How Do I Help My Toddler Sleep in a Bed?

Helping your child to transition from a cot to an adult bed may seem quite difficult. You may need to think of ways that you can reward your child for sleeping in their new bed. However, you might also need to acknowledge that this is quite a big change for them. 

In the first few days or even weeks of them sleeping in their new bed, you may find that you need to keep returning them to their new bed as it could be tempting for them to simply get up and climb into bed with you! With some perseverance, you may be able to get them to then enjoy their new, more grown-up bedroom.

The first way you may be able to help your toddler adjust to this transition can be through the bed that you choose. has a number of specific beds designed for toddlers. These may be smaller than your usual single bed frames, but this could work in your toddler’s favour. A cot, like they may have been in before, is generally rather small, and often fully enclosed. The openness of a more adult bed could either frighten them or encourage them to get up and play during the night. Choosing a bed that your toddler will enjoy laying in may then be a suitable option.

Setting up a good quality bedtime routine may also be useful. Trying to put your toddler to bed when they have just had lots of sugar, or are generally excited, might lead to them getting up repeatedly, or trying to argue with you about going to bed. Instead, it can be a good idea to find ways to help them relax and unwind, which may make them sleepier in general. A good sleep routine could help to keep bedtime the same every night. This could also be a good way to incorporate personal hygiene, such as through a warm bath, brushing the teeth, and then getting into bed.

Changing the bed, or even the setup of the entire bedroom can seem like a huge change to such a little person. As such, you may want to prepare yourself for the tantrums or emotional outbursts that your toddler may exhibit in the coming days or weeks. Finding ways to better manage these tantrums, and still make your expectations clear, might seem challenging. It may take a lot of patience to reach your end goal, but it can be achievable. 

You may want to continue speaking to your child calmly, explaining why they have changed beds and the good things associated with having a big kid bed. The calmer you are, the easier it may be to de-escalate the situation.

Moving to a toddler bed, or other bed that isn’t a cot can be quite a big deal. By listening to your child, or paying attention to when emotions are triggered, you may be able to help them to deal with how they are feeling, as well as to get a good night’s sleep.

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