and know what is feasible.

For instance, you might dream of adding a second story to your home, but this may not always be possible. Your house might have limited upward space but plenty of room for expansion on the ground floor. This is where a specialist renovator or builder can be incredibly valuable; they use their expertise to refine your vision and may even propose solutions you hadn’t thought of.

Plan Your Budget

When planning a renovation project, considering the budget is crucial. While it might feel overwhelming, discuss your budget ideas with your builder. They can offer valuable insights on how to make your money go further.

An experienced renovator or builder will also help you create a budget for unexpected issues often occurring during renovations. Moreover, remember to factor in the additional living costs through the renovation. For example, if you’re renovating your entire home, you might need temporary housing, which should be included in your budget.

If you’re staying at home, consider how you’ll manage around the construction zones. For instance, renovating your kitchen means you won’t have a place to cook, possibly leading to higher expenses on takeout meals until the work is done.

Search for a Design and Construction Firm

Choosing a design-and-construct building company for your renovation comes with substantial benefits. With one company managing the entire process, you eliminate unexpected pricing surprises during construction. It’s disappointing to have your dream home designed only to find out the building quote is unaffordable. Additionally, this approach saves you from paying for plans and documentation that exceed your budget.

A specialized design-and-construct firm collaborates with you from the very beginning to plan a renovation that aligns with both your budget and goals. Your project budget remains more controllable because the designer understands the overall requirements and can adjust the design to meet the agreed budget, resulting in more accurate building cost estimates.

Involving the home designer throughout the construction process also ensures a collaborative effort between the designer and the on-site project manager to bring your vision to life.

Start with a Kitchen Renovation

Homeowners frequently ask about the best order for renovating their house. Starting with the kitchen is advisable since these remodels substantially increase home value. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s 2022 Remodeling Impact Report indicates that Realtors believe homeowners can recoup 75% of the cost of a full kitchen renovation upon selling their home. Additionally, updating an outdated kitchen enhances your enjoyment of the space while you live there.

From a practical standpoint, beginning with the kitchen remodel is wise because it generates the most dust and debris you wouldn’t want to settle on new paint or finishes. It’s beneficial to isolate demolition mess by covering doorways or pass-throughs with plastic. Since a comprehensive kitchen remodel can take several months, setting up a temporary kitchen in another area of your home, like the dining room, family room, or an adjacent space is essential.

Navigating Local Regulations and Permits

Each city or municipality has unique regulations regarding property renovations. Depending on your location and the scope of your project, you may need permits before commencing any work. Skipping this step might save time initially but can result in significant fines or even require dismantling completed work later.

For example, specific structural changes or additions might be prohibited in certain areas. There could be limitations on building heights or the types of materials you can use. Understanding these rules is essential. When uncertain, consult local authorities or hire a consultant to help navigate the permitting process. The last thing you want is to finish a renovation only to discover it doesn’t meet local regulations.

Organize Your Schedule

Major home renovation projects can significantly disrupt homeowners’ daily routines. The loud, incessant noise and the accumulation of dust and dirt can disturb the residents’ serene lives.

Creating a new schedule becomes crucial. For instance, essential appliances or tools may need to be relocated from one room to another, and major events should be scheduled weeks or months away from the renovation work. Homeowners must allocate ample time between events and renovations and adapt their daily activities to continue functioning smoothly during the project.


Undertaking a home renovation is a significant decision that most homeowners encounter at some point. However, renovation projects also have the potential to become costly errors. With thorough preparation and careful consideration, you can greatly reduce or even eliminate potential problems.

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