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How To Free Up Space For A Garden In The Backyard?

The terms ‘garden’ and ‘backyard’ are used interchangeably. However, ‘garden’ usually refers to an area that has been cultivated, i.e., flowers and trees have been grown there. A ‘backyard’ can just be a plot of land attached to somebody’s home. If you want a garden, then the first thing you need to ensure is that you have enough space.

If you have a backyard but want to transform it into a garden, then this post is for you. In this article, you will learn about how you can free up space for flowers, shrubs, and trees.


Storage Unit

More often than not, the reason people do not have enough room in their backyard for a garden is that they have things stored out there. According to a team of experts offering self-storage in Singapore, the solution to a problem of this kind is to rent a storage locker. Storage lockers are widely available and very affordable. You can find them in a range of different sizes, so no matter how much junk you’ve got in your backyard, you’ll be able to put it somewhere while you set your garden up.

Lifting Tiles

If you have tiles down in your backyard, then lifting and removing them could be a good way of freeing up some space. This is especially true for people with courtyard gardens since they tend not to have enough space for a lawn. Removing tiles can be a lot of work. If you are old or not in good physical shape, then hire a professional to do it for you. You’ll likely also need a skip bin to get rid of them once they’re up too. Alternatively, you could sell them online.

Moving Furniture

Moving things around in your backyard could be an effective way of freeing up some space. If you have a lot of furniture, then moving it around (or removing it completely) will open up your backyard. If you do have a lot of furniture then a storage locker is probably your best option. Moving furniture into a storage locker will prevent you from having to throw it away. If you do not have a storage locker and want to get rid of furniture, throwing it out will probably be your only option.

Clearing Weeds

A lot of people’s backyards are unusable because there are overgrown weeds and invasive shrubs and bushes growing in them. If your backyard has these things then begin clearing them away as quickly as possible. The sooner you eliminate them, the quicker you can use your backyard. However, it does need to be noted that sometimes pests and vermin hideout in overgrown shrubs and weeds. If yours are out of control, you might want to wear protective clothing to avoid getting bitten by anything that’s made your backyard its home. If you do find signs of an infestation, get in touch with a pest removal company.

Deconstructing Shed

One major reason that many people have no room in their backyards is that they have large sheds. There is really no reason for a shed because you can invest in a storage unit. A large shed that takes up your entire backyard will make it impossible for you to build a garden. Storage units are just as good as sheds. Alternatively, if you have a garage attached to your property, then you can use that to store things instead of a storage unit or a shed. If you have important tools in your shed that you’re going to need then find somewhere in your house to store them.


Traffic Flow

Another effective way of opening up your backyard so that you can turn it into a garden is directing traffic flow. If your backyard doesn’t have much room for people to move around, then you could consider turning a pathway (or a section of the backyard that’s typically walked on) into a small garden. The best way to do this is to reroute traffic flow, so people walk around different sections of your yard. The easiest way to do this is to put tiles down, directing people.

Multifunctional Pieces

Gardens tend to have furniture in them too. However, if you want to put garden furniture down, then try to buy multifunctional furniture. Buying multifunctional pieces will mean that you are able to maximise the use that you get out of the things in your backyard. Shopping for multifunctional pieces shouldn’t be especially difficult. There are lots of stores offering such things nowadays. If you are unsure what to invest in then reach out to a furniture supply company and ask them to make you some recommendations. You could also go into a gardening centre and ask for their advice.

Tiered Backyard

Another good way of getting the most out of your backyard is to create a tiered backyard, meaning that different sections of your yard are used for different things. You could have one section that’s dedicated to being a rose garden, another that’s used as a herb garden, and another that’s used for storage. Creating a tiered backyard will give you an opportunity to have fun and play around with your yard. If you are unsure how to create one and want help, get in touch with a landscaper. A landscaper will be able to assist you in creating a tiered yard.

Removing Fence

Finally, if you live in a rural area but do not have a lot of room in your yard, then you could consider tearing down the fence that runs the perimeter of your yard. As long as you do not start using the land beyond yours, you can enjoy it. Nobody can stop you from taking your fence down. If there are open fields around your backyard, then by taking down your fence, you will open your yard up and make it feel much larger. You may want to build a smaller picket fence just to distinguish your property lines from the fields beyond though.

If you have a backyard that’s not being used, then why not turn it into a garden? Having a garden of your own can be a great way to occupy your time and enjoy yourself. Gardening is a hobby that’s very good for your health too, so having one could improve your mental and physical fitness.

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