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How to Invest in the Nest when Selling Your Home

How to Invest in the Nest when Selling Your Home

CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels

Selling your home can be stressful. There are things you can miss, and some features can extend the process if not addressed. It isn’t uncommon for a home to take several months to a year to sell because of these. Any reputable real estate advisor can help you with boosting the appeal of your home, so expert advice is always recommended. But you might just want to make a few changes. From landscaping to smart devices, here are some investment ideas.

External Doors and Windows

Most people will judge a home solely on a first impression. And you know they say you don’t get a second chance to make one! Many buyers will simply tour the neighborhood looking for homes for sale and, therefore, only have the outside to go by. Of course, there are hidden fees when selling a house. And costs can add up. But one investment you need is door and window renewal by Andersen Windows. New windows imply security, efficiency, and coziness.

Landscaping when Selling Your Home

It can be a waste of money to focus a lot of your attention on curb appeal, as most buyers will look at the structure rather than the small features. However, making the home look better from the outside is essential. Landscaping or revamping the garden is vital for grabbing attention. In the UK alone, over 50% of new home buyers state they consider well-maintained garden space an essential feature. This is especially attractive to younger couples looking to start a family.

Repair the Roof and Drainage

The less major repairs a new buyer has to make the better the chance of a sale. Of course, most major repairs are pretty expensive. But you can always add these to the asking price of your sale. Buyers prefer convenience and will pay the extra for quality work. One of the most critical is the roof. Roofing is an essential part of the home and does a lot more than just keep water from getting in. Buyers know roofing is vital and will appreciate not having to deal with it.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

It won’t help to remodel the entire home when selling unless that is something you believe will help. However, it will be a waste of money in most cases and can drive up your skiing price too much! But there are some rooms that will benefit your sale. The kitchen and bathroom are the most used rooms in a modern house. New buyers are more likely to buy a new home if they can see themselves living there. And they will most often do this through the functional facilities.

Common Mistakes When Selling Your Home

There are many mistakes you can make when trying to sell a house, and wasting money is one of them. There are some things that aren’t your responsibility, don’t offer much, or that buyers just don’t care about. Here is what not to fix when selling a house or looking for buyers:

  • Major cosmetic upgrades such as brickwork or paving aren’t really necessary.
  • Fixtures and fittings are a waste of money unless they are in disrepair.
  • Re-tiling in functional areas doesn’t really need to be done in most cases.
  • Don’t waste money replacing older appliances that new owners can buy.
  • Adjustments based on new building regulations aren’t your responsibility.
  • Decorating can help, but it isn’t necessary unless the home really needs it.

Cosmetics are a waste of money as they offer a superficial impact on the home. Functional and safety features are a better use of funds. While buyers might like to have new appliances, they aren’t something they will be looking for when buying. And don’t worry about regulations.

Focus on Storage Ideas

Most of us have too much stuff. But there’s nothing really wrong with keeping hold of valuables, seasonal products and sentimental things. Because of this, there have been excellent developments in the art and science of storage in the home. Home storage solutions may not feel like something to focus on when selling. This doesn’t only relate to boxes of stuff either. Wardrobes and closet space is a must-requested feature by people looking to buy a home.

Functional Outdoor Space

Functional outdoor space is a major selling point for buyers. A nice garden is one thing. But you can increase the chances of a sale with decking or a patio. These can also add more value to your asking price. Additionally, extra features like hot tubs and built-in BBQ space can help but aren’t necessary. Buyers with young children or large families will appreciate these. Therefore it can help to consider the type of buyer you want to attract when making upgrades to the home.

Smart Devices when Selling Your Home

Younger Millennials and Gen-Z buyers have grown up in a world that uses the internet for everything. Therefore, they are much more inclined to appreciate the smart features of a home. In fact, one survey in the US found that 86% of people looking for a new home requested smart home features. This can be as minor as a smart home lighting system. However, all-in-one systems that utilize entertainment, security, and appliances are a big sales point for new buyers.

Fixing the Small Things

It can be all too easy to focus on the major issues and features when selling your home. However, some of the best investments when selling a home are the ones that most people might overlook. These are the small things that make the property more appealing. For example, buyers will notice if light bulbs aren’t working, carpets are frayed or door handles are stiff. These are pretty minor things that can make a big difference when looking for buyers.


You can make the home look more secure and therefore appealing with new doors and windows when selling your home. Avoid wasting money on things like cosmetics, fittings and appliances. Taking care of the small things that buyers will notice can also help push your sale through.

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