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What Are Closet Organization Strategies For Men’s Spaces

Clutter and organization tend to mean different things to men when it comes to their closest. Often clothing items will be found living outside draped over chairs where they’re easy to grab instead of being tucked away in the appropriate space. Belts loop around hangers; ties swing from doorknobs.

The issue is one for the creative talent of the Designer Closet Guys, offering a solution for any dilemma, one that works conveniently for men and doesn’t invade other parts of their living area. The key is allowing a man to easily and quickly find what he’s looking for.

Men’s Spaces

The suitable custom space should offer a blend of shelving, hanging areas, and drawers that are adaptable without feeling restrictive or confined. When the act of getting things out and putting them back where they belong is relatively straightforward, things will less likely start to stray outside the closet.

Let’s look at simple steps for organizing a custom system for a gentleman’s quality closet, one that’s functional, practical, and convenient.

What’s The Best Organization Strategy For A Man’s Closet Space

If a closet isn’t functional for a man, the clothes and accessories will be strewn in the living part of the room where they can get to them more readily. Clothes will be draped over furnishings, belts will be made more accessible on hangers, and ties will loop around doorknobs.

These solutions provide more convenience than searching through bins or baskets or folded-up areas that are neater and tidier than practical for someone who might want to grab something quickly on the go.

Learn how to clear and organize a closet at

And then, let’s look at some ideas that might create greater ease as a closet organization strategy for a man’s space with the potential to prevent a stream of items from being strewn throughout the bedroom.

●      Sweaters can be openly folded on floating shelving

A first place to start is getting sweaters out of the drawers, bins, or baskets where it’s easy to see where the favorites are. Open shelving allows a quick choice with the ones worn most on one particular shelf, making them the easiest to get to.

Depending on the collection of sweaters, these can be folded based on size, allowing enough shelving for the whole group. Hanging sweaters often results in them losing their form over time. With folding, your sweaters will enjoy an extended lifespan, allowing you to look over the selection in one fell swoop.


●      Drawers can be reserved for t-shirts and athletic clothing

Again, you want to avoid hanging t-shirts and leisure clothing since these don’t need to be something put on display in a custom closet since these are informal pieces. When putting them in the drawers, these can be rolled or folded, whichever is easy, fast, and convenient.

If you have several clothes that fall into these categories, put sweatpants in one section, t-shirts in another, shorts in one, and on—this way, you know precisely where to look when you want a specific item. Go here for details on creating an organized closet space.

●      Create additional hanging rods for hanging

Maximize your closet space with vertical hanging rods, including double ones with one above the other. The bottom should fall below the longest clothing piece from the top rod. This means you’ll have twice as many items within one area of the closet, which is convenient and practical.

When looking for button-downs, these can readily be located on the top rod, sorted by color to make selection simple with slacks on the bottom rod with those that coordinate with the shirts strategically placed below the appropriate colored shirts.

You don’t need only to have slacks on the bottom rack; jeans can be included here to keep them crisp, wrinkle-free, and available.

●      Shoes can be organized in several ways

Depending on the number of shoes you have, these can be organized in a few different ways but should be kept up off the floor, a suggestion often ascribed to by the Designer Closet Guys to keep the floor clean and clear.

You can establish a wall in the closet to categorize the shoes by casual, boots, and dress shoes so they’re easy to grab.

It’s also convenient to have a shelving system along the bottom of the closet, organizing the pairs by type. For even greater ease, the shelving can be set up to pull the shelf out for easier access to the pair you want and simple replacement at the end of the day.

●      Seasonal items can be stored

Clothing pieces only worn at specific times of the year can be stored and kept on a higher shelving system within the closet or placed in another area of the home until it’s time to bring them back out. Transitioning the wardrobe from one season to the next will help to keep it organized and minimal.

This way, finding the items you specifically want is manageable. In that same vein, it’s essential to have a spot in the closet where you can conveniently pick out accessories like sunglasses, a wallet, watches, cufflinks, and on. These usually get tossed on a bedroom dresser, but this clutter can be eliminated.

Either have a shelf to keep these things or a small drawer housing the items. Or instead of weeding through the variety of pieces, separate bowls for the different categories you save on a shelf, one for cufflinks, one for watches, and on.

There are tie hangers to keep in a special section where you can see each tie all at once to grab the specific one you want with them sorted between solids, colors, and patterns. These are ideas on how professional organizers work on de-cluttering closet spaces.

Final Thought

In order to keep the closet space minimal, it’s essential to go through the area routinely to determine what you don’t use and donate those items to someone who could use these things. If you don’t wear clothing for as long as a year, it’s time to let it go.

That will prevent a sense of overwhelm in the closet, eliminate clutter, and allow purchases so you can stay on top of current trends.

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