How To Clean Your Apartment Like A Professional

Clean Your Apartment

“Oh no! Guests are coming up in a few hours and my apartment is looking like a trash bin.” This might be one of the scariest moments we face in life. But you’ll be glad to know that there are some easy and fast ways to clean your apartment so that you can make your apartment look like a brand new apartment from looking like a trash bin before your guests arrive.

Just imagine your guest coming to your home when it’s completely messed up with your clothes and other belongings and it’s dusty everywhere in the apartment. Pretty embarrassing right? So keep reading to know how you can clean your apartment like a professional in just a few hours.

1.  Clean The Ceiling:

Always start cleaning your apartment by dusting the ceiling. Your ceiling is probably full of spiderwebs and dirt since you last cleaned them. Take a ladder and a broom, then climb up the ladder and clean the whole ceiling of your apartment.

To save time, you can use a broom with a long stick. Using a broom with a long stick will save you from the trouble of climbing the ladder again and again, and you can also save energy and time. But if you’re finding it difficult to clean the whole ceiling then you can take help from some condo cleaning companies like Condo Cleaning Toronto.

2. Take Precautionary Measures

If you truly wish to create a clean home, it’s vital that you keep one eye on the long-term situation. As such, any addition that can stop your home from getting unnecessarily dirty is advised. It’ll protect your health as well as the look of your home. 

A professional AC Installation should be at the top of your agenda. It improves the air quality by filtering out pathogens, which will also reduce your clearing needs. However, you must stay on top of the filter changing requirements. Opting for vinyl wall coverings and storage systems that keep possessions free from dust will also serve you well. Meanwhile, promoting improving ventilation can prevent mold problems.

3.  Clean Furniture:

Furniture cleaning is a vital step in cleaning apartments. If every piece of furniture in your house looks neat and clean, then half of your job would be done. Because furniture is like ornaments for our apartment that makes our house look more practical.

But, those ornaments get dirty every now and then. So, make sure to clean the dust off of them and wipe them with furniture cleaners frequently.

You can make furniture cleaner at home all by yourself. First, take 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a spray bottle and then, mix it with ¼ c white vinegar and 2-3 drops of lemon oil. Spray it on your furniture and then wipe it and your furniture will look like brand new furniture in no time.

4. Mop The Floor:

After you’ve finished cleaning all the dust, start mopping the floor. Take a microfiber mop and some water to clean the whole flooring of your apartment. If the floor is too dirty then first scrub it with some useful cleaners.

Remove all the stains from your floor and clean it so that it gleams and glistens. You can take the help of various home cleaning services like Mastermaid to clean the floor of your apartment quickly.

5. Remove All The Dirty Clothes:

It’s very unhygienic to keep dirty clothes here and there in our apartment. But we still do that because we find it hassling to wash clothes every day or put them in the basket. But we can’t let our guests know that about us.

So, take a walk around your apartment with a basket and put every dirty cloth you can find in the basket. It’s up to you if you wash it right then or plan to wash them after some more weeks. Wash them or not just ensure to put them away from your guest’s eye.

6. Put The Unwashed Utensils In The Sink:

Boost the speed! Take another walk around your apartment and collect all the cups, spoons, and plates that you’ve forgotten to wash and put them in the sink.

Wipe out if there were any coffee stains or crumbs of your snacks laying around those cups and plates. It’s up to you if you want to wash them now or put them in the sink for a while. But in my opinion, you should wash them right away because your guest’s eye might end up in your kitchen at some point. So, it’s better to wash them and empty the sink.

7. Make The Bed:

We often forget to make the bed after waking up in the morning or intentionally keep them messy because we don’t have that much time. But, we can’t keep them as it is when the guests are coming. Remove the bed sheets that you’ve changed months ago and replace them with washed ones.

Fold the blanket and keep the pillows in the right place. Remove any excess things that you’ve put on your bed. Making the bed will make your bedroom look more clean and cozy.


Do you want your guests to come over to your apartment and see all the mess here and then gossip about how unclean you are to others? No? Well, then you must keep your apartment clean and tidied up.

At least you must clean the apartment when guests are arriving in just a few hours. But, you need to clean the apartment like a professional in less time. However, You don’t need to worry about that if you follow the procedure above. 

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