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5 DIY Projects You Can Do With Pliers

Different Pliers

Pliers are necessary multipurpose tools every homeowner must have. And if you’re a natural DIYer, pliers come in handy as they help you carry out various essential tasks at home. These tools are handy thanks to their versatility, meaning you can choose from different types. Some of the popular picks are parallel-action and fencing pliers.   

Parallel-Action Pliers  

These different types of pliers are used for various tasks. For instance, according to Maun, parallel-action pliers are made using a box-joint system that enables the jaws to close in parallel at the same angle, which is useful when trying to grip smaller or awkward shapes. This is because they apply pressure evenly across the face of an item, increasing friction/grip, unlike scissor-type pliers that have a smaller point of contact. 

Fencing Pliers  

Fencing pliers have a heavy-duty head and two wire cutters that allow you to use them as a hammer and a cutter. These pliers are primarily designed for working on fences.  

To help you better understand the different types of pliers and DIY projects you can do using them, check out the following:   

  • Upholstery   

Buying new furniture for your home is quite expensive. But you can always save money through cost-effective DIY projects when on a tight budget. Upholstery is an affordable DIY project that allows you to repurpose your old furniture.   

Like most DIY projects, upholstery involves top-notch creativity and tools that will give your old furniture a new look. Although the process is time-consuming and challenging, it’s also exciting at the same time. By the end, you’ll fall in with the results.   

When it comes to tools for upholstering your furniture, pliers play a significant role. You’ll need high-quality pliers to help you do the work quickly. Snipe nose pliers are ideal for upholstery as they work effectively in tight spaces.   

  • Electrical Wiring   

When performing DIY electrical wiring at home, you’ll need stable pliers for the task. Pliers have excellent grip and very sharp ends, making them ideal for cutting various wires, stripping, and crimping. They are vital tools for all electricians, making it easy to perform all wiring-based tasks around the house. 

The best pliers for electrical wiring are side cutters. These pliers are ideal as they have curved and short noses, and end cutters are suitable for bolts, wires, and rivets. You might as well consider using linesman pliers, as they are highly versatile. These pliers are equipped with incredible grip and cutting capabilities.   

  • Tightening Nuts/Bolts   

Pliers are vital when it comes to untightening and tightening nuts and bolts. Tightening pliers work like wrenches, allowing you to tighten nuts and bolts to prevent leaks around your home.   

If your faucet leaks, consider tightening it using lock pliers. Locking pliers offer excellent grip, making them ideal for tightening faucets. With this tool, you can always adjust your bathroom hardware with ease.   

Also known as vice grip, lock pliers make it easy to twist or pull without losing grip. Tightening nuts and bolts has become much easier thanks to these pliers’ serrated jaws and excellent grip. This makes them a great tool for any DIY task at home requiring tightening bolts and nuts.   

  • Carrying Out Routine Maintenance   

If you need to fix or replace your fence, a pair of pliers will make your work easier. Pliers are highly versatile and can be used in various tasks, including that of a hammer.   

Thanks to their multipurpose functionality, you can use pliers to fix and maintain your fence. Fencing pliers are often used as hammers, cutters, and staple removers. With these pliers, cutting through thick wires and fences becomes easy. You won’t need a professional to fix and maintain your fence.   

  • Doing Repairs   

Pliers will come in handy if you have a garage and love doing DIY repairs. With pliers in place, carrying out repairs on your bike and car becomes more effortless. Their design makes pliers ideal for straightening and tightening bicycle chains. This allows you to tighten and straighten various mechanical parts on your bike.   

You can always use your pliers to straighten and bend nails, wires, and metals, making it easy to perform repairs. Irrespective of the mechanical repair you’re carrying out in your garage, pliers will make it easy to achieve your goal.   

When it comes to repairing items, you’ll need to choose the right type of pliers that will best suit your task. For instance, linesman pliers are ideal for repairing cables and wires. And when working on smaller items, you’ll need to use long-nosed pliers as they allow you to grip the object easily.   



DIY projects can be exciting and tiresome at the same time. But if you love carrying out these projects, you’d love to own a set of toolboxes for your projects. And one of these tools you must add to your collection is pliers to make your DIY tasks much easier.   

Pliers come in handy when carrying out various projects and are very efficient and accessible. If you were searching for ideas on how pliers could help, this detailed guide has outlined some of the different DIY projects where pliers are of great help.   

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