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40 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas | Less is More

How to create an uncluttered, quiet, and relaxing space? There is true art to designing the perfect minimal, yet warm minimalist bedroom.

1. Subtle Plants

Subtle Plants


A sustainable home also means something sustainable regarding pure, fresh air. Plants, let’s not forget, are the reason why our lungs breathe in and out, never taking a break. And without them giving us their oxygen, we are in trouble. This is especially true if you live in the cities, where wildlife and nature aren’t exactly on top of the menu. Not only do plants ease your home’s energy, but they also contribute to your home feeling zen and decorative at the same time. Nature’s artwork is in the plants.

Textured bedding adds depth and warmth to your minimalist bedroom, creating a cozy yet uncluttered aesthetic.

2. Less is More

Less is More


The minimalist outlook when your home decor is concerned is mainly referred to the Scandinavian method. The European Feng Shui so to speak! Where less is more. We live in a busy society and truth, we far too often overload our homes with items that we may not need not really require. And this can confuse the space and give it overall negative energy without having a natural flow of life throughout your home. It is often easier to pile up and cramp items together than to take things away. But this is a great exercise everyone could focus on. Neutral colors are great, meaning that you can add spots of color here and there without having to only focus on one color pallet. Plus, the light will naturally bounce off the walls rather than taking it in.

3.  White & Bare Walls

White & Bare Walls


We can criticize white walls and people choosing a white home, but in the end, it is like a canvas ready for paint and color. Think of your home as a big canvas, that most furniture you chose like white wardrobe will fit with it creating harmony without forgetting bouncing the natural light everywhere. If you have an apartment or a home facing the other way of the sunlight, or when the skies are grey, you will still get plenty of light coming in. Have darker walls, and the color will absorb 90% of all-natural light regardless of how your home is oriented directly facing or facing away from the sun. You will also end up with a home that feels pure and oxygenated. Add a few plants to contrast the color white, add natural wood, and soft fabrics for the ultimate haven.

4. Light Grey

Light Grey


Light greys aren’t the same as pure white. In fact, light pastel colors are also a terrific way to keep your home nice and bright that really does affect our moods and the way we go about our day. It gives a little more drama to your finished room, mixing in different shades of grey from light to medium to super dark. Splashes of colors could be combined, such as terracotta to dark olive green to perhaps canary/mustard yellows. Touches of steel and metalwork really well adding a more soft, industrial look to a room in small quantities. This all reflects what the planet can give us naturally, also by adding touches of green plantation and earthy materials throughout the rooms.

5. Brick Wall


As far back as 7000 BC were the first-ever brick walls created in the likes of Turkey and Neolithic China made out of red clay and used as flooring. In the Victorian times, these were ever so popular and are everywhere, on every corner street in the United Kingdom. They give us a sense of nature, a sense of rawness, and a sense of unpolished nature. In your home, you make the rules. Even by adding a fake brick wall, you will get the same effect. And the effect that something beautiful can be imperfect. We, humans, are all imperfect, but this is what makes us interesting and beautiful. Think of the brick wall as us all. You can create a dramatic yet super comfortable area that is simply magical.

6. Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting


These black accent lights are perfect when matched against a neutral-looking background being white, cream, or light pallet water-colored walls. The Kuu Lamps are from a Nordic company, focusing on the minimalist approach paired really well as a pair as you can see. These can be matched with a similar grey-colored bedsheet, with various other nuances of greys and creams and whites throughout. Again, adding details such as tanned leather, wood, metal, and soft furnishing really does the trick too well of giving peace and harmony, without looking clinical.

7. White Pallet Bed Frame

White Pallet Bed Frame


With big factories in our world, our planet is affected by global warming. And we all are participants of this. Unless you live in the jungle with zero technology to hand, chances are you have a footprint. Where are we going with this? Recycling and upcycling. Millions upon millions of large pallets are used to transport heavy goods from one place to another. Well, China to the rest of the world most of the time. Yet, we still like to buy everything new. This is an example that the world’s comfiest bed can be made out of recycled pallets regardless that the name recycle isn’t sexy nor glamourous. But doing our part for the planet sure is a beautiful thing don’t you think?

8. Subdued Color Palette

Subdued Color Palette


Subdued or light colors are perfect if you wish to think of a room as a blank canvas, ready to have splashes of colors and materials within its surrounding. And this is perfect for creative minds. It makes you think outside the box. And what’s great, is that very light colors can handle pretty much any material and other functional items within the room. White will look bare and sad, but it is all about what you put with it that totally changes its energy to a happy face!

9. Wood Inspired Bedroom

Wood Inspired Bedroom


A wooden bed frame, wooden clothes baskets, a wooden side table, or office space with wooden floors…nothing says nature without them. Nowadays, you can get a lot of reclaimed and recycled wooden objects that create much-needed harmony within a home taking it back a notch or two with rawness and character. This character isn’t the naughty one so to speak, it is there to remind you that nature is beautiful, giving your room a sense of peace, not forgetting to create a super charming, warm area.

10. White Bedroom

White Bedroom


Nothing says minimalist like a white room. We cannot think of anything rather than. And if you wish to declutter your life, white is the only way forward. Naturally, you have dozens of whites to choose from believe it or not. And each shade will create something really different. To put it into context, white is so pure that you will feel within the room so peaceful it’s untrue, regardless of your lifestyle. Add a splash or two of other materials such as wood, leather, and a plant to fully optimize the entire concept.

11. The Simplicity

The Simplicity


What do you really need in a bedroom? What’s the most important thing. A bed, correct? This room is the epitome of the word simplicity. And simplicity comes first. Everything in white. Touches of back here and there to make it feel like a home, but with the floors to the walls to most of the furniture all being in white, makes the environment feel clutterless. Black and white never looked so good. And both aren’t even colors, perfect!

12. Modern Minimalist Bedroom

Modern Minimalist Bedroom


A little something for the creativity to erupt out of you, from Bath and Beyond. A beautiful shop for every room of the house. By far not the cheapest place to gather your most required furniture, but an area that for sure will leave you baffled. Although most products are dear, what they teach us is that you won’t require as much by focusing on less, and quality. To sum up, not only will things last longer, but you won’t need too much to be fulfilled. It is all about balancing life’s greatest comfort with style and a certain Feng Shui.

13. Modern Organic Bedroom

Modern Organic Bedroom


We live in a world that everything is organic, from our carrots to our clothes, to our waters to our makeup. The biggest marketing stunt ever pulled but one that does require careful reflection. Because well, unfortunately, our world has a lot of naughty things done by naughty people selling us terrible items, for cheap. Everything you feel and touch is fake, especially thanks to social media platforms. And one way to get rid of all the nonsense is to take your keys out of your pockets, open the door, and be welcomed to the most organic place on earth. Your home. Clutter adds inner stress, and with superb examples such as these, you will feel energized and refill the much-needed organic inner senses.

14. Back to Basics

Back to Basics


In a bedroom, the requirements are a bed, bedsheets, and covers, a side table, lights, a plant or two away from the bed, picture frames and perhaps a soft carpet perfect not to upset them first thing in the morning and a closet to keep your clothes away from sight. In all that is all, you require from a bedroom. This example is stunning. No fancy bed frame, in fact, nothing fancy at all apart from the divine flooring! Doesn’t this make you feel like jumping on the bed and having your breakfast in it?

15. Pink Hues

Pink Hues


Gentlemen, a real man wears pink, so do not be afraid! Any shades of pinks too. And ladies, pink isn’t just for the little young girls. Pink is the fact a super color that inspires style, especially when matched to its ultimate best friend, grey. The love nest aka the bedroom never looked so great if color is really your thing, still keeping things rather neutral but by using color, not simply different shades of white. Mix in a little brass or copper, and you have yourself a beautiful and smart-looking space. Pink up, everyone!

16. Modern Scandinavian Style Bedroom

Modern Scandinavian Style Bedroom


Modernity doesn’t have to mean Ikea. And it also does not need to mean expensive either. It’s all about the choices you make and the creativity behind a lot of very successful interior-designed rooms. In this instance you have a faux fur rug perfect to keep your feet mega happy, bedding to die for and picture frames best suiting your personality without forgetting the element of greenery from your plants and the earthy plant pots to match the serenity of the overall room. Mix whites and greys for the ultimate modern room.

17. Grey and Wood

Grey and Wood


Natural wood is millions of shades of browns, and burnt wood is as many shades of greys. Therefore in our minds, nothing beats those two colors to match. The two together create a sense of peace and comfort giving that ultimate approach to minimalism without jeopardizing the overall characterful outlook. Match with a pendant light-reflecting those two colors, and a bedside table light to immerse yourself in calmness and purity.

18. No Headboard

No Headboard


Interior designer TV shows will most of the time think about these oversized, massive headboards giving your room all of the detail required to fulfill the sense of warmth. However, you can be smart and once again think of a headboard with what the house intended it to be. Works amazingly well and without the necessity of overcrowding a room with unnecessary items. One way to get rid of the light from the window is to have thick blinds in the mix to not trouble your sleep. Woven carpet to give a rugged feel work perfectly balancing the natural elements of the space and furnishings.

To keep your carpet clean, you may need a vacuum for carpet and hardwood.

19. Shades of Grey & Photo Wall


Who said grey is only for the acceptance of a miserable raining and cloudy day. It always depends on how you use the color and to what effect. If you are a lover of black and white photography youth fall in love with this theme. Your room will literally look like black and white photography. Meaning, you will get so much character from it is beyond imagination. A splash of greenery, a splash of natural wood compliments the outlook and the continuity of the minimalist concept. Adding B+W photographs of your family adds the much-needed personal touches and personality to your environment.

20. Black and White Scandinavian Bedroom

Black and White Scandinavian Bedroom


Something mysterious about this bedroom style. It says a thousand words yet we feel speechless. And this is possibly what is fascinating about it. It could be a place of tranquility, having left all our worries outside the bedroom door and walls. Who knew that a two-color theme could be so dramatic, and inviting, and comforting at the same time. Once again, adding a simple touch of brass or copper, with a plant pot screams minimalism.

21. Subtle Lighting

Subtle Lighting


Light is something that very often gets overlooked, honestly, without the correct ambient light to the space of your home is everything. No matter if you choose the best of the best and the most beautiful of furniture, without the correct light your space will never look to its optimum self. Spend a long time finding what works for you best. Old school-looking LED warm lights are terrific having the filaments within them glow in various shapes and forms. And, you won’t need anything too fancy nor expensive, just as described clearly in this example. Low lights also mean high intimacy.

22. White Bedroom


White is how you chose to use this color (not a color but you know), and marry it to its surrounding. This works superbly well if you have a tanned wooden floor and really everything on top of it really pops like the color red on a black and white photograph. And if you marry all of it smartly with the right green plant and beautifully soft cotton fabrics, you will get yourself a hotel room-like environment. To accompany the look, a middle eastern type of pendant light will reflect incredibly well on the walls giving you great artwork throughout the room.

23. Fluffy Details


When we hear fluffy, we hear comfort. We hear OMG I want to jump all over it and be wrapped inside it like a personal cocoon. We all have that inner child in us! A bedroom is a place where not only magic happens and romance is at its highest, but it is a room where all your worries should stay outside the door far away from it. It inspires comfort, meaning protection. Never dismiss the way something feels that has the power to change your moods in a heartbeat.

24. White Floor

White Floor


White floors look so elegant in a bedroom. But of course, without dismissing the cleaning it requires. However, this means having your bedding all over the floor too, adding to such drama you’ll fall in love with your room every day forever. As always, the white floors are best matched with nude/white surroundings with a touch of natural wood and a plant to totally fulfill the environment. You could always add a medium to dark-colored bed throw over the bed to add an extra zing. It will keep things very cozy indeed.

25. Dark Grey

Dark Grey


Nothing to do with the 50 shades of grey movie, but still, it is surprisingly a rather sexy color that spruces up the romance to the fullest. It still has a purity to it, but one that keeps you the coziest of them all, cuddling and rolling over basically having the time of life. Touches of metallic elements such as the ceiling lighting and the bedside table add to the rawness of it all but keeping everything speak the same language. The overall look screams elegance and style for the most discerning of people and terrific for a city-style loft apartment.

26. Surrounded by Plants

Surrounded by Plants


Cities are brilliant and fast-paced and busy and there is always something to do and everyone constantly is on the go. Coming back home to space where a little nature can thrive and watch it grow is like nothing else. It brings us back down to earth with simple elements affecting our moods as nothing else can. We must take the time for ourselves and our choices of rooms are crucial to stop for a moment and be at peace without technology and us as slaves. Embrace plants in your home, they are more important than you would ever think.

27. Powdered Blue

Powdered Blue


Blue for boys. Well, why not be a little traditional and offer the children space where they too can feel right at home, in an environment that can both be fun and also relaxing full of natural lights bouncing off the walls. They are on fire 24/7 these little things running around all day. So, a little peace in a lovely comfy environment will not go amiss keeping them calm yet joyful. Add a few small to medium size plants and the odd raw material such as dark metal to add warmth and character.

28. Pink Master Bedroom

Pink Master Bedroom


Cannot be sexist here. So pink for the girls, and once again, nothing wrong with being a little traditionalist every so often. This is also a perfect color for two lovers of birds in a nest, loving and romancing once entering their beautiful bedroom space. The pink linen bedding is simply out of this world in terms of feel and comfort. Perfect for when it is chilly outside, or warm come summertime. You could have a pink wall to add drama and warmth to the room ranging from deep fuchsia to baby pink.

29. Cozy Bedroom

Cozy Bedroom


Creating coziness mostly comes from the material you are using within your space, and also the cotton and linen fabrics you are combining to your finished room. Natural fabric is unbeatable in the cozy department with the correct colors to go alongside it. For the bedding, try using little pastel colors ranging from greyish green, greyish blue, greyish brown, and even a greyish pink. Or leave everything white. But for that extra comfortable look and feel, a little color always works best to envelop you comfortably in your sleep.

30. Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors


In the not so long ago era, pastel colors were associated with the older generation. However, these are colors that ooze with charm and create such a serene space. Perhaps this is why we love our grandparents so much and actually, they were the generation that kick-started the awesomeness of pastel colors! It marries class, with warmth, style and invites you to its soft beauty like no other.

31. Plant-Filled Bedroom


Creating a mini jungle in our home is often what people love although looking after them can be a bit of a task. However, if you have the extra time, it is really worth it to invest in greenery. And in the bedroom, the same goes. However, do not overdo it as the plants will take your oxygen from the room and out of you. However, you can tackle this by mixing in a few fake plants to still go with that jungle theme. Plants generally speaking clean the air creating a natural purification of any room. Nothing better than an organic way to make the room smell fresh and pure.

32. Black & Grey


If you love to live at night, this could fit your style right in! Black is a hugely disregarded color when it comes to the bedroom, or any other room in the house apart from perhaps the bathroom if you’re after a tropical theme with plants all over. However, if you get smart with the texture of the walls and add shapes within them, black does not simply stay black. It has a different side to its color and one that is warming the heart and soul. Matched with the correct cotton or linen bed sheets, super soft pillows, the right balance of green plants within the room creates absolutely magical heaven. Add mirrors to reflect the little light that can be reflected from the dark surrounding to help open up the room and not close it on itself. Who shall dare win? Embrace yourselves in an art deco type of room by adding touches of gold and white super large feathers in large vases.

33. Stylish Bedroom with a Secret

Stylish Bedroom with a Secret


All bedrooms have secrets. But, this one actually has one that keeps away all of the negative energies called, mess! To assist in keeping things in order and keep with the minimalist look and feel, the bedroom isn’t a library. By having the headboard as a multi-function bookkeeping a safe place, you are surrounded by clean lines throughout the room. Lovely idea to conceal books and reading materials of all shapes and sizes, perhaps even your word documents away from sight.

34. Pure Nordic Charm

Pure Nordic Charm


Nordic charm is all about the colors for the outdoors. And these are mainly snow whites and naturally tinted woods by the snow. It is everything from outside your window brought indoors. And the odd greenery dispersed smartly in and around the bedroom. The wooden floors too are washed white wooden panels alongside the clean walls and windows. Offset both with a dash of color from the bed duvet and lights not overtaking the whole picture; discreetly.

35. Cozy White Bedroom


We have had white bedrooms, but nothing 95% white. This is a total transformation to an area that is splendid keeping things so neutral from top to bottom, with only small nuances of light greys for the bedding and the pot plants. The olive tree brings a little Italian touch but an overall place that oozes with serenity and calm. No contracting wood here, all painted over creating an almost bridal room lookalike.

36. Minimal Colors

Minimal Colors


Decluttering the bedroom is an art form. We always seem to want more in our room to perhaps make us feel more fulfilled. Like we have achieved something. Why is that? Maybe the way society has brought us up to think that more is better. Well, no. It isn’t. You will be astonished at how hard it actually is to keep things in the bedroom to a minimalist touch. Keep your space calm and clean at all times and yes, do the bed in the morning. It makes you super energized and productive for the rest of the day. The bedroom isn’t an office or the middle of Times Square. It’s a place of quality sleep worshipers, embracing coziness and romance!

37. Black Accent Wall

Black Accent Wall


If the fully black and grey theme was a little too much for you, then you can meet the idea halfway at least. Or partway. Black is a difficult call to say hey, let’s do this wall back! It’ll be dead romantic. Well, sell the idea better by focusing on this style room with one black wall, and subtle very dark grey bedding touches. This is all done in a truly minimalist style that will purify your thoughts.

38. Industrial Touch

Industrial Touch


Industrialism was a revolution that popped out between 1760 and 1820 and really kickstarted life and our word as we better know it, today. By bringing in elements of the industry that mainly dealt in metal, you are bringing back something a little magical. The raw and rough as we might have imagined are carefully tamed down by the soft furnishing and homey approach. Both work hands in hands. The dotted bed linen almost looks like elements of metal shattering away while being worked on. You could also add elements of copper, bronze, brushed / dull gold, or brass.

39. Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns


If you suffer from a lack of geometry in your life then you might wish to take a look at this idea! For those who are clean and very detailed, the slightly off-centered pieces of furniture can be a real demonic feeling. Having the bed, mirror, and carpet as an example are signs of being geometrical and so to speak, a sense of direction without corrupting it by putting the mirror lengthways.

40. Less is More

Less is More


All this top 40 was about is that less is more, the way we started it. We have so many clusters in our lives and our homes. Even our pockets are filled with things we have no idea how they ever got inside. The saying less is more so not to bore someone, but it is to mention that it is ok to put things away creating a welcoming and tranquil home for the state of the mind. It is all about creating space for the undesired in closed areas working with smart storage spaces underneath the bed frame like in this example here the bed lifts. It is healthier to live in a clustered world than one with too many things never relaxing your mind giving it a break from all the hectic stuff out there.

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