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Make a Stunning First Impression with These Narrow Entryway Ideas

Do you want to make your long narrow entryway or hallway appear bigger? These narrow entryway ideas will help your entryway make a strong first impression.

Oversized Mirrors

A big reflective surface will add brightness and the illusion of extra space in narrow entryways.

Narrow Entryway with Big Mirror

Urban Soul

Entryway With an Oversized Mirror

Amber Interior Design

Unless that is, you live in a 20 bedroom castle and therefore the entryway is in fact a proper size room! But for others, entryways aren’t exactly the most glamorous room of the house. But what so as they are often the first room you enter from and leave from. Ought we to spend the most time on it? Absolutely yes. And creating this illusion not only creates space but also welcomes you warmly, with hints of the rest of the hose bouncing off the wall mirrors.

Gorgeous Rugs

Rugs can make or break a space. Rug or runer can bring in color and some much-needed texture in narrow hallways. 

Narrow Entryway with White Walls, Small Shoe Storage and Colorful Carpet

Cup of Jo

Also, you may wish to ask your guests to take shoes off as your home is usually pristine and therefore it is always a good idea to have something super comfy to walk on as a warm welcome. Little things like this most may not notice, however, is the comfort we all need on our feet from a tough day at the office so to speak. Don’t underestimate rugs, they are the silent superstars of our homes! You may choose to add luxury to your home by having a neutral rug with neutral colors, or indeed go with warmth and pattern for something a little more oriental and characterful. Indian and Persian rugs work best for this. Rugs also help create a sense of space and can elongate the corridor giving you more eye perspective in the process. Like the red carpet in those fancy A-List events. Host your own, you’re totally A-List worthy!

Neutral Colors

Choose your wall colors carefully. Go for a lighter neutral color that will open up space. Whites, creams, and extremely light pastels will create a bigger illusion.

Stay away from warmer tones and darker shades because it will only make the hallway or entryway look smaller.

Narrow Entryway in White Colors


Bright Entryway with Small Wall Gallery

Interiores Nordicos

Narrow Entryway with Wall Gallery

Create Enjoy

 Hallway with Beautiful, Long, Narrow Rug


You may not wish to give away too much and leave certain suspense to your visitors visiting you for the very first time and would like to keep things reasonably simple. It is important to walk into your home without seeing a lot of fuss going on around instantly relaxing the mind. Hallways are really underrated and often left to the dozens of shoes lying all over the place making the space crowded and rather unwelcoming. This is the exact negative energy that you need to balance and get right, balancing openness, cleanliness, and positivity throughout this essential space. Get rid of clutter, and make your home free from obstructing objects all over the floor, making your entry and exit a positive one. Play with ceiling lights a lot, similar to how a gallery would, including a lot of hooks for bags and coats, and a protected area for shoes.

Playing with Color

Hallways and entryways are the perfect spots for adding more color to your home.

Narrow Hallway with Bold Wall Color

Coco Kelley

Narrow Entryway with Bold Yellow Entry Door

Casa Vogue

If for you white is a little too clinical and without much personality, totally understand. You are on the total another side of the spectrum and wish warmth and personality over brightness. It can feel daunting to use color on the walls but this really does support your character traits. Use bright oranges, greens, and yellows to brighten up your mood instantly reminding you of sunshine. Use warmer colors such as dark greys, to sober up the hallway adding a touch of sophistication, or indeed add warm pinks, reds, purples, and blues to add a mysterious look and instantly make you feel safe and in the warmth. You can balance the best of both worlds by including lighter color touches to your walls by adding warm tones of dark wooden frames and other accessories, a mirror, and dim lighting. Or in a darker color pallet hallway, you may wish to use bright white photo frames and bright light to not feel overly suffocated.

Entryway with Wall Art

You can make a huge difference in the way space feels by adding wall decorations.

Whether go with a gallery wall, a large statement piece, or a mirror with character, they can add color, style, and personality when decorating the hallway.

Wall Color Contrast in Small Hallway

Little House of Four

Narrow Hallway with Blue Chevron Pattern Floor and Bold Stripe Walls

My Domaine

Boho Eclectic Narrow Hallway Decor

A Designer at Home

Adding smart lighting on the ceilings directed towards your wall art and accessories increases the space and glamorizes everything you own around it. Exactly the way an art gallery works. Once again, think about your hallways as the stairs to heaven. You can play a lot with that having a tunnel visual aspect that creates this journey, no matter how short, into the unknown but having the feeling of curiosity. It is where it all starts. Intrigue the eye, be bold, after all, it is your home.


Many narrow hallways feel dark because they lack natural light. The addition of accent lighting to different focal points visually widens a hallway, and can also add warmth.

Pendant lights along the length of the hallway add visual interest and brighten the hallway.

Long Hallway with Gallery and Pendant Lights

Studio McGee

Black & White Entryway

Bolig Magasinet

So, if your hallways are not blessed with natural light, play with orientable ceiling lights to a 360 degree up and down left to right movable movement to smarter point the light to a source on your walls that will reflect light everywhere. Choose lighter color tones for the walls for the effect to work at its best. Or indeed use mirrors left to right for the light to continuously bounce back and forth. It will also be a smart way to increase the visual space even in the tightest of hallways and have a greater perspective of openness.

3 thoughts on “Make a Stunning First Impression with These Narrow Entryway Ideas”

  1. Hi Paulina! I love the first image in your narrow entryways post – there’s a large oval mirror and a minimal wood shelf with long wood brackets supporting it. The shelf holds a few bronze canisters and a bronze vase. Can you tell me where I might be able to find that shelf?


  2. I was wondering if you could tell me the color of the walls in the first picture? Its absolutely gorgeous, you are amazing!! I love your designs..


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