19 Brilliant Bathroom Storage Ideas

Is your bathroom small? If you’re struggling to find a place for all things needed then check these amazing bathroom storage ideas.

I’m sure you’ll inspire yourself and keep things on hand when needed:

1. DIY Rustic Wood Projects

via Jenna Sue Design Co.

Natural wood has an infinite number of lives, in terms that it never goes out of fashion. Not only is it cheap to obtain and very often can stare at you from your garden, but it also adds something supernatural, elegant without much pretense giving you a peaceful space. This is something that can be knocked up in no time, making an instant difference to your bathroom giving it a lot of charm. Add a couple of planters here and there to maximize this very idea.

2. DIY Linen Shelves

via Ella Claire

In simple terms, this is where a headboard got added to the bland and characterless wall adding texture and character painted in white to gather as much light as possible within a darkish surrounding. Shelving units are added to create more storage space and take away what might once have lied on the bathroom sink overcrowding everything else looking disorganized. The storage space can include bath towels, soaps, scrubbing salts, and the rest.

3. Bathroom Ladder Storage

via Love Chic Living

One great way to break the monotony of a box-like bathroom is to play around with shapes and sizes. The ladder does exactly this and breaks the norm, creating vast improvements regarding storage space. Smart one too. Very often do we find narrow shelving units which look great, but personally, the more space the merrier. Accessorize it with a plant and picture frames adding personality embracing organization.

4. Wire Baskets

via Golden Boys and Me

Beautiful wire basket which adds a great amount of industrial look for such a small tiny package. It matches really well with other metallic, industrial-like touches such as the basin taps, old school mirrors, and all kinds of soap and cream dispensers. Because the lines being rather cold and monotone, add soft touches like hand and face towels to add warmth to your overall bath haven.

5. A Wall Full of Baskets

via Simply DIY 2

These woven baskets are wonderful and super practical. You can get them for no money at all and have your DIY input onto the design working best for you and its surrounding. This is a cheap alternative to increasing practical storage space. Normally, these come in different color schemes best suiting your environment. Include your soaps, towels, and favorite bathing items.

6. Easy DIY Floating Shelves

via Shanty2Chic

There is something super magical about these simple shelving units, miraculously seeming to float against the wall of your bathroom adding a little charm in the process. It doesn’t get any cleaner than that really. They look fabulous and add an element of luxury without forgetting they do serve a purpose really well too, increasing the storage capacity making this one of the most “fashionably convenient” DIY you’ll ever do.

7. DIY Bathroom Cabinet

via Liz Marie Blog

If you’re after a little rough, rugged yet beautiful piece of antique-looking furniture then this is where you look no further. Not only does this add bags full of charm anywhere within your home and indeed the bathroom, but also adds plenty of storage space. It particularly works well within a rather clean surrounding, adding marble tops, and super soft finishes and fabric choices. This cabinet takes away the clinical aspect of a bathroom that can soon look far too much like a 5-star hotel bathroom, but a space that is yours and feels like it is yours.

8. Revitalized Luxury

via Decoist

A similar principle to the above but this time, floor standing. The objective of creating something that looks naturally aged adds a lot of natural attitude and character making any new homes have that barn feeling, even in the middle of a super modern city. This is definitely what I’d call the new shabby chic. It stands out remarkably well in a polished bathroom, adding much-needed charm; adding a no-nonsense sophistication approach to beautiful storage.

9. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

via Bless’er House 

The word farmhouse for many of us could mean the smell of animals, gravel, and muddy floor, ancient furniture that breaks the second you simply look at it. But, this simply isn’t true. Adding touches of the past into the present and near future reminds us all about the humble beginnings, wishing for simple things in life and nothing fancy. Simply, something that serves a purpose. Modernity can be a little sterile and personality-less, so adding something that oozes nature elements breaks this adding warmth and history. The washed mirror, 19th-century style taps and the wooden shelving with its accessories do just about enough to add plentiful character to your room.

10. Decorative Shelves

via the36thavenue

We usually think in regards to our shelving space of storage, on how many creams we can fit onto it. However, we forget that there is also an aesthetic element beyond simply looking at your beauty products. Adding plants and jars adds so much peace and wonderfulness to any space but especially when it is the time for a “you time”. And your time means a super peaceful area where you can relax your mind even for just a moment, in a place that exudes nature and calmness.

11. Fast and Easy DIY Shelving

Fast and Easy DIY Shelving

via Hgtv

If you haven’t got spare wooden crates in the backyard, then fear not, these can be found in almost every garden center. Any crate does the trick perfectly so no right or wrong as long as they are reasonably sturdy. This is a fabulous cheap way to get smart where storage is concerned. You can paint them, taint or varnish them the way fits best within your home and will add ample space you never knew you had. Perfect for smaller bathrooms, or family bathrooms.

12. Store Linens in the Cabinets Under the Sink

cabinets under the sink

via BHG

Where space is gold nowadays especially in brand new apartments, clever storage has never been so important. But in fact, even if you do have space, why waste it when something maybe even more usual can be done. Under the sink storage is the best thing ever. What an invention! Everything you need is there, without having to showcase all your belongings, all crowded in the same space cluttering the peace.

13. DIY Ball Jar Storage in the Bathroom

DIY ball jar storage in the bathroom

via Skinny Meg

A lot of food comes in these glass jars and they are all over our kitchen. Adderall, finding them a new lease of life is brilliant and is all part of the big recycling earth plan, decreasing our carbon footprint too. And interestingly enough, these jars do a wonderful job in assisting you further to declutter your bathroom, adding much character and something interesting to look at. A cheap alternative that simply works and looks great in the process.

14. Canvas Organizers and Felt Labels

canvas organizers and felt labels

via Kristen Mcashan

Nowadays in the world, there is a cream for everything. So, therefore, we need to create space for all these rather similar or different creams on the market. Personally, I’d love to meet the marketing team and shake their hands. This is why we are here, to save you money and add extra space for not much money at all but by increasing your comfort. These organizers could also be named after the people that are in your house so that everyone understands who is whose.

15. Medicine Cabinet Organization

Medicine cabinet organization

via The Merry Thought

These are so old school that you may remember them from your grandparent’s house with the thousands of different colored pills. Thing is, they are very helpful to organize your life and can save you tonnes of time in the morning getting ready for work. This is a space designed for your toothbrush and paste, hairbrush, makeup elements, and nail cutters. This takes no space at all from the room as it is rather small in terms of width.

16. DIY Hanging Basket Bathroom Storage

DIY hanging basket bathroom storage

via A Beautiful Mess

I would say that we would struggle to find such a genius use for such an inexpensive wired basket increasing to storage spaces in style, without hurting your wallet. This is a great way to add personality to the walls of your bathroom, adding many required every day to day needs requirements for all of your beauty accessories. You’ll organize yourself greatly while having created something rather cool-looking, in no time at all. A dramatic change that can happen in under half an hour.

17. Shower Curtain Rod Caddy

via The Spruce

This is an economical solution that will assist you in hanging all of the last few pieces, including all of the children’s toys for example. Trust me, talking through experience! Their toys are everywhere even down to when we eventually get into bed with legos appearing by magic under the bedsheets. Get yourself a shower curtain rod, and get hanging!

18. Shelf Shocked

via Do or DIY

Floating shelves can be really beautifully neat, hiding everything from the eye, keeping your bathroom in order, and free from clutter. However, this is something a little different and unique. Famous 30 or so years back, but something that has never left fashion. Visually the shelves are really adorable and full of character. The iron brackets are simply incredible and ooze in style. You would be surprised what can be done with a plank of solid wood, little taint on it, and DIY magic with these iron brackets.

19. Multiple Storage Ideas

via BHG

Fashionable homes have turned into thousands of different shades of whites, to creams, to greys and that’s about it. I never knew how many colors could be made out of white, and grey. I’d like to think of this exercise as bringing a little Spanish flair to your home adding color. We live for color so do not ever be afraid to use them to your advantage often recreating your personality. Nothing better than to spruce up your mood with these colored beauties. To enhance furthermore the experience, add similar shades of color in your drying bath towels. Perfect with those bland, white walls, bath, sink, the toilet itself, and the rest.

via Plumb World UK

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