House Building Trends Around the World in 2022

While it may not seem so, house building is among the most rapidly changing industries. Just a few years ago, solar panels took it by storm. Nowadays, the changes aren’t as visible — instead, people focus on what makes their houses better for the environment and their own budget.

The shift is visible in the customers’ preferences. The current trends in house building around the world include building energy-efficient housing, adapting unused urban areas, constructing flexible rooms, incorporating expandable storage solutions, green building, and many more. 

If you are running a house-building company or thinking about building a house for yourself and you want to know what the house building trends around the world may look like in 2022, make sure to check out this article.

Adapting Unused Urban Areas

Nowadays, most cities are experiencing a housing shortage. For this reason, many people are looking for small spaces they can build on. People in charge are already aware of this trend and plan to transform unused urban areas into something useful. Many of them are already turning abandoned parking lots, forgotten park areas, etc., into new housing districts. In 2022, this trend will become more apparent in many cities around the world.

Apart from that, more and more people are using abandoned houses, either by renovating them or building new homes on top of the old ones. This practice is not only cheaper but also more environmentally friendly. If you wonder how to buy abandoned property, you should start by looking around for buildings with no owners and checking property auctions in your area.

Expanding Storage Solutions

In the last few years, storage solutions have become a very popular trend. More and more people are building houses with double or even triple lofts that can be used as storage space. In 2022, the focus on expanding the storage space will continue. In some cases, people will live in homes with as much as 50% storage space.

Green Building

Green building is not a new trend, but it is still very important. Many people are choosing green houses, which are built with eco-friendly materials and use renewable energy. According to RWinvest, this trend will only become more popular, which is why their latest buy to let property for sale includes developments equipped with low-carbon technologies like solar panels, intelligent leak detection systems, smart lighting, and heat recycling. If you own a green house, you will save more money on energy bills and, at the same time, help the environment.

Soon, many people will be choosing green energy sources such as solar power, and they will also employ green energy appliances such as smart meters and smart locks. They will also increase their awareness about air quality and try to keep their homes clean and healthy.

Building Energy Efficient Housing

Building energy-efficient housing is another trend that will become more popular in 2022. Many people have chosen houses with eco-friendly materials in the last few years, but they weren’t always energy-efficient. However, by 2022, more and more people will be focusing on energy efficiency as well. It means that they will be choosing houses with minimal heating and cooling needs that have top-notch thermal insulation and ventilation systems.

Similarly to green building, energy-efficient housing incorporates renewable energy, which is one of the reasons why it will become more popular. Also, energy-efficient houses are cheaper to maintain, and they save you money on your monthly bills.

Constructing Flexible Rooms

This trend is closely connected to the previous one. By 2022, more and more people will be choosing houses with expandable storage solutions that can also serve as flexible rooms. This way, they can use their extra space in many different ways. For example, they can turn it into a home office, a playroom for their kids, or a bedroom for a guest.

The idea behind it is that you shouldn’t be forced to use a certain room in a specific way. Instead, you should be able to transform it however you like at any given time. Thanks to this solution, you can save more money and time than you might think.

Using Green Roofs

Green roofs are also a prevalent trend right now. Many people are choosing green roofs because they are more durable and last longer than traditional roofs. Thanks to these qualities, they are also usually cheaper than regular options in the long run. And, to top it off, they can make your home more comfortable, as the plants on the roof help to cool your house during hot summer days.

Green roofs are not only great for your house, but they are also beneficial to the environment since they help to absorb excess rainwater. This way, they can limit the flooding in your area. Not to mention, that they are one of the best ways to treat air in urban and suburban landscapes.


Cohousing is a viral trend right now, and it will continue to be one in 2022. It has been around for a while, and it has proven to be very efficient. It relies on people living in a community and having their own homes but sharing common spaces such as walkways and gardens.

The idea of cohousing was first introduced in Denmark and it has spread into other European countries as well as the US. They are great as long as you choose the right community. The members of the community must be open-minded and friendly since they will become your close neighbours.

3D-Printed Houses

The last trend is more of a novelty than an actual trend. 3D printing is the process of creating a three-dimensional object with a printer. Some architects and designers have been experimenting with it, and their results are promising.

3D printing can be used to create small scale models of houses and urban plans. Besides, it might help create complex components and shapes, such as furniture or building facades. The idea is that by 2022, 3D printing will become more mainstream in the house building industry.


Many people are still confused about whether they should buy a new house or build one. If you are one of them, this article is for you. It will give you an insight into the future house building trends so that you can make an educated decision based on facts.All in all, the future looks bright for house-building companies and their clients. The industry will be changing rapidly in the next few years, but it will continue to improve our lives in many different ways. Trends like green building and constructing flexible rooms can be especially significant, as they help us protect the environment while making our lives that much easier.

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