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19 Genius Room Divider Ideas To Maximize Your Space

Are you looking for a way to divide your space?

Maybe you live in a studio apartment where you need the living room to be separated from the bedroom or you need to dive into your office space.

These room divider ideas will help you make the most of your open layout apartment.

They are easy to construct and bring modern touch, from plant wall to wall beds and beyond, here are a few genius ways to divide a room.

1. Modern Glass Partition

Black metal framing gives this glass divider a modern feel and provides just enough separation between the living room and bedroom while allowing light to flood in.

The bold framing also highlights the high ceilings in this space.

Give your apartment or bachelor’s pad a New York loft kind of feel, that is bang on trends at the moment and oozes in sophistication. What does your apartment say about yourself? Everything we own, do and the way we go on about life describes who we are. Let your personality shine through around your living areas.

2. DIY Woven Room Divider

Get some inspiration with this unbelievable DIY idea that works perfectly for a small space.

By using rattan accents and a simple selection of colorful yarn, you can create a room divider that’s entirely your own.

Bamboo is light and airy and throws you right into nature. It has a Japanese style to it, mastering the Yin and Yen. The shi energy of Feng Shui so to speak. To further contrast mother nature within the walls of your home, gather in more botanical touches by adding plants and earthy details throughout your living space.

3. Floating Wall Room Divider

Turn your room divider into your very own mini gallery. Install a temporary wall between two living spaces and display a curated mix of wall art and prints.

Closing off completely an open area can be very daring and can end up costing you space and the sense of openness; closing the walls around you makes you feel a sense of entrapment. The floating wall still gives you privacy from one end of the room to the other, without crucially closing you in; still keeping the energy flow of your home positively moving from an area to the next.

4. Open Shelving with Geometric Forms

Define your spaces with a shelving unit that offers plenty of storage.

Geometry is so mid-century, and so in style never so much as today. It adds intricate architecture throughout the home and breaks in the monotony of bland, straight walls and furniture. The black steel also includes a light industrial look to it, perfectly in harmony with the wooden floor and soft furnishings. Do not overload the shelving with an abundance of books, let the natural flow of energy do its thing perfectly balancing harmony and style, with practicality.

5. DIY Room Divider Screen

Building a room divider is pretty easy, especially if you prefer a simple design without extra decorative features and accessories.

The divider below is made from three plywood panels and a wooden frame.

Nothing better than a little DIY on the weekend away from work and looking after your ever so important home sweet home. The divider will give enough secrecy to what is behind it, without making the room feel any smaller. It is a super smart way to blend two different styles at each end of the partition, without jeopardizing the living space living area.

6. Vertical Wall Planter

Separate your space with a beautiful green wall.

Make your home a botanical haven for your plants to thrive! After all, without them, we won’t be much use to our planet. Not only do they clean up our surrounding air, but they help us with staying at peace in our home bagging full of positivity, but also creating an outdoor ambiance, indoors. Even on a rainy day, your home will feel light and airy, perfectly blending style with nature. Add touches of the same principles to your cushions with big leaves detailing. Get yourself succulents if you haven’t got a green hand, but best avoid fake plants as not only do they gather kilos of dust, but they won’t benefit much in terms of making you feel at peace

7. Macrame Room Divider

This macrame room divider creates a relaxed bohemian vibe while also working hard to define a space.

The look is indeed bohemian, and perhaps one that is by the beach. You could add plants woven through them or seashells or boat ropes to enhance the overall image. It is amazing to know how something so simple can make such a large difference within a living area. And cheaply too. It is the right amount of perfect to separate one room into two, like this example a work desk giving you a sense of working privacy. Perfect for those working from home at the moment without creating a massive divide.

8. Rope Wall Room Divider

Ropes make great visual and physical dividers while allowing space to still look open and light.

The one thing we love about the ropes is that you still can see what is going on behind them and that the air is still managing to flow through them. It does not, therefore, cut the space in half. It enhances it. In small living spaces nowadays, the feeling of openness has never been so important. And lots of clever ways to not cut the rooms smaller than they already are have been on the innovation agenda for years. It’s warm and interesting while keeping your walls plain and simple allowing the natural light to flow throughout the home.

9. Wall With Open Shelving

Must you have a wall, then this is the way to go by it. Always allow a little air to flow throughout the home naturally, without decreasing in space while enhancing its character. Innovations like these are crucial as we tend to live in smaller spaces than we used to, so, they must be more practical. Even in a large home the very same practice can be learned and adapted. It is a smart arrangement and also adds a lot of charm to a living space. We spend so much time on either public transport or in our cars, in the office, inside a supermarket, in our own home, that feeling trapped must end there. In our home, we must input the element of freedom largely supported by opening up our home.

10. Wooden Crates Room Divider

Wooden crates are used as a bookshelf and separate workspace from the rest of the room.

With a dozen of cheap crates, you would be dead surprised at what can be done. Most of the time we can get them for free if you find them in shops selling fruits and vegetables for example. If not, they won’t cost much at all, yet create something rather special adding natural touches, and increasing your storage space at the same time while making a light makeover to your room. Put your favorite books, CDs, or records while adding plants to soften up the harsh square lines of the crates making a much more relaxed feeling of Feng Shui.

11. Glass Sliding Door Room Divider

Great idea to separate your kitchen and dining area.

Glass Sliding Door Room Divider

And perhaps, one of the smartest ways to do so as you are never away from the action. For many, many reasons; it could be that you are cooking spices that will invade your home for a second, or perhaps something in oil (for those who cook surely you know what we mean). Food odor can be delicious, but perhaps best kept within the kitchen area. And that is the only issue with an open kitchen. The smell gets to every room if left to its own accord. It could well be that your washing machine, washer-dryer, or dishwasher is on, and wish to suppress the noises while having lunch or dinner.

12. Room Divider Between the Kitchen and Entrance

Installing a glass wall or a door is a great way to separate the kitchen from the rest of the space in a small apartment.

In a small apartment, we need to get creative. Often, we see two-room apartments. And to add a “false room” is by adding a partition. But at times, partitions decrease the room’s surface suffocating the precious feet meter squares available. It does just enough to the eye, fooling us into a greater sense of space than we got when using glass. You might have seen glass homes increasing in popularity because we want more space than we have to hand at times.

13. Home Entrance Divider

Contemporary and colorful apartment with Scandinavian style and home entrance wood divider.

First things first. How beautiful is this kitchen and living space coming into one? Superb balance of warm green giving us nature in our home, with clear brushed wood for that botanical magical touch of having a feeling of the outdoors while being indoors. The partition gives more than enough divide between essentially two separate living spaces combining the living room and kitchen while adding a superb design element.

14. Vertical Wood Slat Wall Divider

Wooden screens and paneling don’t have much privacy but you can’t deny how cool they look.

Vertical Wood Slat Wall Divider

Wooden screens in the end are all about adding nature and welcoming nature into our homes. Yes, a solid wall will create that extra room feel and take away so much natural space. This way, you will never miss the action from the kitchen, still being able to talk to your guests and the chef, while feeling super cozy up in a stylish home that oozes with class and modernity.

15. Bookcase Room Divider

This interesting bookcase looks gorgeous. Tinted and textured glass backing selected shelves add a little privacy and create an even more custom room divider.

Long gone are the days of having a room entirely freed up for a library, an old leather armchair, and a side table with a British Green table light. Nowadays, instead of slamming furniture onto the wall closing in our homes onto ourselves, shelve partitions have found their way into new and more efficient ways to create smart storage areas in our homes. It balances the natural flow of air throughout the home, still keeping that all-important spaciousness that we often lack due to smaller homes.

16. Wooden Room Divider

The wooden partition allows separating the entrance in a relatively open room. It acts as a beautiful partition or becomes storage furniture.

In an era where we are living in smaller areas and in smaller homes, smart and clever ways have crept into our brains to enhance the idea of space and create smart storage at the same time. Sometimes, all you need is that crazy small detail that changes an entire home. And this is living proof that the smallest of ideas can be big and life-changing.

17. Clever Shelving Room Divider

Shelves are functional partitions and they increase privacy and brightness. Bookcases use vertical space and they’re perfect solutions for dividing spaces.

This particular example adds a youthful and industrial design at the same time, without taking away the home sweet home feeling and the sense of belonging. It breaks the space perfectly without taking away the natural flow of energy going from one end of the room to the other. Perfect to keep elements of accessories such as plants, books, or items that are close to your heart wishing to be on showcase. You can truly create an organic wall blending practically with style.

18. Plant Shelves Room Divider

A shelf full of plants makes a clever room divider.

And also, it brings the outdoors with the indoors. If you live in the middle of a busy city center, greenery might be a luxury. But if outside does not inspire nature much, apart from a concrete jungle style of living, then having a gallery of pants in your home will have massive positive benefits for you. Not only by cleaning the air, but we all need that bit of nature. Trust us. The harmony it brings us is next to none, and on top of that, it makes us take care of our plants like you would have never imagined. Nothing better than to see things grow successfully thanks to you.

19. Wood Partition With Criss-Cross Beams

This wood partition with the criss-cross beams is an unexpected element but, at the same time, it fits naturally in the décor and provides a perfect space divider.

You could be living in an apartment with very square walls, low ceilings and the rest to be expected from a modern apartment. Therefore, you may wish to take a bit of the countryside to make your modern home a more, barn-looking piece of marvel bringing in nature and a little old school. And nothing hurts about old school. It is the exact design element that you will find nowadays in the most modern of homes. It also adds peace and serenity to your overall environment. Have plants and around the structure, for the perfect marriage of botanicals.

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