Brilliant DIY Shelves You Can Build Yourself

15 Brilliant DIY Shelves You Can Build Yourself

Explore DIY shelves that work for many spaces including kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. Find ideas for floating wall shelves, corner shelves or stacking shelves that are easy to make.

1. DIY Decorative Mountain Shelf

Not only shelves provide you with space for displays, they also can make decor accents.​

DIY Decorative Mountain Shelf

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2. DIY Home Letter Shelf

If you want to create a beautiful display, letter shaped shelves are great!

DIY Home Letter Shelf

via acraftymix.com

3. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

Make industrial pipe shelves to get this chic style decor interior style.

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

via cherishedbliss.com

4. DIY Farmhouse Style Shelves

Bring charm to your decor with these farmhouse style shelves. Make them really pop with the corbels,.

Farmhouse Style Shelves

via lollyjane.com

5. DIY Rustic Industrial Shelves

Add a lot of decor interest with these industrial rustic piping shelves. 

DIY Rustic Industrial Shelves

via sylvieliv

6. DIY Honeycomb Shelves

Create your own storage with these easy-to-make geometric wall shelves!

DIY Honeycomb Shelves

via abeautifulmess.com

7. DIY Wall Box Shelves

Do you need extra storage? Make these wall shelves to organize the bathroom or use them in any room! 

DIY Wall Box Shelves

via www.ohohblog.com

8. Industrial Chic Concrete and Pipe Shelves

Concrete and galvanized pipe add an industrial chic look to a room. This DIY project combines both those materials for concrete and pipe shelves.

Industrial Chic Concrete and Pipe Shelves

via homedepot.com

9. DIY Industrial Wall Shelves

Easy decor with DIY ​wall shelves.

DIY Industrial Wall Shelves

via alanajonesmann.com

10. DIY Floating Corner Shelves

The corners of the houses are some of those places that most people ignore or do not know what to do with them.

DIY Floating Corner Shelves

via www.4men1lady.com

11. DIY Barn Wood Shelf

Do you want to make your own barn wood shelf? Check how to make your own brackets to create a unique shelf.

DIY Barn Wood Shelf

via www.cleverlysimple.com

12. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

Super easy step by step tutorial for how to make DIY industrial pipe shelves. Industrial pipe shelving is great in both industrial and farmhouse home decor.

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

via www.houseofhawthornes.com

13. DIY Farmhouse Shelves

If you are in on the farmhouse craze? These affordable farmhouse inspired shelves are just the thing for you! They will add so much character to any space in your home!! 

DIY Farmhouse Shelves

via www.themountainviewcottage.net

14. DIY Industrial Shelves

These DIY Industrial Shelving is super easy to make and a great addition to any room!​

DIY Industrial Shelves

via www.the36thavenue.com

15. DIY Rustic Shelves From 1 Post

Create a wall of display with small decorative rustic shelves.

DIY Rustic Shelves From 1 Post

via mypatchofbluesky.com

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