Planning to Buy a TV Mount? Everything You Need to Know

TV Mount

Did you buy a new TV recently? If yes, wall mounting is growing in popularity for setting up a TV. Using a wall-mounted setup helps you save space in the living room. However, choosing a high-quality TV mount makes all the difference.

Not only does it stabilize the positioning of your television, but it also enhances the functionalities around the room. If you don’t want the tv imposing in your living room, wall-mounting is an excellent alternative.

This article will explore everything you need to know about buying a TV mount for your brand-new television.

What are the Different Types of TV Mounts?

Regarding TV mounts, there are different types of options available. Choosing and installing the right style of TV mount can enhance the room’s layout. Following are the most popular types of TV mounts you should know:

1. Fixed Mounts

Fixed mounts are a great option if you don’t want to tilt or swivel the television while watching. This is particularly great for users who sit right in front of the television. However, these kinds of mounts are restrictive too. So, if you want to adjust the position, angle, or height, these mounts don’t allow that.

A few fixed TV mounts come with leveling screws to ensure the television is in the correct alignment.

2. Tilting Mounts

If you view the television from an angle, these mounts will be your best friend. They enable you to angle your TV upwards or downwards, depending on your comfort.

This is perfect for users who want to install their television mount at a height higher than eye level. So, whenever you are in front of the TV, you can tilt it downwards as per your comfort.

Also, when installing tilting mounts, avoid placing them directly above a fireplace. These can lead to a fire hazard, especially during the heated summer.

3. Full-motion Mounts

The most popular TV mount currently available is the full-motion or fully-articulated mount. As their name suggests, they offer a wide range of motions, enabling you to switch the positioning according to your needs.

So, if you are sitting in the corner, you can move the mount to adjust to your position in the room. The versatility of this kind of TV mount contributes to its popularity. This mount is also effective in houses with more ample living rooms.

What Kind of Walls Does Your House Have?

Are the TV mounts compatible with every kind of wall in the house? This is another common question you need to answer before switching things up.

Most houses feature drywalls, which are compatible with all the TV mounts. If you have any other type of wall, you’d have to consult a relevant professional to sort out your concerns.

If the wall has a hard layer of plaster or masonry, you’d need stronger hardware to get the screws stabilized into the wall. Also, never install a TV mount above a fireplace, as we just mentioned.

Besides the walls, most TV mounts use a VESA pattern for easy installation. Based on these standard guidelines, you’d have to install the TV mount or have a professional do it.

How to Choose the Right Brand of TV Mount?

In most cases, your television company will provide you with a TV mount inside the box. You can use it to install your television.

But what happens when you don’t get a TV mount already included in the package? In that case, you can buy a standalone TV mount that fits the dimensions of your television. This is worth exploring, especially if you want the tv sitting securely on the wall.

There are multiple brands available in the market. Your work is to start your research by exploring compatible options. This is what makes all the difference.

If the TV mount isn’t compatible with the television you bought, there’s no point splurging out $50-$100 or more. So, check the dimensions, the size, the fit, the types, etc. Once you cross-check these basic features, the next thing is to shortlist the top five brands and products.

Research those individual TV mounts read through the reviews, and finalize one.

How to Determine the Right Size and Weight?

When buying a standalone TV mount, determining the size and weight is essential. You want to ensure that the TV mount is solid and sturdy enough to hold your television against the wall.

Hence, determining the sizing and dimensions is the first step. Always measure the area on the wall and the free space available. If you are buying a full-motion mount, you need to ensure that there is enough space around for you to move the television around.

Besides this, determining the weight of the mount also makes a huge difference. Only buy mounts that are flimsy and made of good quality material. Instead, opt for durable metal that can keep the television in place.

Should One Buy TV Mounts Online?

Buying TV mounts online is a more practical option, mainly due to the diversity of options. You can browse hundreds of opportunities on a single website, compare prices and settle on the best choice.

Additionally, if you are aiming for cost efficiency, it is ideal buying TV mounts online is perfect. The discounts are pretty enticing when you buy them online. Most store items have their prices marked up, making you pay more than you’d have done online.

Also, another reason why buying TV mounts online is a better option is due to the comfort of purchase. You get to do the entire thing from the comfort of your home. Most of them also come with complimentary installation, which makes things easier for you.


Buying TV mounts is a critical decision. So, paying attention to the basic factors is crucial to buy the best-quality options in the lot. Never compromise on the quality of the material and the features. You want to make this a long-term investment that you won’t have to look back on. So, take your time and make the right choices.

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