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How To Build DIY Bar Stools With Backs

Making your very own unique bar stool from scratch is a very personal and healing experience for many individuals. DIY bar stools with backs can be the perfect addition to your home bar or kitchen counter, adding a personal touch to it.

Build DIY Bar Stools

It may be very convenient to just buy a bar stool with a back from the store, but DIY bar stools with backs can be a very cost-effective project. In addition to that, these stylish and functional pieces provide additional seating and also do not consume too much space, and the best part is, you can build them yourself easily.


Before we get into the building and assembling process, let’s gather all the necessary materials and tools required to build a DIY bar stool with a back. 

Safety Gear –  Carpentry gloves, faceshield, eye and ear protections and dust mask.

Wood – Choose a sturdy and durable wood species, such as oak, maple, or birch, for the main frame and seat of the bar stool. Ensure that the wood is of sufficient thickness to provide stability and support.

Saw – A miter saw or circular saw will be needed to cut the wood to the desired lengths and angles.

Drill – A power drill with a variety of drill bits will be used for making holes and assembling the components of the bar stool.

Screws, Bracket, Staplers and Nails – Select appropriate screws, brackets, staplers and nails based on the thickness of the wood and the type of joints you will be using.

Wood Glue – Use wood glue to reinforce the joints and increase the overall strength of the bar stool.

Sandpaper – Sandpaper of different grits will be needed to smooth the wood surfaces and remove any rough edges.

Foam Padding –  For better comfort during the seating period.

Paint or Stain – Choose a paint or stain color that complements your existing decor or personal preference.

Fabric or Leather – Used to cover the foam padding for a stylish look and help in durability.

Polyurethane or Wood Sealer – Used on wood for durability and glossy finish.

Brush – To spread Polyurethane or Wood Sealer.

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Guide to Building DIY Bar Stools with Backs

Building DIY Bar Stools

Once you have all the tools and materials, we are all set to start building the stool, 

Step 1: Design, Shape and Measurements

Start by roughly sketching out your preferred design and shape for the seat and backrest. The typical height of a bar stool is around 30 inches, but you can always adjust the length to your preferences and be sure to check the height of the stool fits your home bar or kitchen counter.

Make sure to take accurate measurements for the seat, backrest, legs, and supports, by doing so you’re creating a blueprint that will serve as a guide throughout the building process.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

First things first, put on your safety gears as you will be working with sharp objects and dust. Once you have your safety gears on, you can start cutting the wood carefully according to your measurements with the help of a saw. Always cut a little away from the measurement at the beginning so there is room for correction if needed.

When you have your wood roughly chopped, double-check your measurements before making any final cuts to ensure accuracy. Take your time and have steady hands to make the precise cuts. Check if you have cut all the necessary pieces to properly assemble the chair like the seat, backrest, legs, and supports.

Step 3: Sanding the Wood

Once you have all the pieces, your next step is to sand the wood. Make sure you still have your safety gears on while doing this process. Take a piece of sandpaper and smoothen the surfaces and any rough edges. In the beginning use a coarse-grit sandpaper and once the surfaces and edges are smoother, use a finer-grit sandpaper  to achieve a polished finish. Remember to pay extra attention to the edges to ensure no damage is caused while seating.

Step 4: Assembling the Components

Start assembling the bar stool in the right order. Take the seat and attach the legs to it. Measure the spacing between the legs, making sure it’s evenly placed. Check the length of the legs to see if it’s leveled and ensures stability. Use screws and wood glue to firmly secure the joints. 

Begin assembling the bar stool by attaching the legs to the seat. Use screws and wood glue to secure the joints firmly. Attach the backrest to the seat using screws and wood glue. Using nails, brackets and additional screws is an effective way to strengthen the joints.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

When you’re done assembling the stool, it’s time to do the finishing touches. If you find any  visible screw holes, a small crack or a gap, cover it with the help of wood filler and sand them to smooth the layer.

You can apply a  coat of paint or stain to protect the wood and make it look more presentable in its appearance. Allow the finish to dry completely before using it.

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Optional Steps.

DIY bar stool making

You can stop the the DIY bar stool making at the previous step, but if you wanna make it look more aesthetic and comfortable to sit on for longer period of time, follow the guide given below;

  1. Foam Padding
  2. Fabric or Leather 
  3. Polyurethane or Wood Sealer

Step 1: Pick a fabric or leather of your choice and be mindful about the fact that the fabric or the leather is supposed to be the upper layer so it has to be strong and durable. It also must be aesthetically pleasing. Also make sure to use a finish that is suitable for wood furniture.

Step 2: Pick a High Resilience foam for better quality, durability, and a comfortable seating option.

Step 3: Measure the required size of foam padding for the seat and cut it out. Secure the padding using nails or wood glue.

Step 4: Take your preferred fabric and lay it over the foam padding. Staple one side of the fabric to the seat from under.

Step 5: Gently pull the fabric over the foam padding. Make sure the fabric is firmly sitting on the foam and is not loose. With just the right amount of force, pull the fabric underneath the seat and staple it down secularly. Repeat the same on the other two sides.

Step 6: Take a brush and dip it in Polyurethane or Wood Sealer. Apply the first coat on all the wood surfaces and let it air dry for a minimum of 2 hours. Apply a second coat that is thinner than the first coat and let it dry thoroughly. This helps in durability and gives you a glossy finish.

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Building DIY bar stools with backs is now ready to use. A very budget friendly way to customize your seating is it not!. With a little time in hand, a little hard labor, right materials and tools, you can create a personalized yet a functional bar stool that fits perfectly into your home bar or the kitchen counter. Happy crafting!

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