Brilliant Bathroom Storage Ideas

11 Brilliant DIY Bathroom Organization Ideas

No matter how big your bathroom is, you will always have the need for additional storage and organization space. There are a number of ways to add storage and organize your bathroom without spending a much and without needing a lot of floor space.

Check these little tips and use them drastically change the look and function of your bathroom.

1. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage & Accessories

Who doesn't love mason jars? 

Use craft paint for these awesome durable mason jars. They're water soluble. 

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage & Accessories

via masonjarcraftslove.com

2. DIY Rolling Bathroom Storage

Bathroom storage on wheels! Ordinary wooden crates come together for this attractive and handy bathroom organizer. It's an amazing DIY project with easy step-by-step tutorial.

DIY Rolling Bathroom Storage

via blog.homedepot.com

3. Cute Hanging Organizer

Don’t leave your bathroom stuff lying around. Organize them with this cute hanging IKEA hack organizer.

DIY Cute Hanging Bathroom Organizer

via www.glamour.com

4. Rolling Vanity

Finding space for a vanity might be challenging, especially if you have small bathroom — but if you could get that vanity to roll? It's perfect.

Rolling Vanity
DIY Flat Iron Holder

via www.polkadotchair.com

5. IKEA Organizer

If you have a pedestal sink or wall-mount sink and no cabinets, there is still hope for you! These amazing ad easy to install shelves from IKEA are designed to fit around a pedestal sink or the pipe of a wall-mounted sink. 

Ikea Organizer

via ikea.com

6. Window Box Bathroom Storage

Check this amazing wall mounted wicker window boxes or baskets storage idea. I love it!

Window Box Bathroom Storage

via www.ourfifthhouse.com

7. Mini Bathroom Shelves For Organizing

Combat your bathroom clutter with a few small shelves to provide great storage for necessities and toiletries.

Mini Bathroom Shelves For Organizing

via gracefulorder.com

8. Magnetic Strips Organization

Do you keep on losing your bobby pins, tweezers or clippers? Here’s a 2-minute solution to solve every woman's dilemma.

Magnetic Strips

via sprwmn.blogspot.com

9. DIY Faux Floating Shelves

EASY, and INEXPENSIVE, DIY Faux Floating Shelves! Finally you can have the look of floating shelves with so much less work!

DIY Faux Floating Shelves

via www.mommysuite.com

10. Pretty Bathroom Jars

Where to hold cotton balls, Q-tips and cotton rounds? Decorate some jars! The result makes me so happy. This way your pickle jars can turn into pretty storage.

Pretty Bathroom Jars

via eighteen25.com

11. DIY Toothbrush Holders

Here's an easy way to store your toothbrush. Simply recycle a large plastic cap and use a piece of velcro!

DIY Toothbrush Holders

via www.ohohblog.com

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