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2022 Guide on Cleaning Your Crawl Space: Dos and Don’ts

Cleaning of the crawl space

Many people are reluctant to clean their crawl space because they don’t quite know what they might find in it. If you’re one of them, it’s time to drop that headspace. It’s wrong to neglect one’s crawl space. It’s an important part of the house that needs regular care. Skipping on tending to it can only lead to hassles and prolonged stress.

A neglected crawl space can make one’s home unlivable. You or your loved ones may already be suffering from allergies and the only solution would be to simply check out and regularly maintain your crawl space and you don’t even know it. If you’re ready to up your crawl space game or you’re wondering how to clean your crawl space when animals contaminate it or you simply want to know how to maintain a crawl space properly, this post is perfect for you. We’d fill you in with expert tips from professional cleaners when it comes to seamlessly cleaning and maintaining your crawl space.

Why the need to clean your crawl space?

Your crawl space is the area beneath your house. It is large enough to crawl on when you’re on your hands and knees or your belly. They are built for convenience as your crawl space does not allow dirt to immediately be in contact with your home. It is also in your crawl space where the following units are installed: electrical, plumbing, irrigation, and HVAC.

Some crawl spaces can be exposed to air outside and can lead to the build-up of moisture. This is never good as such can attract all kinds of insects. Moisture can also lead to mould and mildew build-up. When not attended to, it can structurally damage your house. This is why you need to regularly maintain your crawl space.

Crawl Space Cleaning Dos and Donts

You should do the following when cleaning your crawl space:

  1. Know its size.

You should first know the size of your crawl space. Knowing its size will allow you to plan your clean-up properly. You’d be able to plan for the following:

  • the number of tools that you can bring with you
  • the time needed to clean the crawl space
  • the need to contact professionals
  1. Look for insects and pests.

Your crawl space is a dark area that is close to the ground. It shouldn’t surprise you that it would attract pests and insects. This is why you should always check for infestations during your cleaning or regular maintenance. You should check for dead rodents if you left poison bait. Bodies of dead animals can cause odors that can be smelled all over your house.

  1. Always repair damages as soon as possible.

All damages should immediately be attended to once noticed. This is especially the case with tiny issues. Tiny issues should always be urgently dealt with as they could easily progress into something more troublesome and stress-inducing.

  1. Dehumidify and seal the space.

You should never skip dehumidifying and sealing the area. This will ensure that no moisture build-up will take place in the area. This will also secure that the space remains free of any kind of odor. Installing a crawl space dehumidifier will make things easier for you. Moisture build-up should be avoided at all costs as it can invite the growth of moulds in the area. If mold has already affected the area, consider hiring a professional for mold remediation in Auckland. There are professional services who offer expert and affordable mold remediation in Cleveland, Ohio.

You should not do the following when cleaning your crawl space:

  1. Don’t miss out on waterproofing.

You need to ensure that your clean crawl space is far from any source of vapor. You can do this by installing a plastic barrier. You should also inspect your downspouts and gutters. To ensure that no water is trapped in your crawl space, you can opt to install a sump pump system.

  1. Don’t use water for cleaning.

Water should be avoided at all costs if you’re dealing with your crawl space. This is why you should also refrain from using water when you’re cleaning your crawl space. It can exacerbate small issues and increase the humidity in the area.

  1. Don’t ignore leaks – big or small.

All leaks should be attended to at once. Small leaks become big leaks when not attended to. Check for issues that may seem little or insignificant. Always ensure that such are immediately attended to. If you’re clueless when it comes to repairing, you should bring your phone with you and take photos of the issue. Take as many photos as possible from different angles. You may then show such photos to repair experts. Repair experts would easily know what to do.

  1. Don’t forget to remove debris.

A clean crawl space will always make things easier for you during your regular inspection. Inspection becomes too troublesome and stressful when you have to deal with a dirty crawl space. When your crawl space is clean, you’d have an easier time looking for cracks, settling floors, water damage, and more. This is why you should never forget to remove debris in your crawl space.

You Can Do It

No one enjoys crawl space maintenance. It’s not comfortable at all and it takes too much time. However, crawl space maintenance is something that always needs to be done. The safety and livability of your home depend on it. A tiny vapor that gets unnoticed can lead to the slow disintegration of your home. It can, through time, even affect your home’s structural integrity. To avoid this, just endeavor to do the dirty work. There is nothing that you can’t do so long as you do proper preparation and planning.  When it seems like you truly can’t do it, you can always ask for help from professionals who would always gladly do the work for you.



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