15 Totally Unusual DIY Toilet Paper Holders

A toilet paper holder might not be the most glamorous fixture in the bathroom. On the other hand, is undeniably essential.  If you are like most people, you just put the toilet paper on a standard spindle holder mounted with two brackets on the wall.

Why not add a little more style to your bathroom?

Try to make a DIY toilet paper holder! Check these unique ideas and add a bit of style to your bathroom.

1. Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

Use this clever and functional toilet paper holder to keep small handy bathroom accessories or to create attractive displays.

 DIY Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf

via diyshowoff.com

If you have a guest bathroom, it may have been left to fate, and not looking the best with toilet paper being left on the physical top of the toilet itself, or in a basket on the floor. Why not give a little experience to your guests? After all, we all talk about toilets whether we admit it or not! Everyone must be at ease in an environment that is a little taboo. Get crafty with this little number. Accessorize it with a plant, air freshener, towel perhaps, soft and hand cream.

2. Super Easy DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Easy DIY Toilet Paper Holder

via designlovefest.com

It is all in the details. It is insane how we always try to buy big things expecting big changes, but in truth, it does not always work out this way. Details details details!  Now is the time to embrace these little sheets of paper and give them respect! You’ll need some pipework, preferably made from copper or brass, leather cord, and twine. That’s it really, apart from a slight elbow grease but otherwise, a lovely touch added to any bathroom.

3. Shabby Chic Toilet Paper Holder

Shabby Chic Toilet Paper Holder

via www.homedit.com

We love shabby chic. This kinda means, everything goes, whatever I find will work. It is an eclectic approach to interior design that does not fuss about how perfect the finishing touches are. In this instance, it is by far the opposite. It is all about how many characters can I get from the simplest of furniture. It gives a cool and youthful outlook on life, especially within a home. It gives a “let’s not take things too seriously here”, but let’s enjoy the pure delights of life. And when you are in the bathroom, all you want is to be relaxed. Exactly this very purpose of shabby chic while looking elegant.

4. Recessed Toilet Paper Holder (working with small spaces)

This is such a great idea! Built-in toilet paper holder​.

Built-in toilet Paper Holder

via turtlesandtails

You can place artwork on top of it, soaps and creams, or even the most beautiful little plant pot with its plants inside giving you a little nature indoors. Since we do spend a lot of time in a bathroom, it is only logical to look after it especially in the detail department that will make your journey a happy one. If you are tight on space, this is one of the only ways to go forwards. Paint it to your liking and by your color scheme.

5. Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

This toilet paper holder made out of a dinosaur toy is at the top of our DIY list. A coat of blue paint takes it from realistic to modern and fun in a snap.

Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

via thechicsite.com

Whether you are a paleontologist doctor, Ross from Friends, or a 4-year-old, you would love this! We take life too seriously at times and we forget how to best enjoy it. Especially if we have children around. Making a trip to the bathroom isn’t always mega fun, so putting their favorite animals on display not only creates a better bond between the kids and the parents but also gives us a sense of light seriousness when designing a home. After all, your home is for everyone living in it, right?

6. Copper Toilet Paper Holder

Copper Toilet Paper Holder

via kristimurphy.com

Copper adds the perfect amount of industrialism to any bathroom, even if this is the only touch you will have within the bathroom. We would always recommend following suit and the continuity of the overall look and feel, by adding copper taps to the bathroom sinks, a copper light whether wall or ceiling mounted, and even a copper rail for the shower towels. Look beautiful, you’ll never be so content to look after yourself.

7. DIY Fabric Toilet Paper Holder

A great solution to keep extra rolls in your tiny bathroom!​

DIY Fabric Toilet Paper Holder

via www.makeit-loveit.com

Where to put the extras if an emergency occurs and oh dear, the paper roll is left to its bare self displaying only the cardboard tube. We do not want to be in this situation, correct? This way, big families always stay safe and have toilet paper to hand. More to the point, perfect if you have zero storage space.

8. A Reclaimed Wood Branch Shelf

A Reclaimed Wood Branch Shelf

via www.funkyjunkinteriors.net

We love reclaimed everything. Wood in particular for its presence and character it gives to a DIY. Let’s be honest, wood should be more expensive than any other fancy stones such as diamonds. Well, respecting nature is respecting fallen down trees which were either sick or simply died of natural causes. Using their wood is only natural instead of putting even more carbon footprint and making giant rich companies even richer. Let’s go back to basics a little and start crafting. We know how to shop online, but do we know how to put 4 screws together?

9. DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Industrial DIY Toilet Paper Holder

via kristimurphy.com

Back to our industrial outlook on things, matched with woods and soft fabrics, galvanized steel and iron pipe fitting works amazingly well and you are sure that this will never break down on you, unlike most of the stuff we buy nowadays. Instead of putting holes everywhere trying to hang things on the walls, think about the floor. And also, it can be taken with you if you were to move out. It could also be used in your kitchen as a paper towel dispenser. So not create two of these? Super robust, and looks really cool on a kitchen top too.

10. Cloud concrete toilet roll holder

Cloud concrete toilet roll holder

via adesignerlife.net

This option is superb if you are always wary of going out of paper loo rolls! It actually is a pretty darn great art wall feature that forever changes with the different types of paper you buy, and how many are exactly left on the cloud shelf. Toilet paper, let’s face it, isn’t exactly the piece of artwork you longed for in your life, but you see, it almost could after this beautiful support. This is truly mesmerizing in terms of design, pushing the boundaries to the next level; surprising your guests at the same time.

11. Twig Toilet Roll Holder

Loving this idea to use tree branches in non-traditional ways in home decor.

via vrijdagvrij.blogspot.nl

You might have seen many programs about interior design and how smart we can be with our spaces and with the overall artist finishes, but sometimes, just sometimes, the genius is right in front of us lying on our garden floors. It is lovely to bring simple and natural nature to our indoor spaces, to remind us of how beautiful nature is. And why we should love and protect it. In theory, all you need is a branch, and toilet paper and you are almost there.

12. Drapery Holdback Toilet Paper Holder

Drapery Holdback Toilet Paper Holder

via www.ourfifthhouse.com

Life as we know it is super complicated; is it not? Everything seems to be so and getting worse. So, if going to the bathroom floors the same trend we are all done for! We say no! We love this idea too that takes a dead branch and sliced to an inch thick and a bit of creativity to put together. It would literally take 5 minutes to fix from the start to its physical first usage. The best part is to come, this could cost you nothing if you have a hook and a piece of wood!

13. Nautical Cleat as Toilet Paper Holder

Clever idea for nautical-themed bathroom.

Nautical Cleat as TP Holder

via remodelista.com

You love being at sea but living thousands of kilometers from it so, a bit tricky? But you love the idea of feeling like it’s around the corner? Bathrooms are usually the better places to give you that sea and sun feeling nostalgia. The sea theme is ever so popular because it gives us the impression of clean, pure air that we breathe and gives us a sense of liberty. Something about the sea that does that. Something as silly as the toilet holder can take you back smelling the sea breeze in no time. Put this into place by having a sea-smelling, inspired candle that you will burn when doing what you do best.

14. Wall-mounted Crate for Toilet Toll Storage

via desiretoinspire.net

You’ve perhaps done a car boot sale or had this crate for many years and failed to understand what to do with it? Perhaps it contains a family sentimental value to when the parents or grandparents put their veggies into it after harvest? Nothing better than a little nostalgia within your home which in the end, makes a proper home a home. It creates warmth and character and gets incorporated into mist designs, and is perfect for solution finding ways to increase storage space.

15. Rustic Crate and License Plate Toilet Paper Holder

Rustic Crate and License Plate Toilet Paper Holder

via www.funkyjunkinteriors.net

If you are lucky enough to have an old-school number plate that is rough to wear, you have gold between your hands! Rust in the end is a natural form of nature. It isn’t something fabricated by man, it is something nature offers us. To stop the rusting, apply a little neutral matt varnish to it. You’ll keep the total 100% rust effect without it going further into the inevitable destruction of the metal. This detail will give a lot of soul and character to your toilet or bathroom space, without forgetting the good old extra storage.

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