29 DIY Succulent Planter Ideas: Creative Ways to Display Succulents

Succulent plants are perfect for decorating your home. Here are 29 ridiculously cute and easy DIY succulent planter ideas.

Learn how to display your succulents!

1. Clay Succulent Planters

You can easily make these little succulent planters at home. Take on this adorable DIY project by following the tutorial.

DIY Clay Succulent Planters

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2. Mini Succulent Pots

You can sprinkle mini succulents all around your house for small but meaningful accents. Add some pops of color in your decor by making these mini pots for cactus and succulents. .

Mini Succulent Pots

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3. DIY Plaster Mini Planters

Add some colors to your home decor by making mini pastel planters with pigmented plaster that you can make at home.​

DIY Plaster Mini Planters

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4. DIY Concrete Succulent Planters

Here’s a DIY project for you – make your own concrete pots!

DIY Concrete Succulent Planters

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5. Faux Metal Hexagon Planters

Jump on the hexagon decor trend with these sweet mini pink planters in the geometric shape. A fun twist on the interior decor trend, and in such a fun pretty contrasting color.

Faux Metal Hexagon Planters

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6. Thrifted Brass Light Fixture Turned Glam Terrarium

How to turn a $2 thrifted brass light fixture into an awesome terrarium for succulents!

Thrifted Brass Light Fixture Turned Glam Terrarium

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7. DIY Balsa Wood Succulent Planters

These DIY Balsa Wood Planters are super easy to make!

DIY Balsa Wood Succulent Planters

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8. Wine Cork Magnet Succulent Planters

Wine cork succulent planter magnets – these are adorable!

Wine Cork Magnet Succulent Planters

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9. DIY Painted Air Plant Bell Cups

​Spruce up your home with painted air paint bell cups.

DIY Painted Air Plant Bell Cups

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10. DIY Diamond Hanging Succulent Planters

Create these unique Diamond Hanging Planters perfect for small succulents or organizing small objects in a stylish way with a few easy supplies.

DIY Diamond Hanging Succulent Planters

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11. Copper Pipe Pot Plant Holder

Make this simple DIY succulent holder using copper pipe.​

Copper Pipe Pot Plant Holder

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​12. Small Brass Succulent Caps

The best thing about metallic is that it always makes a statement. And if you’re going for just a little spark, this easy-peasy DIY is where it’s at.​

Small Brass Succulent Caps

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13. DIY Succulent Garden

Making a succulent garden is easy. Choose your favorite succulents, a planter you like, prepare potting soil as well as some rocks and start planting.

DIY Succulent Garden

Watch the video tutorial:

via www.quinncooperstyle.com

14. Dinosaur Succulent Planter

​Make your own dino planter with soil, succulents and a plastic toy dinosaur!

Dinosaur Succulent Planter

Watch the video tutorial:

via www.thesorrygirls.com

15. Modular Concrete Planters

Need something you can arrange in endless ways? These modular concrete planters will keep things interesting.

Concrete Modular Geometric Wall Succulent Planter

via www.apieceofrainbow.com

16. DIY Hanging Clay Succulent Holders

This cute idea uses Fimo clay to sculpt an adorable air plant holder.

DIY Hanging Clay Succulent Holders

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17. DIY Marbled and Ombre Concrete Succulent Planters

Start with white concrete, then stir in powdered pigment. Marble them, create an ombre stack, go two-tone- the sky’s the limit.

DIY Marbled and Ombre Concrete Succulent Planters

via www.apartmenttherapy

18. DIY Mini Granite Succulent Pots

DIY a set of mini granite pots to house your succulents.

DIY Mini Granite Succulent Pots

via almostmakesperfect.com

19. Mason Jar Succulent Pots

DIY mason jar succulents. So easy and pretty. Great gift idea!!

DIY Mason Jar Succulent Pots

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20. DIY Crystal Planters to Purify Your Home

DIY crystal planters are the perfect project to clear the energy (and air quality) of your space!

DIY Crystal Planters to Purify Your Home

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21. DIY Pinch Pots

Would be awesome for the kids to make pinch pots to hold their own little succulents or ‘air plants’! DIY Pinch Pots! Easy and fun craft for the whole family.​

DIY Pinch Pots

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22. DIY Balsa Wood Planter

Make this DIY Balsa Wood Planter. A simple tutorial to turn these soft wooden sheets into something useful and durable!

DIY Balsa Wood Planter

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23. DIY Wooden Centerpieces Boxes

Get inspired to revamp your wooden boxes into some plant holders.

DIY Wooden Centerpieces Boxes

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24. DIY Mini Wooden Succulent Planters

Gorgeous DIY mini wooden succulent planters!

DIY Mini Wooden Succulent Planters

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25. Geo Planters DIY

Color blocked geo planters are a current fave DIY. It’s one of those that gives you a sense of accomplishment once you finish! Succulents or candles make great fillers!

Geo Planters DIY

via lovepluscolor.com

26. DIY Packing Paper Sack Planters & Vases

Do you have a problem with hoarding packaging papers too? It’s alright! This DIY Packing Paper Sack Planters & Vases is for you!

DIY Packing Paper Sack Planters & Vases

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27. Modern Concrete Planters DIY

Modern concrete planters made of sprinkler guards, excellent for tiny new cuttings to give!​

Modern Concrete Planters DIY

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28. Tiny Succulents + Birch Trees

Gorgeous succulents in birch logs!

Tiny Succulents + Birch Trees

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29. DIY Glass Terrariums

​This is so awesome project to try.

DIY Glass Terrariums

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  1. Thanks in part to your article, my wife and I have come up with new ideas to make our home stand out in contrast to our neighbors, as we hadn’t considered making DIY wooden planters for our potted plants. My wife and I live for the rustic style of life, and thusly, we decorate our home in alignment with that way of life because of our individual upbringings. We’ll be on the look for unique ways to display planters that will coincide with our decoration philosophy.


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