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Feng Shui for Your Bedroom: Top 5 Tips

feng chui for bedrooms

Feng Shui, as you might have already heard, is a philosophy based on the ancient Chinese system of natural laws. It focuses on the flow of energy and life in your life, and as we’ll see today, in your home.

According to this philosophy, the spatial arrangement of your furniture and décor can influence the ‘Chi’ flow (the life flow) in your home, and maintain a balance between Yin and Yang.

One of the most important rooms for Feng Shui is the bedroom, due to it being a space for deep rest. When you move into your Victoria Riverside apartment, you’ll want to create a relaxing haven and make sure the Chi energy flows, so here are 5 ways to Feng Shui your bedroom.

1.    Choose a soothing colour scheme

If you’re serious about good Feng Shui for your bedroom, then it’s extremely important to think about what colours you’re using in your interior design.

There are certain colour schemes which can be used to promote a good night’s sleep and restful, peaceful vibes. The best colours for this are natural, muted tones such as peach, creams, and chocolate browns. You may also try soothing colours like lilac and grey, or soft pastel tones like blues, pinks and greens.

These colours can be used on walls or on bedding and furniture, though it’s also important not to overdo it with one colour.

If you prefer to add in a splash of more striking colour, statement pieces can be introduced through bedding or cushions – remember that less is more, and your bedroom should be a place for you to wind down, and not feel overstimulated.

Bold patterns and stark colours like white should be avoided when incorporating Feng Shui into your room.

2.  Think about the layout of your room

Another important thing to consider when thinking about Feng Shui for your bedroom is how to position your bed and the general layout of the room.

Naturally, the centrepiece of any bedroom is the bed, and it should be in what’s known as the ‘command position’ or ‘commanding position’. That means the bed is placed in a position where you can see the bedroom door while lying on the bed, though not placed directly in front of the door or any other door.

The bed itself should be a decent size – think king size bed or even super king size if you have the space. Ideally, opt for a solid headboard for stability, symmetry and balance. Thinking practically, a sturdy headboard will offer more support for sitting up in bed reading or meditating. A good mattress with good quality fibres is essential, and the base should ideally be made of wood, as it’s a natural material.

You should be able to access the bed from both sides – that is, one side should not be placed against a solid wall. Ideally, there should be bedside tables on either side of the bed to add some balance, achieve a greater level of Chi, and promote harmony and balance with your partner.

According to the principles of Feng Shui, pairs promote loving energy and positive energy flow, so even if you’re single, it’s a good idea to have pairs of everything in your room. Perch two pillows on the bed, have two seats, two similar lamps, and perhaps a bedroom plant on each side of the room and you’ll maximise the Feng Shui for your bedroom in a simple but effective way.

3.  Be mindful of art and mirror placement

Another element of Feng Shui for your bedroom that should be considered is what you hang on your walls.

From the Feng Shui perspective, mirrors are believed to be reflectors of energy, which can be somewhat problematic if your objective is to wind down for the evening and fall asleep. For that reason, placing a mirror directly opposite your bed is not a great idea. Your subconscious mind will be aware that there is a person (or a reflection of a person) in the room and that will induce fitful sleep.

On the other hand, mirrors are a great way to give the illusion of a bigger room and are a way to maximise space. For a high-Chi bedroom, try placing mirrors higher than bed height, preferably opposite a window to maximise light entry into your room. You could also place mirrors opposite favourite pieces of artwork so that they are always within your line of sight. If you insist on keeping a mirror opposite your bed, make sure you cover it at night with a fabric sheet or a curtain.

Speaking of artwork, it can be a lovely way to add personality and beauty to your bedroom, but always within the principles of Feng Shui. One such principle is to always keep the space above your head free and clear of artwork, so that your subconscious can let go of any perceived threats. Or if you do hang art above your bed, choose soothing patterns and softer material, such as those found in tapestries.

The content of any pieces you exhibit on your walls should induce positive emotions, such as images of loved ones and happy occasions, a favourite place to visit, and uplifting colours and shapes.

4.  Limit tech devices and clutter

Your bedroom should be a place where you can achieve a deep state of rest and relaxation. However, as we have become more dependent on electronic devices in the last few decades, studies have shown that technology can be one of the biggest blockers to achieving restful sleep.

If you like to watch a film on your laptop in bed or scroll through social media on your phone before going to sleep, then think again. According to the principles of Feng Shui, in order to get a good night’s sleep, we should focus on what is natural for our bodies’ rhythms. Technology does not do that.

The blue light emitted by electronic devices interrupts our circadian rhythms, overstimulating our minds just as our bodies are winding down. That overstimulation can disrupt your sleep. Instead, try reading a book before bed.

Make sure that you don’t have a huge pile of books stacked around the bed either. You should aim to have just the book you are currently reading on your bedside table. Exercise equipment should be removed from the room too – you need to send subconscious messages to your mind that this is a space for rest, not activity.

Of course, these days many people have multi-purpose rooms, especially with more people working from home. Working from your bedroom should always be avoided, but if you have no alternative, then make sure that your work tools, like your laptop, are removed from the room or out of sight when you are no longer working.

5.  Keep it Natural

Finally, Feng Shui experts say that bringing natural materials into the bedroom can aid the circulation of Chi energy and enhance positive energy.

Incorporating bamboo, for example, is said to have health benefits and even using natural bedding like cotton can have a positive effect. Avoid synthetic material where possible. You can incorporate natural materials into the room through wooden furniture, decor, and picture frames.

Having too many plants in the bedroom is a no-go according to Feng Shui consultants, as plants are always growing and active, and are therefore thought to bring too much Yang energy to the room. Water features should also be avoided, even if only in a picture or painting, as water is considered to be too energetic and give off Yang energy which will overstimulate your mind.

Opening your blinds and your windows should be part of your daily routine, in order to let the light and fresh air into the room, reinvigorating the room’s energy.

Conversely, when night falls you should close the windows and blinds to keep the fresh energy circulating inside your bedroom when sleeping.

Natural light is a key element of good Feng Shui for your bedroom. Letting daylight enter allows powerful Yang energy to course through your home and life. By night, try to avoid bare lightbulbs and artificial lights- instead, use candlelight where possible. Candlelight is warmer, more comforting and more intimate, as well as being more closely attuned to the natural rhythms of our bodies.

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