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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Moving Service

Making the decision to move can be a stressful and overwhelming process. Whether you’re moving to a new city, storing furniture while remodeling, or simply relocating within your own neighborhood, choosing the right moving service is key. These days, there are many options when it comes to movers and storage services — from full-service companies that handle all aspects of the move for you, to do-it-yourselfers who prefer complete control over their goods. Understanding what kind of help is available and which type best suits your needs will ensure that your valuables (such as antique furniture) arrive safely at their destination. We unpack everything you need to know before hiring a mover so that you can make an informed decision about what’s best for yourself and your belongings.

Different Types of Cargo Movers Take

Moving can be an intimidating and difficult process, but luckily movers are available to help. A professional moving company provides many services to assist people with getting their belongings from one place to another. Not only do move to take boxes of items and various appliances, but they will also move antique furniture that needs extra attention and care. All-day movers are available for longer distances and large loads, while experienced furniture movers provide additional protection for more delicate items like antiques. In addition, many companies even offer storage services for items that may require a temporary holding area until the final destination is ready to receive them. Movers provide an invaluable service to those looking to relocate their belongings quickly, efficiently, safely, and without any undue stress or hassle.

Moving Antique Furniture

Moving Antique Furniture       

Moving to a new place is always challenging, especially so when you have treasured antiques to take with you. Moving antique furniture requires an experienced touch and knowledge of its complexities in order to ensure a safe and successful transition. With the wide range of cargo that movers can transport today, it is essential for those who possess larger and more delicate pieces to seek out professionals with years of experience doing exactly that – moving antique furniture. Chicago movers and storage companies specialize in providing attentive service while transporting this type of cargo, guaranteeing that the move will be quick yet mindful of the fragility and value of the piece being moved. Additionally, many movers offer storage services last-minute or long-term so as not to put your precious antiques at risk if there are any unforeseen delays on moving day itself. Skilled professionals can make even the most nerve-wracking relocation a stress-free affair for all involved!

Tips for Choosing a Furniture Mover

Choosing the right furniture mover is important in ensuring your possessions are safely and securely transported to their new location. When selecting a reliable furniture mover, take into account online reviews, as they provide insight into customer experiences. Additionally, consider the company’s experience and how long they have been in business; this is usually indicative of quality service. It is also recommended to ask questions such as how heavy items will be moved or what kind of cargo they transport; this can provide clarification on whether a mover specializes in things like antique furniture or storage services. To further guarantee the safety of your possessions, ask if the movers have insurance coverage for any breakage or damage that may occur during transit. With these tips and taking your time, you will be able to choose suitable and reliable Chicago furniture movers for all your moving needs.

All Day Movers vs Regular Movers

When deciding between hiring all day movers or a traditional mover for large or heavy items, it’s important to consider the advantages of each choice. All day movers can potentially save you money over regular movers since they are typically priced by the hour instead of the full day, meaning you only pay for the time that your item is actually being moved. Additionally, all day movers provide particularly convenient solutions as they can move items at any hour, rather than needing to work around standard office hours often required when using traditional movers. Furthermore, many all day movers also offer furniture storage solutions so customers can keep their prized possessions in storage while redecorating or renovating. All day movers are a great option for those who need end-to-end solutions and flexible timescales, especially when it comes to moving antique furniture and other bulky items.

Packing Services Available with Movers and Storage Services

Moving antique furniture or any other type of furniture can be a difficult task, not just physically but emotionally as well. Professional movers and storage services like “All Day Movers” can help you take the stress out by offering comprehensive packing services for your move. These packing services usually include an experienced team of professional packers that come to your home to carefully prepare and package all your items to ensure safe transit from one place to another. From packing kitchen wares, electronic equipment, books and other valuables, movers and storage companies provide a complete package where customers don’t need to worry about having enough boxes or the right materials needed for their move. These professional services also guarantee that the items remain in good condition throughout the journey and arrive intact at their destination without any damage.

Prepare Your Home Before Moving Day

Once you have booked a moving service to handle your furniture and other items, the last thing you want is for them to be delayed or hindered due to messes in the house. Preparing your home before they arrive is essential in making sure everything runs smoothly on moving day. This involves tidying up any messes, clearing paths throughout your home such as hallways and stairs, leaving appropriate access points for large furniture movers, and safeguarding items like wall decorations or antiques that are irreplaceable. All Day Movers and Storage Services highly recommend taking a few minutes prior to their arrival to ensure they can perform their work quickly and efficiently while transporting your family’s possessions safely from one place to another.


To summarize, there are many services that movers offer to make a move easier. Different types of cargo may be moved, including furniture, appliances, and boxes. Moving antique furniture requires the skill and expertise of experienced professionals, so be sure to research potential movers online before making a commitment. All day movers offer cost savings and convenience, while regular movers have different benefits. Many moving services offer packing services to help with the stressful task of packing up items. Be sure to prepare your home by cleaning and clearing away any obstructions before moving day to avoid any potential issues. With careful planning and research, you can ensure an efficient move for yourself or your family.

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