15+ Minecraft Medieval House Ideas For Beginners

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking some house design ideas. In this article, we’ll inform you about the Minecraft Medieval House.

You can build a house in any shape and size, whether you desire a strong Minecraft fortress made of stone or a modest rustic village residence made of oak Minecraft. 

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Minecraft Medieval House Ideas

The list of houses we provide will render you with attractive and actual archaic sensations. So, if you’re eager to start building your medieval Minecraft house, keep reading.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to create a Minecraft medieval home in easy steps. But first, let us go through some of the fundamental characteristics of every Minecraft medieval home.

Everyday Things In A Minecraft Medieval House

The following are some of the most typical features seen in Minecraft Medieval House:

  • A basement with furnaces and plenty of chest storage. There is also direct access from the basement to the mine shaft (a tiny place where a furnace might be installed).
  • A kitchen is usually built on the first or second floor. It features plenty of storage space as well as a crafting table.
  • On the second story, you can build a bedroom, a piece of a brewing space, and a walk-out balcony for shooting mobs (enemies).
  • You can build a library or extra relaxation room on the top floor. You can construct an agricultural area and a stable for royal horses or donkeys.

How do you build an easy medieval house in Minecraft?

We will tell you some general steps that should help you build a good Medieval House

Step 1: Layout & Materials Required

Let’s start with the fundamental components you’ll need to build this edifice. 

Here is a list of everything you’ll need to acquire to create a basic medical house. 

  • Oaktree trunks
  • Stone brick cobblestone steps
  • Blocks of shattered stone
  • Panes of glass
  • Stone brick slabs for the door
  • Acacia spruce trapdoor timber planks
  • Acacia wood stairwell
  • Glass cubes
  • Trap doors made of wood
  • Slabs of acacia
  • Choosing fences fence gate

Step 2: Find A Nice Flat Plane 

  • The home’s general design will be an L, so choose a beautiful level place to construct. 
  • Find property where you can simply excavate to create a basement!

Step 3: Making A Foundation

Ahh!! Keep it small and sturdy. Remember, we are building a castle, so a foundation up to 6 feet would do!!

Step 4: Build A Doorway + Add Flooring 

  • You must shatter specific stones on one side of the wall to build the main entrance to the dwelling. 
  • Then, set three stones and three spruce fences in a little open area. 
  • After that, add three spruce trapdoors and a door. 
  • Now, start filling your ground floor with spruce planks. 
  • Repeat the process on the top of the walls to create the foundation for the second level.

Step 5: Time To Add A Beautiful Frame 

  • Let’s get started on the higher level. Add upside-down spruce boards on the sides of the construction, with one standard block or spruce slab in between. 
  • Place four spruce slabs in the center of each side, level with the corners.

Step 6: Time To Build Walls

  • Now, we’ll build our walls out of smooth sandstone. 
  • Fill up all the spaces (save one) with sandstone two blocks wide and four blocks high.

Step 7: Build A Roof 

  • You’ll need dark oak steps for the roof. 
  • Begin by arranging them side by side, with one additional block overhanging. 
  • Repeat this process on all four corners of the construction. 
  • Repeat the operation on both sides to achieve an excellent A-line roof. 

Step 8: Do The Windows, And That’s It!! 

  • It’s now time to build some windows in your home. After all, what house would be complete without it? 
  • Break the two stones and place an upside-down stone at the bottom.
  • Install a glass plane of your choosing and shutters made of spruce trapdoors. Repeat for all of your windows.

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15+ Minecraft Medieval House Ideas For Beginners

1. Ocean Castle 

@blockdown_builds ocean castle is highly unique and unforgettable. This building’s colors are fantastic. You’ll like showing off your ocean palace.

2. Upgraded Castle

This is an update to a prior build made by @blockdown_builds. Texture Packs: fWhip, Enhanced Biomes River and Pond, and Vanilla Tweaks. Shaders: BSL v8.

3. Bakery Shop 

Every community requires a bakery stocked with delectable treats. This bakery shop built from @craftaces will make a great addition to your medieval village.

4. Castle Wall

A castle cannot exist without a castle wall. This is a fantastic guide on improving a castle wall. Craft Aces has a picture instruction available.

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5. Bakery Shop 

Every community requires a bakery stocked with delectable treats. This bread business built by @craftaces would look wonderful in your medieval hamlet.

6. Firewatch Tower 

A fire watch tower is essential in each medieval community. Blackdown Builds performed an outstanding job on this project. YouTube has a tower instruction.

7. Horse Stable 

Horse Stable

A horse stable is required in every medieval settlement. This stable is ideal if you need a place to put your horses.

8. Cozy House 

Cozy House 

You will enjoy constructing this pleasant home. This home has a beautiful medieval aspect. 

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9. Autumn House 

Autumn House

This fall home by @dr.red_builds is the ideal medieval build for your community. It would be beneficial to alter the colors of the roof.

10. Large Medical Castle 

Large Medical Castle 

This medieval fortress is stunning. To be sure, it will take some time to create, but the effort will be worthwhile. 

11. Awesome Medieval House 

Awesome Medieval House 

Create something one-of-a-kind with this big medieval mansion. The wood and brick mix looks fantastic. Visit Dr. Red Builds to see the house from various angles.

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Some More Greatly Designed By Gamers 

12. Black Prunes Stylish Medieval House 

Black Prunes Stylish Medieval House 

13. Cub ey’s Stylish & Compact Medieval House 3

Cub ey's Stylish & Compact Medieval House 3

14. BigTonyMC’s Minecraft Medieval Mansion

BigTonyMC's Minecraft Medieval Mansion

15. Some Anonymous Medieval House Ideas 

Anonymous Medieval House Ideas
Medieval House Ideas

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Final Thoughts

You now understand how to construct a small surviving medieval house in Minecraft. With this approach, you can build any structure. 

We hope this step-by-step guide has inspired and given you ideas for your next Minecraft creation. 

Do share this blog with your fellow Minecraft players if you get inspired!! 

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