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15 Brilliant DIY Shelves You Can Build Yourself

Explore DIY shelves that work for many spaces including kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. Find ideas for floating wall shelves, corner shelves, or stacking shelves that are easy to make.

1. DIY Decorative Mountain Shelf

Not only do shelves provide you with space for displays, but they also can make decor accents.​

DIY Decorative Mountain Shelf


Nothing better than good old cheap wood done in the most creative of ways. In this instance, you have a sense of the mountainous area right in your living space to boost your imagination; especially if you have children around. Keeping the wood to its original self, without discoloring it with varnish or paint, allows you to dress it up the way you want with extra accessories such as your last trip’s abroad memorabilia.

2. DIY Home Letter Shelf

If you want to create a beautiful display, letter-shaped shelves are great!

DIY Home Letter Shelf


In this instance, you have a HOME shelf made out of pallets that describes exactly where you are and what your palace should feel like. Home. There is no other better place. These little reminders are terrific to keep you energized throughout the day, with a sense of peace. Not only will this look great on a plain wall, but also is very useful to place your desired antic pieces you are most proud of.

3. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

Make industrial pipe shelves to get this chic style decor interior style.

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves


DIY has never been any simpler. Thinking of it, it will take anyone a lot less time to fabricate something from scratch such as these shelving units, than assembling one just bought from Ikea. And a lot less stressful too! In contrast, what could happen is to include soft fabrics on top of them to soften the mood a little. Otherwise, it would end up looking a little brash. Perfect within a modern kitchen, a bathroom, or most rooms around your house for that matter.

4. DIY Farmhouse Style Shelves

Bring charm to your decor with these farmhouse-style shelves. Make them really pop with the corbels.

Farmhouse Style Shelves


If you have this type of home then these would fit perfectly, however, even though you might have gone with the minimalist approach, a touch of ancient charm will not go amiss. These are perfect to balance the harmony of your home and make it feel like a home even if you have gone all out from white walls. These are details that will add warmth to your space, and if you do get the bug after finishing this DIY shelving unit, you might consider doing something similar on your dining table and chairs.

5. DIY Rustic Industrial Shelves

Add a lot of decor interest with these industrial rustic piping shelves.

DIY Rustic Industrial Shelves

via sylvieliv

To achieve the industrial look, it isn’t really complicated. You’ll need some rough wood – nothing too perfect and straight, a little rusty metal parts, a hammer and the odd few trews; and something to taint the wood to a darker color. Instead of using dark grey metal, you could also opt for ancient-looking brass, copper, or even tarnished gold.

6. DIY Honeycomb Shelves

Create your own storage with these easy-to-make geometric wall shelves!

DIY Honeycomb Shelves


Geometry is so 50’s, and the 50’s are creeping back up in our homes, in design, and are on trends. The only problem is, you will pay the price. Therefore, making something yourself is designated on the cards, and what’s great about this, it will be bespoke to your specification and space. Win-win. If you have a long wall, then chances are you will be able to make a lot more comb units to put together in any shape you wish to. We would not recommend that as your first ever project, because it is a little tricky and will demand a few more tools, but if you have a garage that has been transformed into a workshop, this is definitely one for the books; literally too.

7. DIY Wall Box Shelves

Do you need extra storage? Make these wall shelves to organize the bathroom or use them in any room!

DIY Wall Box Shelves


There is something warm about dark wood even if you have a light color pallet on the walls. Adding dark contrasting wood colors can enrich your overall surrounding for the better. We all need extra storage as through the months we see things we like and, admittedly, we love to change our home every once in a while. It is a great cost-effective way to do so, without thinking too big. Few planks of wood, few strews, and you are halfway there!

8. Industrial Chic Concrete and Pipe Shelves

Concrete and galvanized pipe adds an industrial-chic look to a room. This DIY project combines both those materials for concrete and pipe shelves.

Industrial Chic Concrete and Pipe Shelves


Some of our homes can be very clinical and lose the essence of what a home ought to be like. Adding rough textures such as wood, metal, brass copper, galvanized metals and concrete will definitely erase the overly clean, hotel-like atmosphere. Unless of course, this is your thing. But DIY is all about character and something at the end of the day to be very proud of. And, this will last forever, unlike a lot of things we buy nowadays.

9. DIY Industrial Wall Shelves

Easy decor with DIY ​wall shelves.

DIY Industrial Wall Shelves


These DIY ​wall shelves are brilliant fun and really does add a lot of much-needed characters to water pallet colored walls and surrounding. They are so easy to put up, it is simply children’s play. Adding greenery onto the shelves is something original that will look great in a kitchen or a bathroom and even in your living room. Instead of simply buying a painting from a shop where hundreds of households had the same idea, fabricate something yourself, that takes no time and something that will look epic giving character to any room it’s in.

10. DIY Floating Corner Shelves

The corners of the houses are some of those places that most people ignore or do not know what to do with them.

DIY Floating Corner Shelves


Personally, we love a home without a simple square box shape to it. Having offlines, little alcoves, or indeed a part of the wall that pops out creates by itself character and something you can really work with to your advantage. In this example, you have just that. Adding small, yet functional shelving units adds to the drama and also utilizes space cleverly. You do not need to be a professional to attempt this but will look like it was professionally done.

11. DIY Barn Wood Shelf

Do you want to make your own barn wood shelf? Check how to make your own brackets to create a unique shelf.

DIY Barn Wood Shelf


So today, we have something unique, uncomplicated, and easy to do! Just for you to bring a smile to your face. This DIY is all about trying to recycle wood outdoors, polishing it a bit, and creating something beautiful and rustic. You can leave the wood in its natural state, you can sand it down by hand to take away most of the dirt but keeping some in the grooves for an extra little character, or totally sand it down smooth and adding your preferred varnish taint to it. Same with the wall brackets. This will give you many different ways to go about it, but with a good base.

12. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

Super easy step-by-step tutorial for how to make DIY industrial pipe shelves. Industrial pipe shelving is great in both industrial and farmhouse home decor.

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves


We say enough to the MDF cheap wood that the world already uses everywhere. Enough of places with already made cheap furniture that will last 6 months and frankly, expensive but look cheap. We say, bring back the good old pieces of wood that will last forever, far beyond ourselves. Nowadays, we are slowly going back to things that are made of quality that will withstand time gracefully. Buy yourself a hammer, and honestly, you will have so much fun it is untrue, and be saving yourself a lot of cash in the process.

13. DIY Farmhouse Shelves

If you are in on the farmhouse craze? These affordable farmhouse-inspired shelves are just the thing for you! They will add so much character to any space in your home!!

DIY Farmhouse Shelves


And this is whether you own a farmhouse or live in a block-looking apartment. They look great everywhere. Old-school things never die out of fashion. They compliment fashion, that’s the way we ought to see these. And on top of that, they ooze with warmth and class without creating a hole in your pocket and are also super practical. Buy these from a shop already made, they will cost you a week’s salary. Make them yourself, they’ll cost you a couple of beers a week for a month. Beer money is the best!

14. DIY Industrial Shelves

These DIY Industrial Shelvings are super easy to make and a great addition to any room!​

DIY Industrial Shelves


Not one shelving unit is the same and that is all down to the way we cut the wood, treat it, taint it, and how it gets fixed onto the walls of our home. For added beauty, we would recommend using wood with knots going through it. A few years back, we would be against using knotted wood. However, think of these as pretty vegetable tasting or not a lot. A knot in the wood would be more like the ugly vegetables that become far tastier than anything else. Diamonds aren’t the most special things we have on our planet. It’s wood. They are trees. Trees are living things and without them, we are in trouble, aren’t we? Trees are like us, they aren’t perfect. Yet beautiful. So, do not be afraid of using wood with character and history; and the odd crack.

15. DIY Rustic Shelves From 1 Post

Create a wall of display with small decorative rustic shelves.

DIY Rustic Shelves From 1 Post


Small cubed blocks of wood have never looked so good. They are perfect to create something a little different within your home, a little eccentric perhaps, and cubes that can be used as a mantlepiece for your objects of art and crockery. There aren’t many steps to achieve the look, but the end will look great and rather different giving you a 3D room experience.

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