Five kitchen design trends to follow in 2023

Looking to spruce up your kitchen this year? It’s one of the only rooms in the house where subtle changes often deliver big improvements. Everyone wants a kitchen they can be proud of, but visualising what that may look like istricky. Incorporating some of these trends might just do the trick for you. What’s been a hit so farin 2023?

Playful pinks

Design trends tend to be cyclical and we’re starting to see colour palettes from the 70s and 80s coming around again. Pink is certainly having a revival in the kitchen because of its joyful and expressive feel.

Pink cabinetry can be paired with light walls and worktops to create a bright and airy room, or darker colours to create a more intense and intriguing space. Alternatively, using pink on the walls can be an uplifting change from neutral whites and creams.

kitchen design

Clever cabinetry

Making the most of a kitchen space requires smart storage solutions. Cabinetryupgrades can help provide impressive functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. Concealed, accessible storage can be brilliant for hidden breakfast bars or pantries.

New units do a great job of maximising usable space, helping to keep your work surfaces clear.Modern kitchen designs are all about sleek lines and striking features, with built-in storage to help stay on top of the clutter.

Stylish splashbacks

Details are important in the kitchen and one feature taking centre stage this year is the humble splashback. It’s traditionally been a functional addition, but designers are starting to realise that it can add just as much visually.

Continuing the worktop pattern or design up the wallcan create a more majestic kitchen. Or, contrasting a splashback with the surrounding kitchen adds another layer of character and intrigue.

Reeded glass

Another finish coming back into trend is reeded glass. This contemporary look adds depth and texture to otherwise ordinary elements, transforming simple displays into fascinating features.

Cabinets, dressers and doors look spectacular with additional glass detailing, particularly when contrasted with other more plainfinishes around the kitchen.

Aluminium hardware

Industrial looks are increasingly being incorporated into the home. Aluminium is a relatively eco-friendly and cost-effective material that is catching the eye of interior designers and homeowners.

It’s a great choice for kitchen hardware such as taps, door handles and knobs because it’s lightweight and can be finished in a variety of ways to deliver more texture and depth. Aluminium features can effortlessly complement greys and blacks, as well as brighter colours to provide a stunning contrast.

These are some of the trends we’re seeing in kitchen design in 2023. Which elements could you incorporate into your space?

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