Inspiring Ladder Hacks For Every Room

15 Inspiring Ladder Hacks For Every Room | Repurpose Old Ladders

Here are some ideas to help you discover creative and clever new ways to reuse and repurpose your old ladders.

Check these 15 genius ladder decorating ideas.

1. DIY Ladder Shelves

The simplicity of this design adds rustic industrial feel to your decor. It makes the perfect option for anyone who’s going for a minimalist look.

DIY Ladder Shelves

via apairandasparediy.com

2. Ladder Shoe Shelf

The ladder keeps you organized and adds nice design touch at the same time.

Ladder Shoe Shelf

via apairandasparediy.com

3. DIY A-Frame Ladder Shelves

Stunning DIY project for your living room.

DIY A-Frame Ladder Shelves

via vintagerevivals.com

4. DIY Ladder Wardrobe

Make a wardrobe out of a ladder!

DIY Ladder Wardrobe

via apairandasparediy.com

5. DIY Clothes Rack

Use a ladder and two wooden brackets to make a decorative clothes rack.

DIY Clothes Rack

via living

6. DIY Branch Ladder

String up some strands of lights, and there you have it. Best nightlight ever​!

DIY Branch Ladder

via www.designsponge.com

7. Super Cool Ladder Desk

What can you upcycle to make a super cool desk? How about this ladder desk?​

Super Cool Ladder Desk

via www.tessguinery.co

8. DIY Rustic Blanket Ladder

Learn how to make a DIY Blanket Ladder. With only 3 basic tools you can save space while neatly storing your blankets.

Rustic Blanket Ladder

via www.littleglassjar.com

9. DIY Corner Ladder Bookshelf

This easy and clever bookshelf look so much cooler than anything you can buy from a store.

Finding creative ways to display books can be just as alluring as any kind of art.

DIY Corner Ladder Bookshelf

via freshmommyblog.com

10. DIY Copper Pipe Magazine Ladder

Strung with flowers, stacked with books, or used to hold blankets, there is no bad way to style this geometric home decor addition!

DIY Copper Pipe Magazine Ladder

via mrkate.com

11. DIY Step Ladder Side Table

​Tight for Space for a Side Table? Go UP With a Ladder!

DIY Step Ladder Side Table

via www.funkyjunkinteriors.net

12. Ladder Shelf Hack

Glam up an old ladder by painting it white and adding contact paper.

The end result: A pretty, minimal series of shelves that are an ideal backdrop for her collection of succulents and chic knickknacks.

Ladder Shelf Hack

via fallfordiy.com

13. Ladder Pot Rack

This stye is so perfect for a Farmhouse Kitchen…in fact it is perfect for any kitchen. Add S hooks add pots…pans…colanders…and beyond! 

Ladder Pot Rack

via www.designsponge.com

14. DIY Blanket Ladder

​This is the easiest blanket ladder construction ever! Easy DIY project!

DIY Blanket Ladder

via cherishedbliss.com

15. Vintage Wooden Ladder Decor

Add a new level to your home decor by incorporating a ladder into the mix.

Vintage Wooden Ladder Decor

via cupcakesandcrinoline.com

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