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Choosing The Right Bird House For Your Area & Yard

Bird house

While the recommended size of a birdhouse might vary from species to species of cavity-nesting birds, there is more at stake than just species preference when deciding on the best birdhouse dimensions. Whether you’re constructing your own birdhouse or looking to buy one, getting the measurements just right is essential for providing your backyard birds with a secure and pleasant home.

What Role Do Different Birdhouse Dimensions Play?

The question of what factors into determining the optimal size of nesting holes and birdhouses for a certain species of bird remains open. The size of a bird’s cage is dependent on a number of variables.


  • Size for Adults: The birdhouse must be spacious enough to accommodate the adults when they are brooding their young. The size of the entry hole to the birdhouse must accommodate the birds’ mobility within the structure as they carry food to their young. Tight quarters in the nesting box might compromise the health of adult birds’ feathers, making them more susceptible to predation and adverse weather.
  • The size of the bird’s brood dictates the size of the birdhouse’s foundation, since each egg must have enough area to incubate properly and the nesting birds must be able to relocate the eggs if necessary. Click here to read more about the egg incubation period. Bird species with smaller broods may utilize smaller nests, whereas those with bigger families would need larger structures.
  • Size during Hatching: Most songbirds, which are altricial, may reach almost the size of a juvenile by the time they flee the nest, therefore their parents will need to provide a larger nesting box. Nevertheless, precocial birds like cavity-nesting ducks may not grow as big and will leave the nest at a much younger age, therefore a lesser housing size may be appropriate.
  • The entrance should be placed at a suitable height above the earth to protect against predator penetration, and the home should be sufficiently large to fit all its inhabitants with enough ventilation for airflow and temperature management. Conversely, if the coop is too big, the heat may escape too quickly, compromising the health of the eggs and chicks within. The chicks won’t feel as safe in a spacious home, and predators or other unwelcome visitors may have an easier time getting in.
  • Tools At Your Disposal: Birds may choose to live in a smaller-than-ideal birdhouse provided the surrounding environment offers enough to eat, is free of predators, and has a reliable water supply. Adult birds must only choose homes in the best key option, and they will only select those houses if they have the resources necessary for successfully rearing their young.

How to Choose the Ideal Birdhouse Size

Consider wall, floor, and ceiling thickness when estimating a birdhouse. The space the inside measures is what matters most for a safe and pleasant birdhouse, and if you don’t take care while measuring, you might end up with a home that’s too tiny to be appealing or functional for the birds.

Going Beyond the Numbers

The correct dimensions of a birdhouse are important, but they aren’t the only thing that can entice birds to utilize it. What works for one species of bird in the fall, may not work for the same species in the spring. While picking out or constructing a birdhouse, keep the following in mind:


  • What kind of pole should be used to hang the birdhouse
  • When to hang the birdfeeder for most success, and when it should be replaced with a different size or style
  • Places where the desired birds may thrive
  • Attracting birds to your yard with feeders, baths, and other bird-friendly landscaping features.
  • Obtaining suitable nesting materials

Bird house

Maintaining a clean birdhouse

In order to provide the ideal housing for the birds in your backyard to raise their families, you’ll need to take accurate measurements and think about what makes a house appealing to birds.

Birders must know when to place birdhouses to attract breeding birds. Certain bird species, known as cavity-nesting birds, need a warm, dry area to raise their young; other species may seek refuge in birdhouses during periods of extreme cold or bad weather.

Birds and Their Nesting Boxes

Several species have distinct nesting seasons. As early as around January or February, the first nesting birds would begin scouting for nesting locations and birdhouses either part of territorial claims or mating rituals. Even though some birds don’t start nesting until much later on in the year, they may still seek refuge in human structures between the beginning and the peak of the nesting season. Multiple-brood birds often lay their initial eggs earlier in the season, but if a home isn’t built by the time they’re ready to start a new family, they may still check it out later.

Right Time to Hang Bird Feeders

Putting up birdhouses may be done at any time of year; however, the sooner you have them on hand, the better. Birds may still check out the home, memorize its location, and eventually utilize it as a nesting site, even if the time of year is not optimal. To guarantee that even the first nesting species gets access to your nesting boxes, it’s best to look for bird houses for sale somewhere in the latter part of winter or early spring.


Those who want to attract just a certain kind of bird, including such bluebirds as well as purple martins, might research the optimal time of year to erect their birdhouses. If you’ve had birds in your yard for a while, you should time the installation of the birdhouses so that they’re ready when they come each spring. This will ensure that the desired birds are the only ones using the dwellings and reduce the likelihood of a takeover by other species. Contacting local birding clubs might help you anticipate the demands of nesting birds if this is your first time seeing them in your yard.

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