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Out of Sight, Out of Mind: 11 Creative Electrical Panel Cover Solutions

Electrical panels are crucial components of every building’s electrical system. They distribute electrical power to various circuits throughout a structure, ensuring that every room and device has adequate power. 

However, with this critical function comes the need for safety precautions, and the cover of an electrical panel is one of the most important safety features. 

What Is An Electrical Cover?

The electrical panel covers serve as a shield between live electrical components and anyone who might come into contact with them. 

In this post, we will look at the significance of electrical panel covers and the various types available to protect persons and property.

Can You Cover An Electrical Panel?

Yes, it is definitely possible. But also remember any alterations to an electrical panel or its cover should only be done by a licensed electrician or qualified professional. 

Electrical component tampering is exceedingly risky and can result in significant damage or even death. When making changes to an electrical panel cover, always prioritise safety, and consult with an expert if you are unsure of the proper procedures or equipment required. 

Remember that your own and others’ safety should always come first.

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11 DIY Electrical Panel Cover Ideas

Painted Cover 

  • Remove the existing electrical panel cover.
  • Clean the cover with soap and water to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Sand the cover lightly to ensure optimum paint adherence.
  • Allow the cover to dry completely after applying a coat of primer.
  • Apply the selected paint colour to the cover, following the manufacturer’s application and drying time guidelines.
  • Reattach the cover to the electrical panel once the paint has dried.

Picture Frame Covers

  • Choose a frame that is large enough to cover the electrical panel and has a central aperture to access the panel.
  • Cut a piece of foam board or other hard material to fit inside the frame.
  • Cover the foam board in fabric or paper to match your decor.
  • Use adhesive or small nails to secure the fabric-covered foam board to the frame.
  • Hang the frame above the electrical panel, ensuring that the centre aperture gives easy access to the panel.

Fabric Covered Covers 

  • Remove the existing electrical panel cover.
  • Cut a large enough piece of fabric to cover the entire panel.
  • Adhere the fabric to the panel cover carefully, smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles.
  • Reattach the cover to the electrical panel once the adhesive has dried.

Chalkboard Cover 

  • Remove the existing electrical panel cover.
  • Clean the cover with soap and water to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Sand the cover lightly to ensure optimum paint adherence.
  • Allow the cover to dry completely after applying a coat of primer.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions for application and drying periods when applying chalkboard paint to the cover.
  • Reattach the cover to the electrical panel once the paint has dried. Notes or reminders can be written on the cover with chalk.

Mirror Covers 

  • Remove the existing electrical panel cover.
  • Clean the cover with soap and water to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Measure the size of the cover and buy a matching piece of mirrored glass.
  • Attach the mirrored glass to the cover with adhesive or small screws, as directed by the manufacturer of the adhesive or screws.
  • Reattach the cover to the electrical panel once the mirrored cover is in place. 
  • The mirror will reflect light, making a small place appear larger.

Magnetic Covers 

  • Remove the existing electrical panel cover.
  • Clean the cover with soap and water to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions for application and drying times when applying magnetic paint to the cover.
  • Once the magnetic paint has dried, you can add magnets to the cover, such as decorative magnets or magnets that hold notes or reminders.
  • Simply remove the magnets and lift off the cover to access the electrical panel. 
  • Reattach the cover to the electrical panel once the maintenance is finished.

Sliding Doors 

  • Build or buy a sliding door that is large enough to fit over the electrical panel.
  • Attach the sliding door to a track that may be placed to the wall or ceiling, allowing it to slide effortlessly open and closed.
  • Once installed, the sliding door can be quickly opened to enable access to the electrical panel when needed.

Living Covers 

  • Create or buy a living cover, such as a vertical garden or moss wall, that can be hung on the wall and is the right size to fit over the electricity panel.
  • Ascertain that the living cover is watertight and will not damage the electrical panel or any wiring.
  • Once placed, the living cover can provide a natural touch to the room while concealing the electrical panel.

Textured Covers 

  • Choose a textured material that can be easily applied to the cover and is the correct size to fit over the electrical panel, such as stucco or textured wallpaper.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s application and drying schedules when applying the textured material to the cover.
  • Once placed, the textured cover can lend depth and character to the room while concealing the electrical panel.

Lighted Covers 

  • Choose a lighted material that can be easily affixed to the cover and has the correct size to fit over the electrical panel, such as LED backlighting or illuminated artwork.
  • Install the lighting component to the cover, following the manufacturer’s installation and electrical wiring instructions.
  • Once fitted, the lit cover can offer an attractive visual element to the room while concealing the electrical panel.


Several types of electrical panel covers are available in the market, and they can be customised to fit your personal style and safety requirements. Painted covers, picture frame covers, fabric-covered covers, chalkboard covers, mirrored covers, magnetic covers, sliding doors, live covers, textured covers, and LED covers are just a few DIY options.

When customising electrical panel covers, keep in mind that safety should always be a top priority, and it is recommended that you consult with a licensed electrician before making any changes. It is critical to consider accessibility, durability, and aesthetic appeal when selecting or designing an electrical panel cover.

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Is an electrical panel cover required?

Yes, an electrical panel cover is highly recommended because it protects against accidental contact with electrical components and prevents tampering or damage. A cover for an electrical panel also helps to keep the space organised and visually pleasing.

Can I personalise the cover of my electrical panel?

Yes, you can customise your electrical panel cover in various ways, including painting it, making a picture frame cover, using fabric or textured materials, adding lighting, and more. 

However, it is critical to ensure that the modifications do not jeopardise the electrical panel’s safety or accessibility.

How do I select the best electrical panel cover?

When selecting an electrical panel cover, consider the size and accessibility of the panel, the cover’s durability and safety features, and the cover’s aesthetic appeal. A licensed electrician should also be consulted to ensure that the cover is safe and meets all code requirements.

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