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How Should Homeowners Deal with Major & Minor Water Leaks

While we all need water to survive, it can destroy a household when a leak breaks loose in the home and damages are not controlled quickly. It can wreak all sorts of havoc when unnoticed or left neglected for too long. 

Typically, when wet spots are noticed, or there’s evidence of disrepair, the damages could be extensive by that point. If it is something that a homeowner is not able to deal with or stop on their own, it is vital to contact an emergency plumbing service. The problems left after the leak has been repaired can then be assessed. 

Often the effects will be minimal, but you still need help from a Tampa water damage restoration company who can be severe involving the structure. That is why water leaks need to be dealt with as soon as possible since the after-effects go deeper than what you usually see, sometimes resulting in dry or wet rot or even mold growth depending on how long it sits.

A plumbing provider can educate homeowners on the differences between minimal and severe leakage, warning signs, prevention, and when to call for services. Let us look at some red flags and what you can do when you have an issue.

How Should Homeowners Deal with Major and Minor Water Leaks?

As a Tampa homeowner, there are methods for determining whether you have a severe leakage problem or a minor issue. Some of the differences between the two, according to plumbing professionals, include:

  • Minimal leaks will cause

  1. Minor property damages include clean water creating “non-permanent” damages to fittings and furnishings, plus water spots on the ceiling and walls.
  2. Intermittent containable leakage.
  3. Minor water penetration or stains.
  • Serious leakage causes

  1. Permanent damages from dirty water are like waste that gathers particles as it moves.
  2. Uncontrollable running water on the property.
  3. Persistently running water into electrical fittings.
  4. No slowdown in the flow; instead, consistent, and persistent.

Major legging is relatively easy to detect and will need an emergency plumbing service to make an immediate repair.

  • Detecting a leak

It can be challenging to know where dampness or moisture originates in the household, with a need for a detection provider to find the primary cause. That may take a professional plumber involving a few different tests, including dye, listening, or pressure, to see where the issue initiates. 

There is also “Thermal imaging” with the potential for locating a leak within a pipe in the floor or a solid wall, as well as “Salts analysis tests” that mean to rule out or validate increasing dampness. 

A plumber will also take advantage of “moisture maps” with a “moisture meter” to discern spreading dampness and determine the resource.

  • Drying

When there is a leak in a home, you will always need a drying component. When a water pipe bursts in a specific room, creating a flood and seeping into another room either through a ceiling or other walls, it is necessary to dry the original room where the flooding began before damages can be fully assessed and repairs initiated.

Many drying methods are available after a leak occurs if the incident is minor. Some people will incorporate a dehumidifier to make the drying process a bit more rapid and prevent the spreading of the water damages. Irreparable materials might need removing.

In severe incidents where a few rooms are affected in the home, drying equipment specifically for these situations might need to be implemented like “Thermal dryers.” 

These not only have dehumidifying capabilities but also heat application for wet surfaces. The equipment means to extract the moisture from the floors and walls.

  • Restoration services

After drying the areas within the household, a homeowner can then prepare to sanitize, clean, and restore any damaged surfaces. That could involve stripping down some of the walls to prepare for new paper or even the possibility of needing to replaster, refinishing the floors, possibly restructuring timbers, including areas showing rot like floor joists. 

Restoring the home to as close to the original state before the flooding is the idea behind these services. Homeowners are not always capable of performing these tasks on their own. Sometimes the home is not safe to go back in, especially after there has been significant flooding if a pipe were to burst to create a major leak. 

In that case, a restoration service would need to come in to assure that the structure is safe before the homeowner enters the property. The professionals will check the structural integrity and remove any unsafe materials. The electrical and gas should have been shut off when the flooding occurred. 

The experts will also learn where the leak originated and confirm the problem has been corrected before proceeding. Restoration companies can provide drying services and make all necessary repairs. Their goal is to ensure the property is as close to the condition it was before the flooding when the work is finished. Learn a few tips on finding the best water damage restoration company at

Final Thought

When a severe leak occurs in your Tampa residences, such as a burst pipe and flooding is happening in a central room of the home seeping into other areas, you must leave the house due to the dangers associated with electricity and possibly gas. 

These utility companies need to be contacted right away to have the services shut down until the situation can be brought under control, the house dried out, and a restoration company gives the okay that the home is safe and ready for utilities to go back on. 

While you will want to go back in to begin cleaning up after the professional plumber finds and repairs the leakage, it is vital to employ the services of a restoration company at least to assess the damages and advise if it is something a homeowner can safely accomplish. 

That is especially true if the water is not clean and there are structural damages. Go here for guidance on cleaning a home after flood damage. Sometimes the investment in expert services is worth the cost to ensure a safe return to the original condition of the property. That is ultimately the priority.

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