7 Tips for Maximizing Small Outdoor Spaces

When you are back home after spending your day in an enclosed office or building, you certainly don’t want to be trapped in a room again. This is where the outdoor space can prove to be your real sanctuary. Whether you have a small outdoor space like a balcony or patio, or a complete courtyard, it is important to keep it well-maintained.

In modern times, when real estate is getting out of hand due to its record-high rates, people are left with small outdoor spaces in their homes. But you don’t have to worry at all. We are here with some useful tips to make this small outdoor space work for you.

Read below as we find the top 7 ways you can maximize your small outdoor spaces.

Tips for Maximizing Small Outdoor Spaces

1.      Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

In a small outdoor space where it is almost impossible to include every element, you can play the trick and buy some multi-functional furniture. In this context, you will have to look for furniture pieces that not only provide you with seating but also offer other functionality.

For example, you can look for a bench that also has a storage cabin where you can store other accessories like cushions and outdoor kitchen items. Moreover, you can also opt for foldable furniture that can be expanded during usage and then collapsed for storage.

These furniture pieces will take up less space while also making your outdoors functional. This will then help you have a clutter-free small outdoor space with a clean environment.

2.      Consider Vertical Gardening

If you want to add greenery to your small outdoor space, vertical greenery is the best option you have got. Vertical greenery can be installed on surfaces like walls, fences, and pillars. To get the most out of it, you can consider installing wall-mounted planters or hanging baskets.

All these things will create a vertical garden while also sparing the horizontal space. This way, you won’t only maximize the limited space you have but also be successful in adding elements of greenery to your outdoor space.

These hanging gardens will then help you use them as dividers, thereby improving your privacy and creating a cozy atmosphere in your space.

3.      Create Zones for Functionality

Dividing your outdoor space into zones will help you get the maximum benefit out of it. Even if your space is small enough, you can make different zones and then designate them for specific purposes like dining, lounging, or gardening (if you are planning a small horizontal garden).

Let’s say you have a small outdoor area. You can divide it into small zones and then use these zones for placing small, foldable furniture for both dining and relaxing experiences. Moreover, you can install a small garden to get a feel of coziness in that little outdoor space.

If you are left with some seating space, you can opt for a stone bench from Soothing Company and place it near the dining area. They have the best quality benches that can stand the test of time.  These benches will help serve multiple purposes and also maximize the space by improving its functionality.

4.      Select Dual-Purpose Décor

Decorative elements can be very important for small outdoor spaces. But if they can serve a dual purpose, they can be simply amazing. You can look for dual-purpose décor elements that are good for both curb appeal and functionality.

For example, if you are going with an ottoman, try to look for one that provides additional features like storage and extra seating. This way, it can serve both as a container for outdoor items as well as provide more space for seating.

Likewise, a coffee table that has a lift-top can be used as a dining table. This will be beneficial for outdoor gatherings. Items like these will not only save you some space but will also add functionality to your outdoor area.

5.      Invest in Vertical Lighting

Just like vertical gardening, vertical lighting can be an important aspect of a functional outdoor space. It can add a touch of elegance to your space without taking up your floor area. All you have to do is invest in wall-mounted and pendant lamps or string lights and place them on the walls and other vertical surfaces, and you are good to go.

This will not only help in creating an inviting atmosphere but will also free up your floor space. You can then use this space to add more architectural elements, thereby making your space more elegant and easy to access, especially at night time.

6.      Utilize a Cohesive Design

A cluttered design will make the small outdoor space look more compact and smaller. On the other hand, a cohesive design will make it look more unified and bigger. To achieve a cohesive design, you will have to opt for neutral color tones and shades that complement the overall space.

Just be sure to avoid using any vibrant colors, as they will only create clutter. By avoiding these, you can achieve a balanced flow of the space that seems balanced. Additionally, be sure to maintain consistency in the design elements you choose.

Choose furniture style, décor elements, and plants that are consistent in design and promote a cohesive look. This will ultimately lead to an outdoor space that seems more open and bigger.

7.      Keep It Clutter-Free

Small outdoor spaces can become cluttered very easily. This is because even small things lying on the floors can make the space look cluttered and messed up. This impacts the functionality and curb appeal of the small outdoor space.

That’s why it is advised to work towards making the space clutter-free. You can do this by placing only the essential elements in the space. This includes dual-purpose furniture, vertical décor, and compact plants. Ensure that each piece you are using adds to the aesthetic appeal of the small outdoor space you have.

By doing this, you will be successful in minimizing the clutter. When your space is clutter-free, it looks more beautiful, open, and airy, thereby inviting visitors to spend some time in the relaxing atmosphere.

By following these tips, you will be able to make your small outdoor space look bigger, so you can then spend some comfortable moments after a big, hectic day.

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