Why You Should Consider Spray Foam Roofing in Toronto

It is a new roofing material that offers insulation and great water resistance. Because of its durability, ease, and affordability, Spray foam proportioner is now a popular choice for commercial property owners. Spray foam roofing can only be applied correctly if the necessary training, equipment, and materials are in place. However, the lifespan of a spray foam roofing system can exceed 50 years when constructed and maintained correctly in any climate. As quickly as possible, commercial roofing firms can put SPF roofing on the largest commercial structures. 

Spray Foam Roofs for Commercial Buildings 

Eco Spray Insulation is the commercial roofing contractor of choice for businesses of all sizes. Due to the fact that it is faster, cheaper, and more efficient than other roof forms. Aside from upholstery, spray polyurethane foam has proven itself useful in a wide range of building applications, from roofs to wall insulation. However, one of the advantages of SPF roofs is that spray foam insulation has been around for a long time. 

Roof insulation made of spray polyurethane foam reduces heating and cooling costs by increasing building strength and controlling air filtration. Spray foam insulation is the best roofing option for commercial buildings with flat or low-slope roofs, even metal ones. 

Commercial Roof Types 

We provide a wide variety of commercial roofs that can be tailored to meet the needs of the business and the owner’s budget. Check out –

  • Metal Roofing is an excellent option 

It is one of the most popular business roof types, and it has the added benefit of a polished appearance. However, metal roofs have higher fire resistance ratings than other commercial roofing materials, and they are also stronger and more long-lasting. 

  • BUR = Built-up Roof Insulation 

The multi-layered construction style is also known as “BUR.” The number of layers in a built-up roofing membrane can be changed to control costs or to satisfy certain durability requirements. 

  • Bitumen Modified Roofing 

Relative to most other flat roof styles, it has a higher tensile strength. So, modified bitumen roofs are easy to maintain and may be cleaned and inspected once a year. 

  • Rubberized Thermoset Roof Coating 

In addition to its long-term durability & versatility, EPDM roofing is also easy to install and maintain, making it a popular choice for commercial roofs. 

Spray Foam Roofing: A Good Option to Consider 

Spray foam roofing offers advantages that no other roofing solution can match in the business. A properly constructed and maintained industrial spray foam roof can endure for more than 50 years, and you will have trouble-free roof insulation. Spray foam insulation is superior in terms of performance, affordability, installation, quality, and longevity when compared to other roof insulation materials. 

Saving energy

In terms of commercial roof installation, spray foam has the lowest heat conductivity of any available option. The greatest way to insulate a building is using this material, and having an energy-efficient roof will save you money and help the environment at the same time. 

Weather Resilience 

Spray foam roofing is the best option for Canadian buildings. Spray foam roof systems can withstand the coldest winters and the hottest summers. 

High R-values 

The larger an insulating material’s R-Value, the better its potential to resist heat flow it has. Spray polyurethane foam provides the greatest R-Value of any regularly used roof insulation. 

Moisture- and airtight 

Spray foam is the most effective commercial thermal barrier, and the smooth applique also minimizes ponding water. 

Maintenance Ease 

After installation, spray foam roofing requires very little in the way of preventative maintenance or repair. Any occurrence that might have damaged the system necessitates a further inspection, of course. 


A self-flashing feature of spray polyurethane foam roofs is their ability to fit unusual shapes. Apply SPF more quickly around penetrations such as pipelines, drains, parapet walls and HVAC systems because of self-flashing. 

Eco Spray Insulation is better for the environment 

Insulation made of spray foam is an excellent choice for low-slope or flat roofs since it is affordable, high-performing, and long-lasting. Commercial roofing is our specialty at Eco Spray Insulation. When it comes to Spray Foam for your business building, you can count on our licensed roofers to provide you with the best advice and perform the best installations.

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