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A Guide to Choosing a Reliable Cleaning Service in NYC

Whether you are purchasing or renting, there is an important amount of housekeeping that needs to be done before you move in. The former occupant(s) in your new house, despite their best efforts, are going to have built up a layer of squalor that must be cleaned and removed before anyone may call it home.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Reliable Cleaning Service in NYC

That pre-move interior isn’t as empty as it initially appears to be, unless you’ve recently moved into a brand-new building. Due to the lack of heavy furniture or boxes, it is significantly simpler to clean a house before moving in.

You won’t encounter these additional challenges if you clean a home before moving in. This is the right time to have a cleaning service come into the home and perform a deep and thorough cleaning on the home. See the parameters below so you’ll know the items the cleaning service needs to focus on during your move-in clean.

When searching for a reliable cleaning service in NYC, it’s crucial to explore options from Metla to ensure your home receives a thorough and professional deep clean.”

However, it is also OK to postpone the cleaning until after the relocation; just make sure you don’t completely forget about it. The same holds true if a cleaning crew was there before you were given access to the property.

You should avoid cutting corners in this case at all costs. Verify in the cleaning contract that the company will focus on the specific areas and detailed cleaning you’re looking for.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Cleaning Service in New York City

Cleaning involves numerous steps, but with a little work and assistance, an initial clean of your new place should be finished in a couple of days. Here are some suggestions on what the cleaning service in NYC should agree to clean to get you going.

Clean the high before you start on the low

The surfaces of the kitchen and the counters are the only areas where dust could be present.

By skipping cleaning, the area right beneath the ceiling, not just the floor but also the shelves, fans, and other objects up there may become dirty.

Start from the top then work your way downward through each room since washing these high-up elements will leave the space below it a little bit unclean. The blades on ceiling fans are notorious for causing ceiling dust to fall.

To minimize collateral damage, drape an old pillowcase over each blade. Use the top covering of the pillowcase to wipe away the surface of the fixture’s center. Most of the grit that has been kicked out will be contained in the container, which you will dispose of after you’re done.

How to Organize Your Kitchen

You should start by clearing out every one of the food items from the kitchen before you start cleaning. You must make certain this is handled at least a couple of days in advance since moving firms won’t carry perishable products or a freezer or refrigerator that is defrosting.

Preparation may take some time if moving large kitchen appliances is involved. Cleaning ahead of time streamlines the process and cuts down on delays.

It is highly advised you have the cleaning crew start in the kitchen by performing the following:

Start with the fridge when you have to tidy up after a relocation

Putting aside your food that is perishable is not one of the tasks that can wait until you are through cleaning. Before doing anything else, start by cleaning and sanitizing your new refrigerator. Since there won’t be anything edible in the way, it shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes.

Remove all of the drawers and shelves if at all feasible, then wash every single one separately with warm water and soap. Use a clean cloth for cleaning off the internal surfaces of the refrigerator after creating a solution of water and white vinegar in the same amounts.

Allow the water along with the vinegar mixture to sit and soak in for a time if any filth has to be removed. Reposition the shelves inside the refrigerator after making sure they are completely dry. These directions must be repeated for the freezer.

The tenacious buildup inside your refrigerator may be removed by pouring hot water over it. Go in there and give it a thorough cleaning once the water feels comfortable to the touch. The muck should be easy to get rid of.

Complete the last few jobs in the kitchen

You may go to the rest of the kitchen when you have finished cleaning the refrigerator. First, start with the ceiling while working your way down, starting with the cabinets, light fixtures, and corners of the ceiling.

After that, proceed to the remaining appliances, beginning with the cooktop and moving on to the oven, microwave, and sink. Following that, you should check the cabinets to make sure they are pristine on the inside and outside, paying close attention to each cabinet’s knobs. Put off completing the floor for the moment being.

Finish with the flooring last

You should end at the very bottom, where you started. Sweep the floor after first cleaning the corners and edges using a vacuum attachment. Linoleum, tile, and wood floors respond nicely to this technique.

If your vacuum isn’t designed for it, you shouldn’t try to suck the entire surface. The final step is to mop; just be certain to use a product suitable for the type of floor.

To guarantee that the flooring is fully cleaned, it is strongly advised that you utilize a steam cleaner. If you are missing one, hire one or rent one from a hardware store.

Even while it will make the upholstery steam cleaner (, simply sweeping the carpet won’t eliminate allergens or appreciably improve the air quality.  What’s the purpose of cleaning something at all if you’re only going to undertake half cleaning?

A toothbrush and a solution of water & bleach (1:1) may be used to clean grout, which will then be scraped clear of dirt and filth. After letting the solution sit for approximately one hour, thoroughly clean the area.

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