Eight Pieces of Equipment to Consider for a Versatile and Enjoyable Home Workshop

If you’re planning on setting up a home workshop, you can make it versatile and enjoyable by buying the right pieces of equipment.

While we can’t cover every power tool, hand tool, and other items of equipment that you may need for a fully-stocked home workshop, the following eight items are ones you should certainly consider getting.

Home Workshop

1.   A Miter Saw

Every workshop needs saws, and a miter saw will enable you to perform a number of versatile tasks.It can perform all kinds of woodcuts, so no matter what specific project you have on the go, you’re sure to find this tool incredibly helpful.

You can choose either a ten-inch or twelve-inch blade miter saw. The latter is perfect for big projects.

2.   A Power Drill

For drilling holes of various sizes in a variety of materials and driving screws and bolts, you need to add a decent power drill to your workshop’s arsenal. You will be able to perform tasks much faster and more efficiently compared to using hand tools.

A cordless power drill is often the best choice, as you can then freely use it anywhere without having to spend time running extension cables, but make sure you buy a cordless drill that can charge quickly or has long-lasting batteries.

3.   An Ironworker Machine

If you’re serious about the work you undertake in your home workshop, consider getting an ironworker machine. It can perform a number of tasks, including shearing, forming, and punching metal.

Compared to other tools, versatile ironworker machines can make cleaner holes, cuts, and notches. And you can find ironworkers in various sizes and styles, so you’ll easily be able to find one that is ideal for the size of your specific workshop.

4.   An Air Compressor

An air compressor can be used for multiple purposes. It will come in very handy for cleaning up sawdust and other debris. But you can also pair an air compressor with attachments like impact wrenches and nail guns.

A number of pressurized tools can be used with an air compressor. So, this is one piece of equipment that you should definitely consider getting for your workshop needs.

5.   A Sander

If you intend to work with wood a lot, you won’t be able to do without an electric sander. With a sander, you can always achieve a smooth finish. Wide belt sanders are particularly effective for finishing wood, and if you purchase one that has various widths, you can attain perfect results every time.

6.   A Hammer

A hammer might not be the most exciting item of equipment, but every workshop needs one. You should consider getting a number of hammers to use for different tasks, but if you only get one hammer, go for a curved claw hammer, which can drive and remove nails.

The best claw hammers weigh at least sixteen ounces and have fiberglass or steel handles.

7.   A Screwdriver

A screwdriver is another hand tool that every workshop needs. You’ll want to get a variety of screwdrivers for driving and removing different-sized screws and screws with different notches. But you could get a four-in-one model that enables you to switch between heads and sizes.

8.   A Planer Thicknesser

When working in wood, you’ll need to own a planer. You should consider a specific type known as a planer thicknesser, which can come in very handy for a number of different tasks. With a planer thicknesser, you can trim boards to the same thickness along their lengths and flatten them.

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