30 Charming DIY Coffee Station Ideas for All Coffee Lovers

There are so many ways you can set up a DIY coffee station at home, you can use your kitchen counter, a cabinet or a rolling cart! Get inspired!​

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Here are 30 brilliant coffee station ideas for creating a little coffee corner for your coffee maker that will help you decorate your home.

1. DIY Black Pipe Coffee Station

Build a DIY coffee station from industrial style pipe shelves to get a great focal point in your decor.​

DIY Black Pipe Coffee Station

Click here to see the tutorial

2. Vintage Coffee Station

Build a small coffee station from a vintage crate to add some variety in your decor.

Vintage Coffee Station

Click here to see the tutorial

3. Rustic Coffee Bar

Create a cute area that’s devoted entirely to that one very special morning ingredient – coffee!​

4. Pallet Shelf Coffee Bar

Build a rustic coffee station that stands out! 

5. Home Coffee Bar

This wonderful home decor statement is a committing project. But is all worth it!

If you own the proper tools, like a quality track saw and table saw, then you shouldn’t have any trouble crafting a coffee table such as this one. 

6. Splashing Color into Your Coffee Bar

Bring bright colors to your kitchen with a DIY coffee station. 

You can add a pour over coffee maker to your bar. Not only as decor but also, as a helpful tool to make coffee.

Splashing Color into Your Coffee Bar
Jaime Scott

7. Morning Delight with Rustic Charm

It’s always time for a cup of coffee with this rustic DIT coffee station.

8. A Bride Cafe At Your Home

Display everything you need for a cup of coffee! 

9. Energy on Wheels

Normal is boring. Make a pot, create a number of espresso-based drinks, or make yourself a classic cup of French-pressed coffee

Energy on Wheels
 A Beautiful Mess

10. Bookshelf Coffee Station

​Bring an old bookshelf to life with a few coats of paint. Add the right accessories, like a cute wire basket and a rod or two for dishtowels to get the perfect coffee station.

11. Holiday Coffee Station

Wooden island and floating shelves as a great coffee station.

12. Winter Coffee Station with a French Flair

Beautiful coffee and hot cocoa bar with a French Countryside type flair.​

13. Simple Coffee Station

Having a well thought outstation for your coffee can make a world of difference! 

14. Coffee Command Station with Chalkboard Accents

15. Coffee Nook

Need a caffeine boost? Here’s a one-stop-coffee-shop you can enjoy in your jammies.

16. How to Design a Coffee Bar for a Kitchen

Such a great way to add flare to your small space. Design an at-home coffee bar in your kitchen that lets you keep the essentials close, but not taking up counter space.

And that wall quote brings it to life!​

17. Colorful Coffee Station

Repurpose an old dresser and turn it into a personal coffee station for storing your coffee essentials. 

18. Coffee Cart

Use a rolling cart to create a well-organized coffee station. Simple and functional, place your mugs, machines and condiments on a rolling cart for easy access at all times.

19. Desk Turned Coffee Station

Transform that unused desk area in your kitchen into the perfect coffee bar.

20. Coffee Corner

Tansform an awkward corner into a cafe-style coffee bar with a chalkboard background.​

21. Ikea Coffee Bar

Add a great home accent upgrade with this cute storage and coffee bar using IKEA shelf.

22. Navy Blue Coffee Station

This navy blue organizer with copper hardware can help you keep mugs within reach. 

Perk up your morning and save yourself from the afternoon slump.

23. Industrial Coffee Cart

Set a multi-level coffee cart on the caster to roll it wherever a double-shot espresso is needed.

25. Perfect Coffee Cart

Elevate your coffee essentials by hanging mugs from a rail and storing supplies along a shelf.

26. DIY Rolling Coffee Island

Make this perfect space for storing your coffee and tea accouterments.

27. Farmhouse Coffee Station

Looking for an easy DIY coffee station? This idea is simple & goes with your house’s farmhouse look! 

28. Counter Coffee Station

If you don’t have to have a separate piece of furniture to make a DIY coffee station, this idea shows how you can easily set up a corner of your kitchen counters as your coffee station.​

29. Coffee Station with Clever Storage Solution

Simple and sweet, this coffee station has homey vibe.

All the necessities are there at a hand’s reach and the bit of rustic style helps to blend it within the rest of the kitchen.

Coffee Station with Clever Storage Solution
Forever In Pursuit

30. Little Bit of Coffee and a Whole Lot of Jesus

Start your day with the perfect blend of humor and faith. 

3 thoughts on “30 Charming DIY Coffee Station Ideas for All Coffee Lovers”

  1. Thank you for your ideas for coffee stations. I am looking for options for bookshelves/storage along a 10′ wall in a meeting room at our church. I have found a rolling kitchen cart to serve as a coffee bar, but I also need containers for sugar, coffee bags creamer, etc. Possibly kitchen canisters for coffee, etc, and baskets or boxes for supplies. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Paulina. I am in my late 60’s and decieded to move from about 1300 sq. feet to 800 square foot condo with a nice size bathroom great bedroom enough for my queen size very small dinning room and a o.k size living room. Hanging plants from ceilings doing everything I can think of and find on the web. Thus I find you. Because I did not like the small one person galley kitchen found mine it’s is ok. My kitchen is like a square box 15 by 15 feet. I put new white covering on the fronts of cabinet drawers and cup boards now it is L shaped including appliances. Then I have from the end of one L I put a small put together 3 by 4 foot white book shelf to holed items on the much needed room on the counter space.( love to bake). sorry for babbaling but I have no help some things I just have to do by my self. Between the bare wall in the kitchen has a door way in it. So what I have left is a plain 48 in white wall. I want so bad a coffee station . For the look of what you can do with a small place but you have the wall. First of all does the first piese I need a cabinet need to be the same collar as the floor or earthy collars of the countertops. The one I bought is because I like the storage it has but is sorte of a stressed white chalky paint look.I have peices of the flooring so I can make a tray or chopping type block from it. I also bought a 2 and a half foot hanging dark brown shelve looking item that has many smallish shelves and the sides meet together at the top like a church chapel. Any more ideas or have I messed up your mind.(sorry) I do care. Anyways thank for reading a bit if you did. Do I need help????????? Thanks

  3. Oh goodness, lovely pictures, but if I could beg these folks not to drink Keurig coffee I would. Not only does it ruin your coffee street cred, but you’re subjecting yourself to plastics, plasticizers, and toxins all of which can be found in the bloodstream of the average consumer. On the other hand, newly ground organic coffee that omits such processing in a French Press is a proper morning cup of coffee. It’s inexpensive, too! I got a Chambord Bodum for $24.99 at Home Goods every October. The problem with drip machines is that the coffee is not very hot and yes, “more plastic”. My Oxo eletric kettle+Bodum French Press=hot, amazing coffee! As a former barista, most of these coffee stations look very elaborate and really only need a few items. Unfortunately, I think coffee and coffee drinks need to be prepared near a counter. Some of these aren’t even in the kitchen. I have 7″ wood stirrers, an Airscape turquoise (for grinding coffee) and a small tub for collagen, a turquoise Le Creuset sugar bowl, and the kettle to organize.


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