21 Easy Mason Jar Craft Ideas

It’s amazing the things you can make with a single item. Some things are so versatile! Mason jars are one of those things! You can use them as a decoration for parties, for storage, in the kitchen.  The possibilities are endless.

If you have some Mason jars lying around, here are a 21 ideas on how to decorate your mason jars. And if you don’t have any Mason jars, get some! Check these 21 Mason jar crafts and DIYs to pin now and try later.

1. Floating Candles

Place a floating candle in a Mason jar for a simple- but spectacular centerpiece idea. Finish off the look with a tiny bit of twine!

mason jar floating candle

via Emmaline Bride

2. Memory Jar

Turn your Mason jar into a wonderful terrarium of beach side memories! Make a vacation memory jar with your favourite pictures. 

mason jar

via Mason Jar Crafts Love

3. Mason Jar Desk Organization

Try this super simple and easy Mason jar DIY desk organisation! What’s the best part about this Mason jar craft? It’s totally no-fuss. Flip jars on their side to keep your things in place.

via Its Overflowing

4. Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece

Try these Mason jars with black paint for a peek-a-boo lighting fixture you’ll love! Even better, they come in a mini size as well! Use a baby food jar to create the cute little mini holder.

via Heart Love Weddings

5. Watermelon Mason Jar

Make this watermelon Mason jar in under 10 minutes. The jar is half transparent, you can see how the glass paint tints the Mason jar, but you can still see through to the inside. Add flowers for a vase or candles for a centerpiece.

watermelon mason jar

via The Country Chic Cottage

6. Mason Jar Succulents

What is the best part of these pretty planters? These little succulents are drought-friendly! You will love how low maintenance these are!

diy mason jar succulents

via Lolly Jane

7. Mason Jar Planters

Bring a little spring to your indoors! Make a fun DIY Mason jar planter and plant them with your favorite flowers or herbs.

Use a spray paint to paint the jars with your favourite colours, then add a second coat of paint and set aside to dry.​ Decorate them with a piece of burlap and cotton fabric.

Fill the jar with potting soil and add your favorite plants or herbs.

mason jar planter

via Momtastic

8. Mason Jar Candle

Turn leftover jars into long-lasting candles. You can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or food colouring and make it a perfect DIY gift.

mason jar candle

via Andy & Clothes

9. Glitter Dipped Mason Jar

Have you ever seen anything more perfect than this gorgeous, gold and glittery Mason jar? Add some glitter and gold to your jars and make them the perfect addition to your party decoration.

glitter mason jar

via Lilyshop

10. Gold Leaf Mason Jar Planter

Shiny and pretty! These gorgeous gold leaf planters would be a chic addition to any fireplace.

gold leaf mason jar planter

via Primitive and Proper

11. Back to School Mason Jars

Give old jars a fresh layer of paint and turn them into fun home storage! They are so cute and perfect for desk organisation.

back to school mason jars

via Mason Jar Crafts Love

12. Summertime Floating Candles

This project will cozy up a room and has the power to make you feel relaxed!

Pick some of your favorite summer scents: mint, lemon, lime and add some water to Mason jars. Then add some floating candles. This is super easy!

These candles are naturally beautiful with green and yellow colors.  With their evening glow, they will become the perfect addition to your terrace or balcony.

via Nest of Posies

13. Mason Jar Butterly Terrarium

This project it perfect for people who have trouble keeping plants alive. Faux butterfly terrarium is great for adding a natural feel. Just use some sheet moss, styrofoam balls and artificial colourful butterflies to create this cute tabletop display.

masor jar butterfly terrarium

via 6th Street Design School

14. Mason Jar Table Numbers

This is a clever idea to combine your flower centerpieces and your table numbers for a bride-to-be.

Crafting your own wedding can be amazing, especially when you can combine two wedding elements into one.

The combination of Mason jars, chalkboard labels, and twine are so popular. What about incorporating bright, bold bandanas into your decor instead? Tie a bright yellow bandana around the top of your Mason jar to give it extra color and character!​

mason jar table decor

via Blitsy Crafts

15. Pink & Gold Chalk Painted Mason Jars

Chalkboard style is definitively still trending… and of course everyone loves a pretty Mason jar – so let’s combined the two!

These pink and gold chalk painted Mason jars​ will add some colours in your home. Use cherry blossom chalk paint, sandpaper and a gold wax to the jars a coral sheen. Finish the project with adding spring flowers.

cherry blossom mason jars

via The Happy Housie

16. Polka Dot Mason Jar

Are you looking for ways to brighten our your home? This easy project will do the trick!!

Paint the jar with your favourite colour and some polka dots! Add flowers for a pretty display.

polka dots mason jar

via R & R Workshop

17. Funfetti Candle in a Jar

This one looks yummy!

mason jar candles

via Beth Cakes

18. Unique Lettered Jar

Pick some foam stickers for this project and lay out your favourite phrase on a jar. Apply one or two coats of primer, two coats of paint, and two coats of glossy sealer. The last step is to pull off the stickers and painters tape.

flower vase in mason jar

viaThe Lettered Cottage

19. Snow Globe Jars

This isn’t the season for Christmas decoration… But who wouldn’t fall in love with these snow globe jars?

​They’re easy to make and will look just wonderful! You can even wrap them up and give them as gifts for Christmas…

The Lettered Cottage.

via Whipperberry

20. Mason Jar Animal Globe

Now it’s time for something a little bit different. This idea will be perfect to make it with your kids.

Pick an animal figurine or any plastic toy to display in your glitter globe. Make sure you add a few drops of glycerin and as much glitter as you like. Have fun with this animal globe!

via DIY network

21. Mason Jar Wall Art

Do you want to add a bit of character to your empty wall space? This wall piece will be great for that! What you need to make this amazing Mason jar wall art is just an old piece of wood and a little bit of inspiration.

You can add your favourite flowers and other decoration! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

mason jar wall piecemason jar wall piece

via Yesterday’s Sweetheart

22. Mason Jar Luminaries

Create a mason jar luminary – similar to a scatter candle – the easy way.

Mason Jar Luminaries

via www.dreamalittlebigger.com

Now it’s time to do something with your Mason jars! You don’t have any at home?  Buy some of the beautiful jars and start your DIY project!

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