Ceramic Blade Box Cutter VS Steel Blade Cutter: 4 Things To Know

A man cutting ceramic

What is a box cutter

A box cutter is a portable, user-friendly tool that helps people make the cutting process of any type of surface easier. A box cutter is known to cut through surfaces such as plastic, cardboard, foam, and even thicker surfaces like wood. Box cutters have become one of the desired tools in many environments; people have found that owning a box cutter in their households, offices, and warehouses has many benefits. Thus, they have started to demand more of the portable tool.

As the demand started to increase, many box cutter manufacturing companies started to rethink and redesign the box cutters in order to make them safer for their users and provide high-quality and long-lasting tools.

The effect of the type of blade used in the box cutter

Due to the increase in demand, one of the approaches that production companies took to improve the quality of their products was to use different types of blades for the box cutters. Two main differences were introduced when it came to the blades; the first was the material of the blade – whether they were steel or ceramic, and the second was the tip of the blade – seam ripper blades, craft blades, etc. 

To decide which blade is best suitable for a job, it is essential to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of blade.“For instance, when it comes to the blade’s efficiency, a ceramic blade box cutter is considered more efficient and lasts longer than a steel blade, because those blades are made of a very hard and tough Zirconium Dioxide and are produced under high heat which hardens the blade.”

Here are some more differences between ceramic and steel blades. 

Differences between ceramic blade box cutters and steel blade box cutters

1- Ceramic blade cutters have ergo-grip J-hook design handle feature

Most ceramic blade box cutters are designed in a way to provide users with the most comfortable user experience. To increase the satisfaction of the users of ceramic box cutters, box cutter manufacturing companies designed a unique handle that will allow users to comfortably cut through a surface, alongside having control over the box cutter. This new design is called the ergo-grip J-hook. The handle has the shape of the letter ‘J’, which allows users to have a firm grip on the box cutter. 

2- Ceramic blades are harder than steel blades

As it is known, ceramic is one of the hardest materials ever to exist. Ceramic is considered harder than steel, and when blades are made from ceramic material, they automatically become harder. This is a major advantage that ceramic box cutter blades have over steel blades because it allows blades to last longer than other box cutter blades. 

Additionally, the hardness of the ceramic blade allows it to be sharper, allowing users to cut through thicker surfaces without putting much effort and potentially cutting the blade of the knife due to the pressure.

3- Ceramic blades can last longer

Another advantage that ceramic blades have over steel blades is their ability to last longer. As mentioned above, ceramic is a harder material than steel, which makes it more difficult to break – thus making it last longer than steel blades. 

Additionally, ceramic blades are less likely to rust. Many substances, such as salt, acid, etc., can easily cause the steel of a box cutter to rust. However, most ceramic box cutter blades are produced with precision which gives them the advantage of not deteriorating and causing rust to appear on their surface.  

So, all of these factors play a role in allowing a ceramic box cutter blade to last longer. 

4- Ceramic blades are safer compared to steel blades

One of the key factors for people to purchase a box cutter is the extent of safety features on the tool. When it comes to buying a box cutter, safety plays an important role for people to decide what type they would like to purchase. For that reason, a ceramic box cutter is likely to attract more audiences due to its ability to provide users with a safer user experience. 

So, unlike steel blades – which are sharp and can easily cause harm to their users, ceramic box cutter blades are less sharp. 

Many might think that ceramic box cutters are not as effective as steel blades due to their sharpness; however, that is far from the truth since ceramic blades have shown more effectiveness compared to steel blades. 


To sum up, box cutters are one of the essential tools that every environment should have, whether a household, office, warehouse, etc., to make the cutting process safer and easier. 

However, the decision of which box cutter to purchase and what blade material to use should be based on the type of work a user intends to do with the box cutter. So, if the box cutter is going to be used frequently and the user plans to use it for a long time, a ceramic box cutter is the best choice.

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