17 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose Old Windows

You can reuse old windows to decorate your home in different creative ways as you like. Check these 17 brilliant ways to repurpose old windows and get inspired.

1. Old Wooden Window Turned Into Towel Rack

Make mirrored old window in bathroom for towel rack and give your bathroom a rustic look.

Old Wooden Window Turned Into Towel Rack

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2. DIY Antique Window Bathroom Cabinet

Turn a window into a wall cabinet for the bathroom​.

DIY Antique Window Bathroom Cabinet

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3. Reclaimed Window Coffee Tables

​Repurpose old materials and make this lovely coffee table using an old window frame. You’ll have an attractive coffee table with storage space that works as a display case too.

Old Window Coffee Table

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4. DIY Antique Window Headboard 

This DIY project is as simple as hanging something. Well, you are just hanging an antique window. Just be sure that everything is secured before getting into bed.

DIY Antique Window Headboard

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5. Window Shadow Box

This DIY shadow box made from old windows is not only a functional storage shelf, but also be a great wall decor piece for your home.

Window Shadow Box

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6. Vintage Inspired Entryway

Going for the shabby chic look? Look at this one, old door leaning against the wall fits in with ease paired with the rustic wooden home sign and the rustic wreath made with branches.

Vintage Inspired Entryway

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7. DIY Vintage Window Towel Holder

Great tips and ideas to help inspire your own creativity!!

DIY Vintage Window Towel Holder

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8. Old Window Chalkboard Calendar

There is something wonderful about making something beautiful out of something that was destined for the trash bin. Get an old abandoned window, add a large piece of plywood painted with chalkboard paint behind the window frame and create an oversize chalkboard calendar.

Giant Chalkboard Calendar

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9. Vintage Botanical Window

Lovely vintage botanical art with an old window frame.

Vintage Botanical Window

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10. Recycled Window Display Cabinet

Old windows becomes glass cabinet!, the cabinets are built and the windows are only hinged on the frame.​

Recycled Window Display Cabinet

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11. Old Window Love Mantel

Repurposed old window to shelf decoration.

Old Window Mantel

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12. DIY Window Photo Display

 Windows make great displays, choose them to display your extraordinary family in the hallway.

DIY Window Photo Display

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13. Antique Window Side Table

This antique window side table is the perfect size to fit a narrow walk way. It can be made with reclaimed materials found for free.

Antique Window Side Table

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14. Wood Window Cabinet

This gorgeous cabinet from reclaimed wood is a true, one of a kind treasure, custom built to suit an old window!​

Barn Wood Window Cabinet

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15. Old Window Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors help bounce light around, especially useful in darker areas. Gorgeous!​

Old Window Bathroom Mirror

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16. Old Window Frame Turned Into Hallway Mirror

One of the best ways to repurpose an old window frame is to take out all the glass and replace it with mirrors. Then hang your lovely new mirror across your front entry hallway to give your for a practical, chic and stylish home decor.

Old Window Hallway Mirror

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17. Turn Your Old House’s Windows Into A Real Work Of Art

Turn your old windows into a display.  Make your own work of art out of the old window quickly!​

Turn Your Old House’s Windows Into A Real Work Of Art

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