Ways to Tell if Your AC Needs Servicing

Are you finding it hard to tell if your AC needs servicing? Although it may seem straightforward to some, others won’t know how to identify this issue. There are definite signs that indicate your AC needs servicing. Here are some signs you should be aware of.

Hearing Unusual Noises

Unusual noises can mean several things, but the most common ones are that the air conditioner is clogged, the fan belt needs replacing, or the compressor is failing. If you hear strange sounds coming from your AC when it’s running, it’s time to call a technician to check it out. 

It may be something simple that can be fixed by replacing a part or cleaning out the ducts. If you don’t schedule AC services regularly, you could end up having to replace the AC sooner than you imagined.

Not Much Cool Air

When your air conditioning system isn’t putting out much cool air, this could be a sign that it needs servicing. In some cases, it might also mean that something is wrong with the unit, and you need to replace it. If it’s simply a matter of maintenance, you should be able to get the problem fixed at a reasonable cost. But if the unit has stopped working entirely, you’ll probably have to buy a new one.

Humidity in Rooms Increase

If you notice that your home is becoming more humid than usual, it might be time to have your AC checked out. Here’s why:

  1. The humidity level in your home can affect your health.
  2. A high humidity level can lead to mold growth and cause issues with your home’s air quality.
  3. It could mean that there are issues with the system itself, leading to higher energy bills and other problems down the road.
  4. If you notice an increase in humidity levels in one room or area of the house only, there may be something wrong with that particular part of the system (like a clogged drain line).

Electricity Bills Are Higher

You might think that if your bills are higher than usual, it’s because you’re using more energy. But if you don’t have your AC serviced regularly, this could be another reason for your higher bills.

When you let professionals come out to service your AC unit, they ensure everything is working properly and fix any problems that arise with the unit. That way, you won’t have to worry about high energy costs because of a broken or inefficient AC unit.

Strange Odors

When you smell strange odors coming from your AC, it’s time to call a professional. The smell could be a refrigerant leak or something else entirely.

If your system has been damaged, the professional will explain what needs to be done and give you an estimate for repairs. If you decide to fix the problem, they’ll schedule an appointment for the repair work.


You should ensure you fix your AC problem as soon as possible. Wait too long, and you run the risk of a breakdown or, worse, an infection of mold or mildew due to not properly maintaining the area. While it’s certainly up to you how you approach the problem, make sure to have these indicators in mind so that you can act sooner rather than later.

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