19 Genius Room Divider Ideas To Maximize Your Space


Are you looking for a way to divide your space?

Maybe you live in a studio apartment where you need the living room to be separated from the bedroom or you need to dive your office space.

These room divider ideas will help you make the most of your open layout apartment.


They are easy to construct and bring modern touch, from plant wall to wall beds and beyond, here are a few genius ways to divide a room.

1. Modern Glass Partition

Black metal framing gives this glass divider a modern feel and provides just enough separation between the living room and bedroom while allowing light to flood in.

The bold framing also highlights the high ceilings in this space.


2. DIY Woven Room Divider

Get some inspiration with this unbelievable DIY idea that works perfectly for a small space.

By using rattan accents and a simple selection of colorful yarn, you can create a room divider that’s entirely your own.

3. Floating Wall Room Divider

Turn your room divider into your very own mini gallery. Install a temporary wall between two living spaces and display a curated mix of wall art and prints.


4. Open Shelving with Geometric Forms

Define your spaces with a shelving unit that offers plenty of storage.

5. DIY Room Divider Screen

Building a room divider such is pretty easy, especially if you prefer a simple design without extra decorative features and accessories.

The divider below is made from three plywood panels and a wooden frame.


6. Vertical Wall Planter

Separate your space with a beautiful green wall.

7. Macrame Room Divider

This macrame room divider creates a relaxed bohemian vibe while also working hard to define a space.

8. Rope Wall Room Divider

Ropes make great visual and physical dividers while allowing space to still look open and light.


9. Wall With Open Shelving

10. Wooden Crates Room Divider

Wooden crates are used as a bookshelf and separate workspace from the rest of the room.

Wooden Crates Room Divider
Apartment Therapy

11. Glass Sliding Door Room Divider

Great idea to separate your kitchen and dining area.

Glass Sliding Door Room Divider
Sweety Homee

12. Room Divider Between the Kitchen and Entrance

Installing a glass wall or a door is a great way to separate the kitchen from the rest of the space in a small apartment.


13. Home Entrance Divider

Contemporary and colorful apartment with Scandinavian style and home entrance wood divider.

14. Vertical Wood Slat Wall Divider

Wooden screens and panelling don’t have much privacy but you can’t deny how cool they look.

Vertical Wood Slat Wall Divider
The Ultralinx

15. Bookcase Room Divider

This interesting bookcase looks gorgeous. Tinted and textured glass backing selected shelves adds a little privacy and creates an even more custom room divider.


16. Wooden Room Divider

The wooden partition allows separating the entrance in a relatively open room. It acts as a beautiful partition or becomes storage furniture

17. Clever Shelving Room Divider

Shelves are functional partitions and they increase privacy and brightness. Bookcases use vertical space and they’re perfect solutions for dividing spaces.

18. Plant Shelves Room Divider

A shelf full of plants makes a clever room divider.


19. Wood Partition With Criss-Cross Beams

This wood partition with the criss-cross beams is an unexpected element but, at the same time, it fits naturally in the décor and provides a perfect space divider.

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