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8 DIY Projects You Can Do On A Budget

Your schedule’s cleared up, but you’re strapped for cash. You want new furnishing for your home but can’t afford to buy something from the furniture store.

Whatever your budget or creativity level, there are plenty of do-it-yourself projects that may be done on a shoestring budget!

Here are some easy and fun ones:

1. Painting Your Doors

The door is the first thing you’ll see upon entering your home. It’s also the place that gets exposed the most to outside elements, leaving it vulnerable to peeling. So why not freshen up your entrance with some bright colors?

Just grab a can of acrylic paint, a roller and other tools from Stonex, and paint the main panel or side panels. You may want to cover furniture or other items near the door before painting it.

With a freshly painted front door, you’ll feel like you’re moving into a brand-new house. All it takes is a few minutes of your time and some easy-to-find materials.

2. Spruce Up Your Coffee Table

Is your old coffee table giving in? Does it look worn down? It can cost you upwards of up to a thousand dollars for a nice-looking, quality coffee table. However, a DIY version could cut down the price by over five times or more.

Thus, we recommend anyone to make their own coffee table using materials from home, or items sold at thrift stores or garage sales!

You can organize a small room with some tips.

Some items you’d need for a coffee table project include:

  • Plywood, to act as the base
  • Wood filler and sanding tools
  • Staining paint
  • Electric drills
  • Wood glue and screws
  • Pallet slats or hairpin legs
  • A wooden board or two, to use as a base for the bottom shelf
  • Some decorative items such as candles and figurines

It may take some patience and creativity, but the result will be satisfying. If you’re stumped for ideas, there are several DIY table construction projects available on the internet that you may use as a guide.

3. Hang Neon String Lights Around Your Room

String lights are fantastic ways to add cozy vibes to your room. They’re relatively inexpensive, and they can be used in various settings to dictate the atmosphere of a section of your home.

Night lights in bedrooms can give off an outer-space feel to the room, for example. In patios and porches, these lights would be excellent companions during gatherings and outdoor events with friends during the summer months.

Whatever the occasion, custom-made neon lights brighten up a room in much cooler ways than your traditional light bulb. Definitely worth a try!

4. Plant Some Succulents to Decorate Your Home

A garden project may seem like a headache, but it’s really quite simple if you pick the right plants.

For instance, succulents are great for home gardening as they don’t need much attention or watering. In fact, succulents grow better in dry climates, which makes them ideal for homes in tropical areas. But they can withstand temperate regions too with the right care.

Aside from that, succulents make a place look more natural and inviting, making them great decorations for indoor gardens! They have been shown to purify the air indoors as well, and are relatively safe around children.

Simply get a pot, some soil, and a handful of succulents. Then, you can watch the plants grow while adding a greener touch to your living room or bedroom!

5. Fluff Your Couch

Does your couch have too many wrinkles and stain marks? Is it looking too old for comfort? Here’s how you can make your couch look new again.

Simply take apart the couches, then fluff each individual pillow with good force. This will remove all the unwanted creases that are repairable! Afterward, put everything back together.

Of course, this doesn’t instantly fix cuts and creases that a couch may suffer from after extensive use. If you still find some unwanted blemishes, you can drape your couch with some blankets to hide the stains. This way, you’ll feel as if you have a new couch, without having to go through the trouble of buying one at the store.

6. Frame Mirrors Around Your Home

Are your mirrors just glass panes with bare edges? For an instant upgrade, try framing your mirrors with some plywood and paint.

Pick out any design or color that suits you best. Try to explore different palettes that may complement your wall or the dominant colors of your room.

You may even embed some small light bulbs along the frame to give it a fancier look! This will make your room more vibrant and feel bigger than before.

7. Build Shelves Yourself

Need to stow away those books or shelf plants, but you’re having trouble finding the right shelves for your wall? Why not build them yourself?

You can find wood and nails at any hardware store, as well as empty frames and paint. Measure the dimensions of your room first before heading out to buy materials; this way, you can be sure that they’ll fit in perfectly without needing to do complicated rearranging. You can also have customized hanging storage.

You don’t even need a lot of experience to make your own shelves! Most wall-mounted shelves are fairly easy to set up and build. If you’re a minor, it’s best to seek help from a parent or guardian.

8. Washi Tape Walls

Some rooms look dull and bare without a bit of decoration. If your room is lacking a splash of color or cute patterns, try applying some funky designs with the help of washi tape.

Washi tape comes in any color you can think of, so feel free to use them as much as you desire! From stripes and polka dots to floral designs and geometric shapes, you’ll have enough options to find the right patterns to brighten up any wall in your room.

Not only is it easy to apply, but washi tape also comes off without residue! So if you ever want to repaint or redecorate, try using some colorful washi tape first so that you can quickly give your walls a new look without the hassle of repainting an entire wall from scratch.

Wrapping It Up 

With budget-friendly DIY projects, improving your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Armed with creativity and resourcefulness, these brilliant ideas will help you get started on furnishing your home. On top of this, you may also want to consider taking advantage of coupons, discounts, such as Kohl’s Amazon Returns deal, and other best deals that can help you save precious money for your home renovation project.

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