Window Cleaning During Rainy Season: Is It Advisable?

Window cleaning is a routine chore for several households. However, most people misunderstand that they should not be getting their windows cleaned during the monsoon season.

Cleaning of the windows is irrelevant to the rainy season. This is because rain itself is only water, but when it combines with the rest of the accumulated dust, it makes sure to make your glass windows dirty.

Simply put, the real culprit behind your dirty windows is not rain. In fact, it could be many other factors, such as the environment, dust, or screens.

Let’s know whether you should keep cleaning and washing your windows during the rainy season or not.

What is the Effect of Rain on Your Windows?

Rain is only clean water. Clean water does not affect your surfaces.


However, when rain falls on your windows and doors, it can leave a dirty residue. That is because of the accumulated debris, dirt, and insects on these surfaces.

Cleaning During Rainy Season

The rainwater can also be dirty due to environmental conditions such as pollution, which causes acid rain.

Generally, the rain will not cause your windows to become dirty unless they already are, provided we exclude the water stains.

Your windows need to be cleaned before and after rainfall. If you get them cleaned beforehand, there will be less dirt accumulated after rainfall.

Environmental Reasons Behind the Dirty Windows

A warm and welcoming home is clean and cosy.  Despite cleaning your home, including the windows, environmental factors can still affect how dirty the windows get after a rain shower.

Acid rain is a huge problem for industrial areas that can harm aquatic animals and your house’s windows.

Acid rain can be problematic for your house, as it contains sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

Another major environmental factor is the presence of carbon dioxide in the air. The excess amount of carbon dioxide pollutes the rainwater, making it toxic.

The environment is not the only reason your windows get dirty.

You may also want to remove hard water stains from windows, often caused by leaking gutters and sprinklers.

Let’s know about another cause below.

Consequences of Applying Window Screens

Protective screens are necessary to prevent damage to your windows. That said, they can also be the biggest culprit behind unclean windows.

These screens block the passage of pests, pollen, and dirt from entering the house. When it begins to rain, the water naturally passes through, slamming the debris against the window glass.

As the water dries, what remains is a dirty window. If you get window cleaning from a professional like Crown Cleaners, ensure the window screens are also included.

Professional cleaning of the windows and screens will keep the windows cleaner for a longer time, even if it rains as the debris is washed away.

Can I Clean Windows During Rainy Season?

Absolutely! There is no specified weather to clean your windows, you can do that anytime.

Do not worry about having to clean the windows again and again after it rains if you have cleared the debris and dirt accumulation on the way.

Generally, the best time to clean your windows is early morning. You can also opt for an overcast day where the sun is not directly hitting the windows resulting in marks, spots, and streaks.

Besides, avoid cleaning the windows while it is raining, especially if there is a thunderstorm. You will want to avoid getting scared of thunder and lightning.

How To Clean Windows?

Most people hire professional window cleaners to save time and get efficient results. Professional cleaners use squeegees that have rubber blades.

The squeegees and other materials, such as cleaning solutions and power washers, prevent scratches on the bigger window. Smaller windows are usually cleaned by hand.

If you plan to clean your house on your own, choose a microfiber cloth or plain old newspaper for the task. Also, try a DIY window cleaning solution by mixing one-part vinegar with one-part water.

That said, professional help may still be required to remove all dirt and debris.

Can You Clean Windows in Winters?

Winter months tend to be dry but also make the house’s exterior very dirty due to the lack of sunlight.

The melting snow and the high winds carry the dirt and dust to your windows. To get a clear view and bask in the sun, cleaning during all the colder months is essential.

Are Window Cleaners Available During Winter?

Window cleaners will wash and clean your windows thoroughly throughout the year. Washing outdoors in the cold weather is tough, but supplement the cleaners with warm beverages to encourage them to keep going.

After all, windows need to be cleaned all year round, especially in the winter and during the rainy season, to prevent dust and dirt on the glass and provide you with a clearer view.

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