Totally Unusual DIY Toilet Paper Holders

15 Totally Unusual DIY Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holder might not be the most glamorous fixture in the bathroom. On the other hand is undeniably essential.  If you are like most people, you just put the toilet paper on a standard spindle holder mounted with two brackets on the wall.

Why not too add a little more style to your bathroom?

Try to make a DIY toilet paper holder! Check these unique ideas and add a bit of style to your bathroom.

1. Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

Use this clever and functional toilet paper holder to keep small handy bathroom accessories or to create attractive displays.

DIY Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

Click here to see the tutorial

via diyshowoff.com

2. Super Easy DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Easy DIY Toilet Paper Holder

via designlovefest.com

3. Shabby Chic Toilet Paper Holder

Shabby Chic Toilet Paper Holder

via www.homedit.com

4. Recessed Toilet Paper Holder (working with small spaces)

This is such a great idea! Built-in toilet paper holder​.

Built-in toilet Paper Holder

via turtlesandtails

5. Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

This toilet paper holder made out of a dinosaur toy is at the top of our DIY list. A coat of blue paint takes it from realistic to modern and fun in a snap.

Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

via thechicsite.com

6. Copper Toilet Paper Holder

Copper Toilet Paper Holder

via kristimurphy.com

7. DIY Fabric Toilet Paper Holder

Great solution to keep extra rolls in your tiny bathroom!​

DIY Fabric Toilet Paper Holder

via www.makeit-loveit.com

8. A Reclaimed Wood Branch Shelf

A Reclaimed Wood Branch Shelf

via www.funkyjunkinteriors.net

9. DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Industrial DIY Toilet Paper Holder

via kristimurphy.com

10. Cloud concrete toilet roll holder

Cloud concrete toilet roll holder

via adesignerlife.net

11. Twig Toilet Role Holder

​I love this idea to use tree branches in non-traditional ways in home decor.

via vrijdagvrij.blogspot.nl

12. Drapery Holdback Toilet Paper Holder

Drapery Holdback Toilet Paper Holder

via www.ourfifthhouse.com

13. Nautical Cleat as Toilet Paper Holder

Clever idea for nautical themed bathroom.

Nautical Cleat as TP Holder

via remodelista.com

14. Wall-mounted Crate for Toilet Toll Storage

via desiretoinspire.net

15. Rustic Crate and License Plate Toilet Paper Holder

Rustic Crate and License Plate Toilet Paper Holder

via www.funkyjunkinteriors.net

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Brandy baby. says September 5, 2016

The cloud is so cute and toilet paper is essential. I love that this idea keeps it off the back of toilet, wall, counter top ( where is can all become moist from shower, floods,etc ) and sets a cute cloud theme. I’m sooo going to atempt to make this. Or something very similar if not able to construct this one.

Tony says January 11, 2017

Love them all! Thanks for sharing!

Lynne says June 29, 2017

How is 11 attached to the wall?

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